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Les Halles- A Family Affair


Playing dress up has always been a lot of fun especially as a young child rummaging through your mothers closet and finding those vintage pair of jeans that actually never went of style. Remy Baum happened to be lucky enough to have her parents, Marlene and Stephan Baum,  as the original designers behind Les Halles jeans when she was playing dress up (or down, because these jeans go either way).

“I decided to try on a pair of my mother’s old Les Halles Baggie Jeans and couldn’t help but notice that they resembled a certain style of jean that was new to the market and becoming more popular by the day. So I approached my parents with the idea of bringing back Les Halles for the next generation,” explains Remy.

Voila, the relaunch of one of the most influential denim brands in the United States from 1979-1982. The original Les Halles created styles such as the Paper Bag jean, the Annie Hall, the Zip Leg Marilyn, and the Baggie (it’s the grandfather version of the “Boyfriend“).

Today the Les Halles family business continues to create collections that feature new and original designs.


Who doesn’t love a new pair of jeans with all the right holes (except for the ones in your pocket, right)?

Refinery 29 is offering their readers from now until Tuesday, December 7, a 20% discount off on the Les Halles e-commerce site. Click through for more info. If you have what it takes to create your own vintage DIY denim look, check out the art of ripped denim at Wikihow.

— Jackie Racer

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