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Gary Graham’s Twill Jeans and the New Romantic



Source: Refinery 29.

While Twill jeans run amuck in all sorts of 80s-inspired candy colors at stores like H&M and American Apparel this season, designer fall collections answer back with unsurprising subdued, non-color solutions in anticipation for a cooler climate. Trend watchers will also notice an uprising of “tribal” makeup in the club scene and Revolutionary-Battalion looks in boutiques, particularly noticeable in the jackets. Are we experiencing a resurgence of the New Romantics? Fashionistas don’t seem to be ready to let go of the 80s, and this fall, the ladies get to reinterpret their version of New Romanticism. Take that Adam Ant!

Although New York designer Gary Graham delivers textured, bleached and Dust Bowl era-inspired looks in his fall 2008 collection, you can’t help but notice some of his other historic inspirations: hints of Punk, Avante-Grunge and Goth; and, a bolder presentation of New Romantics-friendly jackets for the ladies. Think Les Miserables. Graham’s twill jeans and a punky pink zippered skirt are not as exciting as his coats, jackets and vests in various fabrics, including leather. His jackets will be sure hits with fall denim darks and smokey greys, whether they be skinny or baggier, Boyfriend Jeans. The ladies will be sure standouts and pressed for battle in the social scene. Vive la mode!

Visit Gary Graham online for retailers near you.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. Photo source: Gary Graham NYC.

Kathy Ng Hassan

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Posted Aug 25 2008 in Denim News

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