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Artisan De Luxe Men’s & Women’s Denim Giveaway: Enter by June 10th!

Get ready for a double-denim giveaway… we’ve teamed up with Artisan De Luxe to bring you two hot new denim products for summer! The best part? They’re free! The second-best part? There’s an option for girls, as well as guys. The ladies can score a pair of embellished Gwen studded shorts (retailing at $160), and the dudes can snag a pair of Perry Skinny Whisker Fade Jeans (retailing at $198). Sounds like a steal to us! Wanna rock this brand? Read on!


To enter…

1. Like Denim Therapy on facebookfollow Denim Therapy on twitter.

2. Like  Artisan De Luxe on facebook & follow Artisan de Luxe on twitter.

3. Comment below on this post with your email, and tell us why you’d like to own a pair of these hot summer shorts or rad skinny jeans, and where you would wear them this summer if they landed in your wardrobe.

Entries close on Friday, June 10th, so hurry!


The prizes…

1 pair of ladies’ “Gwen” studdied cut-off shorts with frayed edge.

1 pair of men’s Perry Skinny Whisker Fade Jeans.


We’ll announce the winners on Monday, June 13th.  Questions? Email us! Can’t wait? Shop Artisan de Luxe in West Hollywood, CA at their Melrose Avenue boutique (8564 Melrose Ave). 310-854-6290.

Good luck!

—DT Staff & Artisan De Luxe Denim


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Posted Jun 06 2011 in Denim Therapy
  • Julie L

    Liked and Followed both pages! I LOVE those shorts! They’re laid back with a hint of a rocker edge! I would wear them to a bunch of concerts I’m going to this summer! They’re perfect for that! (I’d also wear them to bars, on errands, to the beach….everywhere!) 

  • Bessie L Burnsed

     I would wear these studded shorts to the next summer bar-b-q coming up this weekend.  I love the look and the frayed edge.  Great denim color too.  These shorts will be noticed.

  • Jessica E Page

    These shorts are badass, but wouldn’t contain my ass cheeks. Believe me, that ain’t pretty, lol.

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to win the jeans because my girlfriend says I need some more summer-y looking jeans!

  • Prdepuydt

    I’d love to win the jeans because I love great denim! 

  • Fiona

     I’d wear those shorts to a lady gaga concert. Or passed out in a dive bar. 

    or both


  • Melanie Baker

    Love the Gwen studdied cut-off shorts with frayed edge Look like Daisy Dukes with of course her’s were not studdied

  • Rachel
    followed and liked on twitter and fb…  I can’t wait to wear these alll over Orange County on my days off.  My favorite wardrobe pieces are the ones that I can wear in several different ways, like during the day and out at night.  These will be accompanying me on the days I hang out at the beach and plan on directly going to happy hour.  :)

  • Justin Reynolds
    I’m in Texas for the summer, so it’s mighty hot in the day, but those skinny jeans would be great to wear to the clubs at night! The whiskers and fading would pair well with most of my wardrobe for sure!

  • Christina Renee Jorro

    I think I could rock the heck out of those skinnies or those frayed denim shorts this hot hot summer and early fall by mixing it up with funky vintage pieces and bring out the effortless rock appeal that denim so naturally has.

    Robert Plant will be real jealous :)

  • Rosehipsdancer

    rosehipsdancer@gmail:disqus .com

    First i’d take those studded shorts to Electric Forest in June then Detroit in july with the Life Size Mousetrap, then i’d wear them after i perform at Lollapalooza with Beats Antique, then i’d wear them when hangin’ in Pittsburg in August, then you see them on my ass out & about NYC in september, after that we’ll swing through DC, for a dance workshop, Knoxville for a dance performance, maybe a stop in ATL before making our to Florida for october and november(with a quick weekend jaunt to TX in the middle)…

    they’d be the best traveled denim around and would go great with my vintage super studded 70’s black jacket… just sayin’

  • Jessica Caviness

    I would LOVE to win the Gwen studded shorts!!  Their 1st stop would be the DMB Caravan at the Gorge Ampitheater for Labor Day weekend!  It’s a four day festival where we will camp…so chances are they’ll be worn more than once during the course of the weekend.  =P

    Once…..with a simple black tank top and my black cuff bracelet and black Converse and then again with my sheer, bright yellow top with colorful, chunky accessories and my yellow Toms wedges.  

    ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪  I CAN’T wait!!!!!!!!!!!!  ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • Sara

    Would love those studded shorts! Those need to be paired with heels, that’s for sure. So some nice summery heels and a cropped white top (transparent perhaps with a bustier underneath it) that shows a little belly.. and with this outfit for a beer on a summery terrace in the city! Can’t go wrong :)

  • Sara

    Oh forgot the email: — (and getpalmd on Twitter, Sara Näse on FB)

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  • Maria

    Hi my name is Maria and I am addicted to denim. Please feed my habit :)

    If I won the pair of shorts, I’d rock them to the beach, on hikes, & basically when I’m out and about around town. The fashion here is laid back, casual, and it’s tropical weather year round so these will def be put to use!


  • Courtney
    I would love to own these studded jean shorts and wear them everywhere! they would be perfect for summer concerts! 

  • John Senyard

    I personally would not like the pants but my girlfriend would love them.

  • John Senyard

    Am following Artisan de luxe on twitter


  • John Senyard

    Am following Denim Therapy on twitter


  • John Senyard

    Retwitted this giveaway 


  • John Senyard

    Retwitted this giveaway for Denim Therapy also


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