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Denim Tip Of The Day: Storing & Washing Your Jeans

What’s the best way to store and wash your jeans? We picked up this tip from Garderobe during our Q&A— they’re a luxury wardrobe storage service that had a thing or two to say about owning denim. They told us…

“For denim storage purposes, you have to consider how often you both wear and wash your jeans. Separate the everyday jeans from the nicer, occasional jeans. Everyday jeans are likely washed more frequently, therefore the shrink and fade are expected, unlike what you’d want from your usually more expensive, occasionally worn jeans.

If you like the washed denim look of whiskers and honeycomb, then creases and fades shouldn’t be a bother, just fold your jeans. Lay them flat and face up, fold long with rear pockets facing, take them and fold to meet over top of pocket, fold remaining waistband towards self, and last, fold once more to cover waistband. Stack.

Keep less worn, nicer jeans on a skirt/pant hanger with clips in your closet. It’s best to use a hanger with non abrasive clips, without sharp teeth. The clasp should have a smooth, rounded edge, or simply use foam padding for cushioning. Hang your jeans free and open from the waistband, never from the leg hem, as this creates a bottom heavy hang, which creates stress on the denim. Remember; never fold your nice jeans over a hanger bar, as it will undoubtedly create unwanted fade lines and creases.”

—DT Staff

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Posted May 18 2011 in Ask the Denim Therapist » Denim Therapy
  • storage Tulsa OK

    For many, jeans are always thought to be a wash and wear type of clothing. It is good to know of this washing and storing post for the sometimes neglected good old jeans.

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