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DIY Fierce Denim Jackets

You, too, can have your own Balmain/Lady Gaga-inspired denim jacket.  We asked DIY Queen Michelle Elaine, co-founder of FVNCY, to give us some step-by-steps on how to refashion our tired old denim jackets into fierce creations.  Michelle Elaine (aka M.E.) also has an unhealthy obsession — and might I say fetish — for sequins, so we get some double DIY action here via a shredded jacket with peekaboo sequins.


1., 4., & 6. BALMAIN RTW Spring/Summer 2011 – via Vogue.
2. & 3. PLAY ME High Waist Sequin Short – buy it at REVOLVE Clothing.
5. Lada Gaga studded jacket as seen on her music video, “Telephone” – via Nitrolicious.

Follow M.E.’s simple step-by-step instructions and see where you can apply your own individual do-it-yourself look! Click below for more.

(DIY Jackets, courtesy of Michelle Elaine of FVNCY, for Denim Therapy)

What you will need:
Denim jacket, scissors, box cutter/razor, cheese grater, studs, safety pins, sequins, spray paint, glue, needle and thread, chalk, gloves, and tweezers.

Project 1: Balmain & Lady Gaga Inspired Denim Jacket

Michelle Elaine of FVNCY.

1. Gather materials of course!

2. Draw and cut out the skull on the back of the jacket.


3. Bleach it! If you let the bleach set long enough the denim will turn white.
4. Rinse, wash and dry.

5. Spray paint the studs and safety pins.  Let dry.

6. Stud and pin it!
These specific studs had prongs; place them in the desired location, push so that the prongs show through the fabric on the other side and fold them.  Pinning the cut-out skull is easy; you’re ultimately creating a web of pins (see finished example above).


Project 2: Shredded Denim Jacket With Peekaboo Sequins


1. Gather your materials and make sure your denim jacket isn’t stretch.
2. Slash it! Cut several small slits, roughly about an inch or so long and a centimeter apart, and pull out the blue threads. (The blue threads run vertically).

3. Shred and distress it! Use a razor and grater.

4. Cut a piece of sheer fabric about the size of the back of the jacket.

5. Glue it! Spread glue and sprinkle on sequins; think of it as frosting and sprinkle on a cake.  Let dry.

6. Sew it! Position the sequin fabric piece on the inside-back and sew.  That’s it!

Got questions?  Contact Michelle Elaine: Fvncy(at)


— Kathy Ng Hassan

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