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Denim Therapy Fixes A Big Hole In The Knee

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Denim Therapy Team! #projectshow

Denim Therapy representing at PROJECT! Photos by Sandbox Studio.

DT in action!

From left to right, Michelle Christina, Francine, Brie, Raffael.

—DT Staff

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Posted Jan 16 2012 in Denim Therapy
  • Ruth

    Hey!  I’ve been doing denim therapy for about six years by repairing clothes at a homeless mens shelter.  I go once a week and take all of my threads, sewing machine, scissors, tapes, hammers , pliers, (even my drill) grommets, the accumulated scraps from previous repairs that will fill those holes, and just about everything my creativity can implement for pants, suits, jeans, shirts, back packs, pool cue cover, undies, gloves, hats; most anything that has a hole or popped seam.
    BUT, I volunteer!  No fee.  But, the thanks are worth a million.

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« 5 Flawless Denim Jackets For Men #projectshow       BLK DNM Perfume 11 Review #projectshow »
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