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Save Your Skin! Tattoo Your Jeans!

Look, we love tattoos. But we all know that when something is “forever”, a lot of times we end up regretting it. Take Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Baldwin for example: Marky Mark tattooed his own initials on his arm, and Stephen got “HM” for Miley Cyrus’ alter ego, Hannah Montana on his! Why not avoid the embarrassment of forever marking your body and get your favorite jeans “tattooed” instead?  Denim Therapy offers a denim monogramming service that will let you show off your love of Miley, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your best friend, your kids, or even yourself (Oh, Mark…) It’s affordable, painless, and way easier to get rid of in ten years. Try it today!

mark wahlberg stephen baldwin miley cyrus tattoo denim repair customized


—Sarah Greene

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Posted Apr 20 2012 in Denim Therapy
  • childrens trousers

    Put some tattoo on your jeans is such a good idea. It’s helps your jeans to be nice because of it’s cool tattoos and designs. Also, the design of your tattoos is based on your personality.

  • childrens trousers

    Children would love to wear trousers. You better choose the best trousers for them. You must learn how to choose the best and nothing but the best. You should check the fabric that they use, if it is safe for your kids.

  • tattoos

    I agree with you. Because it’s some time harmful for us. We must avoid extreme tattoo art. 

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