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Denim Insider: Mo’Cycle Jeans’ Fashion-Forward Riding Jeans

MO'CYCLE Jeans of Sweden.

MO'CYCLE Jeans of Sweden.

One of the most exciting fashion designers to come out of Europe, specifically Sweden, is Moses (Mo) Shahrivar, CEO/Head of Design for Stockholm-based MO’CYCLE JEANS, an innovative, fashion-forward mens denim and clothing line.  A natural fashion genius, Mo left architecture school to make protective — yet stylish — riding jeans.  Starting out with leather pants during his early motorcycle riding days, he soon realized “it was NOT me.”  Subsequently, he dropped the leather for jeans, because it was more comfortable.

What’s the difference between riding in leather pants and jeans?
The problem is that it’s a big mistake if you crash, with no protection you can get injuries for life, or worst case, lose your life.  I didn’t want to take that risk, at the same time I was not ready to give up the freedom and the joy of bike riding.  So I made the sketches of the first pair of MC Jeans.  Ordered the material and the leather, sent it to Italy and produced three different styles.  Back then Harley Davidson wanted them in every main store they had in Sweden.

The best way to show those people how to do it is to succeed.

How has Mo’Cycle Jeans evolved?
I started up the first collection with only the MC Jeans.  We find and produce all our clothing in Italy with different fabrics and washes.  We want people that wear our clothes to feel they have the right attitude and image.  When I released the jeans collection I realize people liked my design and the company’s genuine story.  Getting my design confirmed led to the bigger collection with checked pants, jackets and the coats, that have been a success.
Now naturally, the next collection will include shirts, t-shirts, a lot more pants and jeans, and much more coats and jackets. Plans for women and children collections are in the future.


These jeans are made for riding! MC jeans Johan Black reinforced motorcycle jeans.

Coming from virtually no background in fashion, how did you manage to overcome your obstacles?
There are always people around that affect you in a negative way but I just ignore them and keep going my direction.  The best way to show those people how to do it is to succeed. (It also helped that he always had his education to fall back on, and the support of his family.)

Is Mo’Cycle a “green” company?
Most of the collection is “Made in green by Aitex.”  The manufacturer Aitex works to maintain higher standards and better conditions for the workers on the cotton fields and actively stand against underage workers.  They even stand behind respecting the environment and the universal rights of workers.  MO’CYCLE Industries is and will always be an organization aware of nature’s future and have a good ethics philosophy in place.

What advice can you share with denimphiles out there?
First of all, to wash jeans is something you don’t do, if it’s raw denim.  The coolest jeans I have in my wardrobe is the ones you may have seen in my blog that I wear for a year without washing.  The stamp that came forward after a wash, after a year, is something you can’t buy in a store.  It has your personal lines and a history for itself from all the bust and openings.

The waxed jeans are no different; except, if you don’t want to wait a year, you can always hold the jeans tight under the back of a motorcycle and burn it out so the bust comes forward faster. [Editor’s note: I think he’s kidding.]

(LtoR): R&B artist Ricky and Mo Shahrivar, at a MO'CYCLE Jeans boutique opening.

(LtoR): R&B artist Ricky and Mo Shahrivar, at a MO'CYCLE Jeans boutique opening.

What advice can you share with aspiring fashion designers?
After reading this, sit down and start writing your business plan right away!  If you don’t do it now, maybe you’ll do it tomorrow or next year or never.  You don’t need to be a accountant, lawyer, marketer or have all the money right away.  The knowledge and the solutions always comes by in the journey.  I had no designer experience at all; now, I have a wall full of awards from different fashion councils for the Rookie of the Year, the Designer of the Year, the Company of the Year, the Marketer of the Year and now the latest one (November 21, 2008), I became one of Sweden’s 100 Most Talented Entrepreneurs.  Hard work and never give up, no matter what!

What can you tell us about the Mo’Cycle man?
Shoes tell a lot about a person.

If you get busted in the middle of the night by her boyfriend, make sure not to forget your MO’CYCLE jeans when running away (it gets expensive after a while).

Taking off your shirt and dancing on the table with champagne spilling all over the nightclub is the best way to show off your MO’CYCLE jeans.

When girls [sic] tamper on your butt when you are out clubbing, you know that they are just checking out the quality of your MO’CYCLE jeans.

When spilling wine on your MO’CYCLE jeans, be sure that it is the finest wine you spill on the clothes; we will not accept anything else.

We at MO’CYCLE will personally find you hunt and you down if you wear pink shirts together with our clothes.

Pink and red does match!  Don’t believe anything else (just don’t combine it with MO’CYCLE).

Guys, don’t forget to zip after you’ve been in the bathroom.  If you do not have underwear on, zip slooooowly. Otherwise, it can get nasty.  We at MO’CYCLE have solved this problem by only using buttons on our jeans.

Can we expect to find Mo’Cycle Jeans anywhere in the U.S.?
North America is always a hot market.  Especially in the view of the MC market…it could be an interesting market for the high-end collection, too.  We have done some research and it doesn’t look too far away.

Mo-Cycle Jeans and clothing collection can currently be found on their European/international online shop.


— Kathy Ng Hassan

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