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The DT Raw Denim Project: Week 7

For 6 months, Gordon and Renee from Denim Therapy are wearing raw denim jeans everyday, and documenting their experience on Tumblr. Every Friday you can follow their progress here on the DT blog. Their jeans were traveling last week, but they’re happy to be back for week 7!

Gordon (jeans pictured above): I started my week with a freeze wash for my Nudies.  I left them in the freezer overnight to freeze out any soil.  Unfortunately, I put them in the freezer without any wrapping or plastic bag, so they smelled like frozen food the next morning.  Albeit faintly, they still smelled like food and I hated it.

At the end of the smelly day I got stuck in a torrential down pour, and my jeans got soaked.  As it turned out, that was just what they needed, a good rain rinse, to get the unfortunate freezer food smell out.

I took my lightweight navy blazer by Juicy Couture out of my closet this week, and it looks great with my Nudies.  You will be seeing it a lot on cool spring days.

Renee (jeans pictured above): Last weekend I cheated on my Jean Shop jeans with denim shorts. I was at Coachella, and 98 degrees F didn’t seem like the right weather to be running around in a not-fully-worn-in pair of raw denim jeans. But maybe a 3 day break was enough to rekindle the romance. This week has seen a decent amount of change in my jeans. The creases are getting deep and are beginning to feel a little softer and thinner.

Don’t forget to keep up with what we’re wearing everyday on our Tumblr, and we’ll see you back here for week 8.

—Renee Sykes and Gordon Sims

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Posted Apr 23 2011 in Denim Therapy » Raw Denim Project
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