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10.31.08: Bea’s Jeans

Who would use a picture of themselves in a pair of jeans, barefoot and cropped from the thigh down, as their MySpace profile photo?  Besides it being a cool photo, I thought gee, she must be a denimphile.  I later found out that my instincts were correct!  Aided by a translator, I was able to squeeze some information out of this girl.

Meet the Mystery Girl
Bea “Beita” Buitrago
Hometown: Madrid, Spain
Age: 26

Bea, what are those jeans you are wearing in your profile photo?

The jeans that I was wearing in the photo are from Bershka, an INDITEX Group store (like Zara).  It costs about 30 Euros.

What have you been doing lately?
I recently visited New York City, but now I am back home in Madrid.

Tell me what to expect if I were to visit Madrid.
In Madrid, the best places to go out and to have dinner is in downtown.  Spain is famous for its good food and for its festive celebrations.  Natives are friendly and it is easy to make friends quickly.

How often do you wear jeans?

I always go out in jeans and I like to pair them with something appropriate for where I am going and for the occasion. During the day I wear them with ballet flats or with sneakers. When I go out during the weekend I wear jeans with boots or with high heels. Sometimes when I wear skinny or baggy jeans, I like to wear tops that are wide because they flow into the jeans quite nicely.

You seem to love jeans.  How crazy are you about them?
I have a lot of jeans because I never throw them out when I get tired of them.  I store them for when they come back into style, such as various blue skinny jeans, and some jeans that are torn and/or worn out.  I also store a pair of baggy jeans and jean skirts. The pair that I am currently fashioning is electric blue.  I bought them in early summer. Also, a pair of baggys that you liked, which have rubber on the ankles, of which I am wearing in the photo.

What types of jeans are people in Madrid wearing now?
In Madrid, the young people are wearing skinny or baggy jeans.  Also what is coming back into fashion are bell-bottom jeans like the ones that were worn in the 1960s.  Another style that is appearing is a combination skinny and baggy jean [Editor’s note: Bea probably means a tapered jean.].

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. Photo source: Bea Buitrago.

Denim Therapy’s Four Questions

What jeans can’t you live without?
I can??™t live without skinny jeans!

If you had to sacrifice one pair to the denim gods, which pair would it be?
I think I would sacrifice a pair of dark skinny jeans that I don??™t wear too often.

What if you had to sacrifice two pairs?

[Bea doesn’t throw out any jeans, so it was amazing that she would get rid of her dark skinnies!]

What pair of jeans do you want to add to your collection?
I would purchase a combination baggy with skinny [tapered] in the ankles that I saw at a store in Madrid.

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Kathy Ng Hassan

Posted Nov 03 2008 in Interviews

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