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Open your Clos-ette

444591_melanie-new2Melanie Charlton Fascitelli grew up in many places: Manhattan, Palm Beach, Denver, the Caribbean, even a ranch in Georgia. A lifetime of traveling between several homes led Melanie to understand the need for the right clothes-and to develop the know-how for finding them wherever she happened to be. As a hobby, Melanie began to dress her mother, her brothers and whoever else would let her. Melanie’s obsession led her to found Clos-ette.

At Clos-ette they examine your closet, inventory your wardrobe and accessories, and then begin working through what stays and goes to help you revamp your style. Taking away the clutter and leaving only relevant pieces is not only therapeutic, but is a necessity for any closet and wardrobe makeover. Merchandising the clothes, similar to a store or showroom, is the the best way to achieve a complete wardrobe clarification. Categorizing clothes by color, or into separates, evening, day, accessories and so on is also a great way for you to really start to “see” the contents of your wardrobe.

Denim Therapy had the opportunity to meet with Melanie and ask her for some expert advise…

DT: How do you recommend storing denim- hanging or folded in your closet?

MCF: Hung from the cuff or hem down. I use Clos-ette Too hangers of course; Specifically the coat hanger with velvet bar or clips is perfect for hanging your jeans (They are available for purchase online at for $18-$20)

DT: What kind of denim brands do you see in your clients closets?
MCF: Gap 1969, Denim of Decades, Current Elliot, Jbrand, and Helmut Lang.

Do you have a go denim brand and/or style?
MCF: Denim of Decades

DT: Do you have any special tips on taking care of denim clothing?
MCF: Don’t wash them every time you wear it!

DT: What is your denim look? And where would you be going in it?
MCF: I love skinny jeans and a sweater for everyday with either a flat or a tall heel or boot for day to night. I also love a boot leg jean that are skin tight with an oxford shirt for work.

DT: Any fashion icons (celebrity, model, or designer) that you adore?
MCF: Marion Coitlard, Michelle Pfeifer, and Grace Kelly.

How do you know when to get rid of certain articles of clothing including jeans?
MCF: When they don’t fit for a while they look worn out rather than worn. Or if they have stains that make them look dirty!

You can learn more about Melanie and Clos-ette by visting her website. But if you want to be a “clean out your own closet guru” (spring cleaning awaits you all year round) you will need to purchase the ultimate DIY book: Shop Your Closet: The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Closet with Style.

— Jackie Racer

Posted Nov 15 2010 in Denim Therapy

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