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Street Style: How To Wear Colored, Metallic, & Printed Jeans

Liz Cherk of Late Afternoon is springing forward with three denim looks we’re obsessed with. The fashion blogger’s first look is a pair of white jeans with color slashes of pastel from Rag&Bone, a celebrity favorite that spices up any outfit with a graphic pop. Her next look is iridescent and irresistible: a pair of tapered gold skinnies from Zara is the perfect finishing touch to dress up an outfit for a night on the town. Her last look rings true to her blog’s name: a bold pair of yellow jeans from Urban Outfitters to wear on a nice afternoon. Which getup would you rock on a sunny afternoon?

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Images via Late Afternoon.

—Stephanie Powell

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Posted Feb 16 2012 in Denim Fashion » Street Style Watch
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