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To Drop-Crotch or Not to Drop-Crotch?

Street ChicPics from Garance Dor?©

This is a trend that always seems to come back around with the inspiration of the Far East.  Some of you may shake your heads and wish it would just go away, but the drop-crotch pants and variations of it is back and quickly catching momentum.  There have been sprinkles of it in collections by Philip Lim, Kriss Van Assche, Stine Goya (with her gorgeous colorful confections) and a slew of other big name designers such as Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, but get ready, because the trend for the Fall/Winter 08/09 season is looser fitting pants throughout many denim collections.

Take a look at some of the fashionable women that are featured on one of my favorite style websites, Garance Dor?©.  European women, especially the French, really know how to be daring and chic with fashion forward sensibility.

Some of the hottest jeans that I have seen in this “Dhoti” inspired style are from DSquared, Miharayasuhiro, Diesel, Kriss Van Assche, Marith?© Fran?§ois Girbaud and Andrew Mackenzie.  Genius designer Nicolas Ghesqui??re, does it again for Balenciaga and incorporates a subdued variation of this trend, along with gorgeous kick-ass boots for the fall.  Other designers have made more subtle drops to the crotch.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

So get ahead of the game and start searching for a great pair of drop-crotch jeans.  With a fearless adventure for fashion, rock this look Euro style with your own American twist.  Ignore the nay sayers!  Hey, it’s not for everyone, which is the beauty of fashion!  I have always been a fan!

Keep the look sleek with body hugging tops and blazers to capture a modern look avoiding to not over accentuate the voluminous shape.  The shoe trend will be sleeker colorful boots with out all the complicated hardware, low-fi minimalist sneakers will compliment this look for a more refined finish, and gladiator punk-inspired open toes continue to be worn with or with out socks.

— Nikki Cho Russo

Posted Jun 29 2008 in Denim Fashion » How to Wear It

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« Friday Poll: How do you care for your jeans?       I hate Mondays, but I love my Cheap Monday Jeans! »
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