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Wrangler’s 7 Icons: Easy Ways To Recognize Great Denim

When it comes to classic denim, look no further than Wrangler. The brand started in 1904 with the  Hudson Overall Company, a denim manufacturer. Over time and after many name changes, Wrangler came to be in the 1940s. And when you’re a brand as legendary as Wrangler, you want your denim to be known for what it is–that’s why these 7 icons make it so easy to spot these great quality jeans:


1. Flat Rivets: Rivets make sure that your denim stays together through the daily wear and tear you put it through, but ones that aren’t flat can be really uncomfortable! Wrangler solves that problem with a flat style so this won’t ever be an issue again.

2. Watch Pocket: Originally designed by expert tailor Ben Lichtenstein, this watch pocket was deeper than others and makes sure that no matter what you put in it is staying right where you want it.

3. Felled Seams: While the comfort that was originally sought from the seam sitting flat against your leg came from the popularity of horseback riding, nowadays it is just as important. After all, who knows what kind of situation  you will get yourself into, especially when wearing jeans as great as these.

4. Belt Loops: Unlike other brands, Wrangler jeans have seven belt loops opposed to common five. These two extra belt loops ensure your jeans stay in place, all the time.

5. “W” Stitching”: On the back of every pair of Wrangler jeans, you can find two “w”s stitched on the pockets for “Western Wear”. There is also a second layer of fabric stitched into the back pocket, so you know these jeans are made to last.

6.The Patch: When these jeans were first being made, you could find a patch that says “Blue Bell’s Wrangler Authentic Western Jeans” on the back right pocket, but today just the name Wrangler will be found. Simple, but powerful.

7. Rope logo: The rope logo signifies everything that Wrangler is–tough, lasting denim that is up for anything. Denim for the adventurer, no matter what the situation.

See them in order, below:

[nggallery id=924]


These seven icons can still be found on Wrangler jeans today, and we like to think that when it comes to something that has stayed the same for this long…well why fix something that isn’t broken.


Images via Denim Blog.

Elyssa Linden

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Posted Dec 21 2011 in Denim Fashion » Reviews: Brand
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