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Denim Insider: Jeans and Sangria with the Serfontaines

Edgy. Raw. Rock ‘n’ Roll. Serfontaine’s current campaign.

Imagine shopping for some coveted premium denim, bleed-all-over-your-white couch selvage, and limited edition jeans at up to 70% off, while listening to some rockin’ tunes in a celebrity-style house by the beach. And better yet, your hosts offer you beer, wine, or champagne while you shop! Yep, Mik and Maria Serfontaine opened up their posh home to some friends, associates and denimphiles this past weekend for some seriously unconventional shopping. By the way, Maria makes a mighty tasty Sangria!

The Serfontaines, who are both easy on the eyes and super stylish, were so down to earth and neighborly. “We are such people persons, so we thought why not have it here,” said Maria. “We couldn’t find a good location,” Mik simply said. This event turned

out to be their Annual Sale and house party of sorts. In years past,

they held their sales at places such as Abbott Kinney, a trendy shopping destination in Venice, California.

After spending most of my time chatting with Mik about denim history — he’s a total denim buff — I snagged me two pairs of Serfontaine X Fit Lycra Jeans: a Minx Regular Rise Straight Leg in grey (see slideshow) and the Avatar in a shimmery black rinse (with contrast yellow and orange stitching). Also, I couldn’t resist but grab a stiff pair of the men’s indigo-saturated Brave Star raw selvage jeans — complete with chainstitched hems — that happened to be for sale (made from Cone Denim selvage!) at only $75. Oh baby!

[Side note: I got to change inside their all-silver/chrome/pewter bathroom, which made me feel like Aeon Flux changing inside a futuristic Bank Vault. Sweet!]

My only regret is I didn’t get there earlier, because they sold out of the black resin rinse jeans (looks like leather) in my size. I finally had to leave because I was getting too comfy there and everyone kept offering me more booze. It was a long drive home!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. Photo credit: Kathy Ng Hassan.



Or visit Serfontaine for stockists near you.


Serfontaine’s new Online Store is set to launch this month! Check for updates on their Facebook or MySpace.

Kathy Ng Hassan

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Posted Sep 15 2008 in Denim Fashion » Reviews: Brand

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