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Green Jeans: Del Forte’s Project Rejeaneration


Where do your jeans go when they die?  I’ve been known to show up at picnics and charity carwashes wearing my crudely “re-designed” denim cutoff shorts, complete with jagged, frayed hems.  In retrospect, they looked pretty trashy.

That’s why I am glad Del Forte Denim’s Project Rejeaneration,
is giving your old, unwanted jeans a new, more sophisticated life.  You send Del Forte your denim castoffs, and they are re-designed
and reborn as a new denim product.

Designer and founder Tierra Del Forte, who consciously started Del Forte Denim as an premium organic denim company, created Project Rejeaneration as a way to underscore her company’s mission of organic, socially responsible jeans for the eco-chic woman.

If you want your old denims “Rejeanerated, ” count on waiting at least six weeks.  The new jeans are handmade and are “embellished with vintage fabrics and trims and
incorporate handcrafts collected from around the world,” as shown in
Del Forte’s currently featured Rejeaneration project, The Janelle Skirt.

Rejeanerated: Del Forte Denim’s The Janelle Skirt

From suppliers on up to sewing and washing, Del Forte’s jeans are produced with the environment and the worker in mind.  And, it’s not just about the denims they sell.  “We are committed to using green products and services whenever
possible. Our office is stocked with eco-friendly supplies, all our
printing is done on New Leaf paper using vegetable-based inks and we
found a carbon neutral company to host”

Dig deep in the back of your closet.  Denim donors get 10% off their next
purchase of any Del Forte denim jeans.

Kathy Ng Hassan

Posted Jun 30 2008 in Denim News

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« I hate Mondays, but I love my Cheap Monday Jeans!       OKI-NI Sale 50% OFF! »
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