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Denim Fits: Paige Premium Denim


On the quest for the best fitting jeans, I decided to drag a few folks in as my Denim Therapy Fit Models. Today’s selection? Paige Premium Denim, supposedly known for its butt lifting abilities.

Fitting #1: Cecilia. Looking for a petite inseam with room in the back. Says Brazilian jeans actually work really well for her.

Fitting #2: Sally. Has a hard time finding jeans that fit her super svelte figure. Often settles for shopping in the junior’s section.

Fitting #3: Me. On the hippy side, and looking for a butt lift. I need to do some squats badly!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. Photo credit: Kathy Ng Hassan.


Cecilia – Height: 5’2″ – 5’4″. Tried on the Paige Premium Laurel Canyon in Petite fit in size 31. She loved how soft the Paige jeans felt, and definitely thought the quality of the denim was superior. However, she didn’t feel the inseam (31″) was a true petite. She is pictured with the size label down the right leg. You can’t tell, but she is wearing low heels in the picture. I thought the jeans were very flattering to her curvy figure, and didn’t look as tight around the thighs, compared to her jeans that she wore to the fitting. And, there was the problem with the back gap in the waistband.

Sally – Height: about 5’4″. Tried on the Laurel Canyon Lowrise Boot Cut, size 25. She looks great in those jeans! The jeans added extra curves and padding all around. Problem: back gap.

Kathy – Height: 5’6″. Tried on the Laurel Canyon (straight leg) in White, and Canyon denim shorts, size 28. I thought the white jeans weren’t all that flattering to my backside. It didn’t lift, but it did separate. It’s not that apparent in the photo, but, I also didn’t like the transparent front pockets. There was also a slight back gap issue for me as well. The denim was a bit lighter weight than Sally’s blue jeans.

I did like the Canyon shorts. Decent coverage and bum appeal. They were more flattering than the Paige Canyon mini skirt I tried on. There was nothing wrong with the skirt, but it just wasn’t that particularly special, as compared to other denim skirts by other denim labels. I ended up buying the shorts to wear for my everyday errands around town.

Karima, Denim Therapy’s Public Relations Manager tried on several different pairs of Paige Premium Denims, and was sadly disappointed. She is on the short and va-va-voom curvy side, and was looking for jeans that would draw attention away from her thighs, in particular. None of the jeans she tried on looked quite right. In contrast, I spoke to a young lady recently who was about 5’10” and a size 25 (!). She said she has a hard time finding jeans for her svelte figure, and thought she finally found her new go-to jeans. She was in the dressing room with me at the recent Paige Premium Denim Warehouse Sale in Hollywood.

Based on the few sample fittings for Paige Premium Denim, it seems these jeans look best on slimmer figures that need a little extra boost in the back. With it’s generous denim weight and strategic positioning of the back pockets, your back side gets a little helping hand. The major problem for most of us was the waistband gap issue. Paige Premium would get bonus points if they work on resolving that, particularly for the low rise jeans.

I didn’t get a chance to get a fitting in for the Paige Premium men’s denim. Any volunteers? And on that note…

Get featured as the next Denim Therapy Fit Model! If you’re in the Los Angeles or New York City area, contact Kathy via email!

Kathy Ng Hassan

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Posted Aug 02 2008 in Ask the Denim Stylist

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