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Renee Reviews Williamsburg Garment Co. Skinny Jeans

We introduced you to Williamsburg Garment Co. this fall—the brand that’s committed to the highest possible quality at the lower possible price in a unique business model discussed in our Q&A with founder and designer Maurice Malone (check out the Q&A if you missed it). Renee tried on a few pairs of WGC skinny jeans to give you the inside review on what to expect from this Brooklyn-born denim brand.

What was your first thought when you tried them on? The three pairs of jeans come with refreshingly different details. The light pair have interesting details around the leg, giving them a motorcycle feel. The medium pair are my first pair of ankle jeans, which are very in right now. The darkest pair are a nice, solid wash that give a great sheen.

Where/when would you wear these? The three different washes and styles allow for a lot of wardrobe versatility. I’d wear the lighter pair during the day (summer or winter, accessories can carry these throughout the year), and the darker could pass for nightlife wear. 

How’s the fit? A little on the tight side, but the stretch allows for that. At 5’8″, I’m not short, but I wish these came cut slightly longer! Overall, great jeans for the near-factory-direct price the brand aims for.

Renee in Williamsburg Garment Co. Light wash Twist Jeans “Chrissy” ($106)

Light wash Twist Jeans

Renee in Williamsburg Garment Co. Super Skinny Jeans in Blue Wash ($98)

Renee in Williamsburg Garment Co. Skinny Jeans in Dark Dip ($98)

Exclusively available at…

OPENING CEREMONY (New York & Los Angeles)

TG-170 ( New York)

BROOKLYN DENIM CO (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

SUGARCUBE® (Philadelphia, PA)

Online Store:

—Michelle Christina Larsen & Renee Sykes

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Posted Dec 12 2011 in Denim Fashion » Reviews: Brand » Reviews: Product
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