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A Guide for Gals on Acheiving the Perfect Hem Length

It’s the worst thing ever when you hem your jeans too short. “Surely you jest, there are plenty of worse things.” You’re right; war, poverty–there are lots. But when you have a great new pair that’s returned to you awkwardly and unwearably short, well, it’s the worst thing ever. To do our part to prevent this from happening, we’ve pulled together some insider tips to help you to achieve the perfect hem.

When trying on your jeans for hemming, make sure they sit on your hips exactly where you like to wear them. After they’re pinned, take a few steps to see how you like the length–depending on the thickness of the fabric, some jeans scrunch up more than others when you move.

Where your hems should fall:

Straight leg: Your jeans should fall 1/2 – 1 1/2 inches above the ground when wearing shoes. This can be tricky depending on what type of heel height you’ll be wearing.

Boot/Flare: The same rules apply as with the straight leg. However, make sure that your flared legs don’t completely engulf your feet, giving the illusion of “centaur leg.”

Skinny: Since a little scrunch looks good, keep them long! The narrow leg opening will prevent them from dragging on the ground.

It’s important to note: All hems are not created equal. For jeans, you generally want to use the original hem. This will allow you to maintain the natural distressing that you’ll lose when creating a new hem (where the fabric is cut, folded under, and stitched). Some premium jeans use chainstitiching on their hems. This is a stronger and more traditional stitching method, that is more flexible and allows for more movement.

Remember, you can always send/bring your jeans into Denim Therapy to be hemmed! We do regular hems, hems using the original hem, and chainstitching. For chainstitching, we have a beautiful vintage Union Special sewing machine. For more info on our services visit our website, or email

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Posted Jun 09 2011 in Denim Therapy
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