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An Exclusive Q&A with G-Star Women’s Designer Rebekka Bach

Last Thursday, Denim Therapy had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing G-Star‘s women’s designer Rebekka Bach.  She has been with G-Star for over six years now, hailing from Amsterdam, which is also where the brand is headquartered.  We wanted to find out what was the goal behind the new collaboration with Los Angeles’ Kitson boutique.  Even though G-Star Raw already has a wide cult following, this denim brand has only just recently opened up shops on the West Coast as part of the brand’s efforts for global expansion.

Rebekka Bach, G-Star Womens Designer. Photo credit: Kathy Ng Hassan.[nggallery id=489]

Denim Therapy: Why did you decide to collaborate with Kitson?
Rebekka Bach: G-Star is about authenticity and craftsmanship, but we are also about contradiction.  We don’t like to think of ourselves as just one thing.  We’re always trying to change things.  Kitson is known for being the place for celebrities to shop and since our brand is popular amongst celebrities, we felt there was a good match there.

DT: Are you currently working with special denim or hybrids?
RB: We have a denim which has a special coating that we’re working with.

DT: What should we anticipate for 2012?
RB: We are going to be heading towards vintage finishes and details.  We really want to capture the essence of the women who would wear our jeans, such as the L.A. woman.

DT: Will there be new styles or silhouettes next season?
Actually, most of our styles (such as the Elwood) have been around for many years.  We only modify and evolve around the fit.

The G-Star x Kitson capsule collection will include six women’s pieces, all featuring special artwork made specifically for this collection: G-Star’s popular Arc Super Skinny, a denim vest, denim shorts, sweat pants, a knit t-shirt and canvas tote bag.  Can’t get enough of G-Star?  Go to G-Star online for more raw and unfiltered denim action.


—Kathy Ng Hassan

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Posted Aug 15 2011 in Denim News » Interviews
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