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The Denim Therapy Raw Denim Project: Week 2

For 6 months, Gordon and Renee from Denim Therapy are wearing raw denim jeans everyday, and documenting their experience on Tumblr. Every Friday you can follow their progression here. This was week 2 (see last weeks article here).


Gordon (jeans pictured above): This week the weather has been great in NYC, so there haven’t been any overcoats covering up my great pair of Nudies. They have been free to soak up the moderate elements!  The honey combs are starting to develop behind my legs and there are some whiskers on my front hips.  As of yet there has only been creases and no color changes.  I am looking forward to the color fading on the creases so the wear becomes more pronounced.


Renee (jeans pictured above): As much as I love to see the beautiful bright orange selvege edge on my Jean Shop jeans when they are cuffed, I’ll be hemming them here at Denim Therapy next week. Apparently so does the general public, because I was stopped this week and asked about my jeans (specifically, if they were raw/dry and about the selvege). Maybe it’s the fact that I can be obsessive about certain things, or maybe it’s where I work–but this girl likes her pants at exactly the right length. As spring progresses I’ll still be rolling them up to wear with sandals and flats, so I’m sure I’ll still get asked about my jeans on the subway. As far as wear goes, I’m seeing some slight discoloration behind my knees. Very exciting stuff!


Check out our Tumblr everyday to see how we’re wearing our jeans, and we’ll see you here on the DT blog next Friday!

— Renee Sykes and Gordon Sims

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Posted Mar 18 2011 in Denim Therapy » Raw Denim Project

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