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Winter Fur Fever!

dr-zhivago-looksScenes from Dr. Zhivago (1965). Photos: Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Fur is experiencing a resurgence in the fashion scene, again!  Fur coats, vests, fur-trimmed boots (not counting UGGs) and gloves, plus lots of hats, have all popped up all over online boutiques.  After all, it’s cuddly, warm and can be very dramatic!  We thought about some of the most iconic winter fashion statements ever, involving fur, and we really couldn’t deny the fact that the movie Dr. Zhivago (1965), starring Omar Sharif, Julie Christie, Alec Guinness and Geraldine Chaplin, played an important role.  The fluffy plumed hats and full-body overcoats burned an image in our minds of how one does not have to miss out on being fabulous during the winter months.  Not surprising, 7 For All Mankind has a lot of on-trend statement pieces that pair well with your winter wardrobe.  Utilizing a couple of furry accessories (don’t over do it!), paired with jeans that work with a great winter coat, you, too, can bring romance, drama and fierceness in your everyday wardrobe.


1. Even platform wedge boots got ‘em.  ASH Women’s Uranus Fur Boots ($284) – buy it at 80sPurple.
2. Get the straight-off-the-runway look.  7 FOR ALL MANKIND Faux Fox Jacket ($465) – buy it at 7 For All Mankind.
3. It’s wild. It’s fun.  SPIRITHOODS Snow Leopard faux fur hat ($129) – buy it at SpiritHoods.
4. A traditional look with a touch of fur.  7 FOR ALL MANKIND Ponte Aviator hat ($165) – buy it at 7 For All Mankind.
5. Wide legs go great with trench and peacoats!  7 FOR ALL MANKIND Ginger Pant in Light Weight Mercer ($155) – buy it at 7 For All Mankind.



1. You know you want one.  SPIRITHOODS Red Wolf fur hat ($129) – buy it at SpiritHoods.
2. Every man should have at least one solid winter coat in his collection.  7 FOR ALL MANKIND Double Breasted Coat ($575) – buy it at 7 For All Mankind.
3. Wears these for work and for cocktails.  7 FOR ALL MANKIND Standard in Iron Grey ($169) – buy it at 7 For All Mankind.
4. Get an on-trend look without being too obvious.  P. BY PIRELLI Boots ($195) – buy it at YOOX.


And… don’t forget to enter for a chance to win a pair of Seven jeans just for giving your friends gifts in our Seven Days of 7 For All Mankind Facebook app! Check out our Facebook page for details!

– Kathy Ng Hassan

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Posted Dec 09 2010 in How to Wear It » Trend Alert

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