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‘Skinny jeans’ class aims to aid your zip


By Val Willingham
CNN Medical Producer
Source: CNN News

skinny-jean-workout(CNN) — To look at her, you’d never know Jessica Ordona, 25, has a problem with her jeans. “I don’t like the fact that when you sit down, your stomach comes over them,” she says. 

A retail specialist with a commercial real estate firm in Bethesda, Maryland, Ordona knows image is part of success. That’s why she has been diligent about hitting the gym four to five times a week. But even with all her crunches and lifting, she sometimes experienced denim frustration.

Unhappy with her former gym, Ordona decided to join a national health club chain in her neighborhood. Much to her surprise, she found a class called Skinny Jeans Workout, specifically designed to get rid of those annoying little bulges and bumps. “It’s different than your typical workout class,” she says. “It’s not high-impact cardio, but you’re sweating the whole time because you’re working every muscle group.”

The Skinny Jeans Workout concentrates on core muscles, balance and posture. A cross between ballet, butt-burning stretches and light weight lifting, the workout involves the entire body.

Lisa Grimmer, a group fitness instructor, teaches the class. “What I love about Skinny Jeans is it takes everything from Pilates — the core workout, which would be the tightening around of your abdominal muscles, your lower back. People think of that as “the core.” But there’s also the shoulder girdle, which we work out a lot in Skinny Jeans, too,” says Grimmer. “So really we’re thinking about anything that would be postural or placed into your jeans, so you’ve got your abdominals, of course, and we work the inner and outer thighs that go into the jeans.”

The hourlong class is taught twice a week. Regulars swear they’ve dropped a jeans size or two since the class began four months ago. They say it not only tightens the tush, but the workout also helps develop the flexibility and strength to hold the back straight.

Tracy Cherpeski Bannister, another class instructor, believes posture is key to fitting into tight pants. “In addition to sort of holding it in, we’re also lifting and lengthening and, as we do that, we sort of set our shoulders into place,” Bannister says. “I probably said it in class — we ‘tuck our shoulder blades into our back pockets’ — so we’re opening the chest as well.”

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–Nikki Cho Russo


Posted Aug 10 2009 in Denim News

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