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What Haute Denim Mamas Want


Denim Therapy: revolutionizing designer jeans for moms.

Assuming you’re a haute mama, who has her denim jeans hanged, rinse- and degree-of-destruction coordinated and alphabetized by brand inside her closet, what else could you need?  Does that woman even exist?  Perhaps a visit by the Closet Guru, Ruth Kahn Sonnenshein, is in order?  A former Glamour magazine editor, Ruth is now an editorial and celebrity wardrobe stylist in L.A.   For less than a new pair of Jimmy Choos, she’ll come over, go through your entire closet, tell you what works for you (and your body type), what would be best altered (often times minor alterations do wonders), and shed the unflattering and outdated (for consignment and charity).  Once she’s gone through what you have, she’ll make a list of the few basics you may need (and also shop with you if you’d like) to add to your wardrobe that will give you that many more looks to incorporate into your life.  Ruth will also put together and photograph looks for you to use as reference when you just need a quick go-to (but extremely chic) outfit. Typically her rate starts at $250 (based on a hourly rate of $125).  Once you’ve had a conversation and established your needs, she can give you a better idea of how long your closet and wardrobe will take and is often able to give suggestions over the phone so that you are prepared in advance, and waste no time (and money).  So if you’re a working mom, a stay at home mom, still wearing maternity jeans and shouldn’t be, hiding behind your husband’s dress shirts or just need a little revamp, email Ruth.

Now, if you’ve got several pairs of skinnies, Boyfriends or motorcycle jeans that you’re dying to wear, but your ever growing tummy is just not gonna let you, then consider applying some Denim Therapy.  Yes, we at Denim Therapy can make your favorite designer jeans into maternity jeans.  The miracle of it all, which includes the little bun in your oven, is, we can turn your maternity jeans back into regular jeans again, should you desire it.  And, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.  GET DENIM THERAPY

Here’s a collection of some other neato finds for discerning denimista mamas:

small_milkstars_michelle_black_480x800BTrendie – Go out in style!  BTrendie is a new below retail online outlet that specializes in mommy and kiddie related goods.  Save 40% now on the stroller that opens itself: Quinny strollers (and accessories).  *Hurry: sale ends in a few hours! Coming soon: Chaiken Maternity.  SHOP BTRENDIE

Milkalicious – Where else can you score the much coveted, celeb-loved Bravado Nursing Tank for less than what you could at Amazon?  Join their mailing list and grab their coupon which will save you 20% off your entire in-store purchase through October.  In addition, they’re having a sale on the popular Bob strollers (20% off).  SHOP MILKALICIOUS

Milkstars – Their shirts go fabulously with your premium denim!  Featuring yummy colors and discreet nursing access, these incognito nursing shirts are super soft and made to last all day.  They even have a “great-with-denim blue” color!  Denim Therapy readers: save $5 off on your purchase.  Enter DENIMCOUPON at checkout.  Offer good through October 31.  SHOP MILKSTARS

Kathy Ng Hassan

Posted Oct 08 2009 in Denim Therapy

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