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The Denim Therapy Raw Denim Project: Week 3

For 6 months, Gordon and Renee from Denim Therapy are wearing raw denim jeans everyday, and documenting their experience on Tumblr. Every Friday you can follow their progression here. This was week 3 (see last weeks article here).


Renee (jeans pictured above): I was forced to experiment with spot cleaning this week. Between taking out-of-town guests out to eat and March Madness, my Jean Shop jeans fell victim to a few unfortunate food spills. I hesitantly used water, a wash cloth, and a the tiniest dab of detergent to scrub at the spots.

Even though some indigo came off on my washcloth, there was no discoloration after the areas had dried like I had feared. After 3 weeks, I am starting to see some minor color fading on the corners of the back pockets and behind the knees.


Gordon (jeans pictured above):  On Wednesday I fell, spread eagle, right at the sidewalk corner of 39th and 8th, no one else knew why I took such a huge fall, but I knew it was because of my shoe laces.  I was mostly afraid that my jeans had ripped.  They had not, but there is a small mark on my left knee to forever remind me of that hellacious fall.

Other news for my Nudies:  there is some new whiskering along the upper inner thighs which reminds me of puberty, the honey combs behind the knees and the ankle bunching are getting better and better, and my wallet has made its mark on the back pocket.

week-3 roundup

Don’t forget to check out our Tumblr everyday to see how we’re wearing our jeans, and we’ll see you right here on the DT blog next Friday!

—Renee Sykes and Gordon Sims

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Posted Mar 25 2011 in Denim Therapy » Raw Denim Project

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