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Green Jeans: Sharkah Chakra’s Luxe Sunbaked Carbon Neutrals


Founded by Sarah Simmonds, who previously worked at Harvey Nichols of London, London-based Sharkah Chakra is “the first ever brand to make all of its denim from natural indigo dye which is sustainable and good for the environment.” [Note: The use of natural indigo was superseded by synthetic indigo, due to its high cost, since the early 20th century. Source.] From its Fair Trade source in Africa to the artisan looming and dyeing in India to the hand finishing in Italy, Sharkah Chakra’s jeans define what premium denim ought to mean: quality from conception to completion. Every detail spells luxury, down to the gold-plated buttons, its signature 9-carat gold rivet and the individualized craftsmanship by artisans who produce jeans in a method considered a dying art. Using slower, antique 30-shuttle looms, it takes a person a half day (about four hours) to hand weave enough denim for one pair of jeans. Think pre-Industrial Revolution. Sharkah Chakra Jeans are naturally faded or bleached in the sun, without the aid of bleach. Yes, their jeans are selvedge. Check out their lovely proprietary red and white selvedge seam tape. You can show them off when you fold and cuff up your jeans.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. Source: Sharkah Chakra.

The company believes in utilizing sustainable resources where possible, which includes its environmentally-friendly packaging. Be prepared to pay for the luxury, because these jeans (as are most organic jeans) retail at ?195-?220.

Denimphiles demand more from their jeans these days. Luxury lifestylists demand no less than the best. When it comes to jeans, why can’t we have it all with Sharkah Chakra?

Where to Buy:

Fred Segal Santa Monica

Sharkah Chakra Online

Or visit the Sharkah Chakra Web site for stockists near you.

Kathy Ng Hassan

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