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One Customer’s Story About The Jeans Denim Therapy Repaired 7 Times

Diana is a loyal Denim Therapy customer. The proof? She’s sent us her jeans seven times, and each time we offered our expert denim repair, with the occasional personal touch. She mailed us bandannas from her beloved dog Shelby’s trips to the groomer, and we added the sentimental extras as patches on the knees. Read her story below.


How long have you had these jeans and what do they mean to you?

It’s hard to remember when I was without them. I’ve had them for about fifteen years.  Levi’s changed the cut of their Silver Tab jeans a few years ago and they just don’t fit the same. I have several pairs but these are my favorites.

Can you tell us about the story behind these jeans?

What do the patches mean?  A few years ago we decided to adopt a dog.  Because I had owned Springer Spaniels previously we adopted a dog from the English Springer Spaniel Rescue Association. Shelby came into our lives and became a part of our family. She was approximately a year old and had been rescued from a puppy mill.

The first patch I had you add was her bandanna from her first professional grooming. The next two were equally important grooming bandannas. I still have one for the next time one is needed. It’s the bandanna I save when our groomer relocated several states away. That was a sad day for us.


I guess you could say these are my Shelby jeans at this point. I work as a clinical supervisor at a call center that answers crisis lines from all over the United States. My co-workers know these jeans and playfully mock me for my dedication to them. They have now traveled to Denim Therapy seven times.

One co-worker said, “So are you going send those to you ‘jean guy?'” I’m sure that it is not record, it is just that my jeans are recognizable because of the love of a dog.

How did you hear about Denim Therapy?

I did not want to let go of my jeans just because they tore. I started doing an exhaustive web search for jean repair and that is when I found Denim Therapy. It was exactly what I was looking for. I wasn’t looking for a seamstress to just stitch up a hole or rip…I was looking for repair. I found it.

You may now join us for a collective denim-lovers & dog-lovers siiigh.

If you’re looking for a place to get your jeans repaired (whether or not you want your dog involved) check out our expert denim repair services and let us know what you need. You could be our next seven-time returning customer!

—DT Staff

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Posted Dec 13 2012 in Ask the Denim Therapist » Denim Therapy
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