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From Thrillist NY: Mottainai Fall 2008



Available at Bergdorf Goodman: 754 5th Ave, between 57th and 58th; 212.753.7300???

Favorite wardrobe items quickly become victims of their own popularity — if you don’t believe that, then why is your junk even now languishing on your Aeron? For gear designed to last, try Mottainai.


A Bklyn-based debut collection with an emphasis on durability, Mottainai’s Japanese for “what a waste” — an admonishment against more shoddily-made apparel, and how you feel about a day spent replacing blown-out pants. Sturdiness is sourced from both premium Euro materials (stretch-resistant Northern Italian shirting, tough Portuguese jersey slub), and all-organic Japanese denim that’s been sewn “double-faced”, so it’s basically two-ply (the quicker knicker picker upper). The finished products are vaguely militaristic, mostly done up in subdued blues/grays/browns, with pieces ranging from jeans, to cashmere sweaters, to stonewashed supima cotton sport jackets and trousers, to the four-front-pocketed Pria Hoody, made from the cotton/nylon blend Cordura — scuff-resistant material originally used in WWII-era blade sheaths, because if some Nazi called out the faux pas of your scuffed sheath, you’d just die.


Mottainai also emphasizes eco-consciousness all the way down to their natural plant and vegetable dyes — doing their part to keep the Earth from becoming a giant, gross ball languishing on the fabric of the universe.

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