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The DT Raw Denim Project Week 9

For 6 months, Gordon and Renee from Denim Therapy are wearing raw denim jeans everyday, and documenting their experience on Tumblr. Every Friday you can follow their progress here on the DT blog (see last weeks article here). This was week 9.

Renee (jeans pictured above): It’s been a quiet week for my Jean Shop Jeans and I. I’m still trying to hold out on soaking/washing them for as long as I can, but with the weather heating up my jeans and I will be partaking in far more outdoor activities. I’m actually surprised at how slowly the fading process has been happening with my jeans. It gives me a newfound respect for all of the raw jeans with wear holes that we get in for repair at Denim Therapy!

Gordon (jeans pictured above): This week started with a bonfire at a friend’s house.  So towards the beginning of this week my Nudie jeans smelled like campfire smoke.  You hardly ever get that smell in the city, and I actually enjoyed having it on me.  As the smell faded, it smelled more like a clean scent, almost like a cologne.

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Posted May 08 2011 in Denim Therapy » Raw Denim Project
« TEXTILE Elizabeth & James Fall 2011 Jeans       !iTEM Denim Giveaway Contest Winners »
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