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Denim for the Baby Daddy: Loomstate Jeans and H&M Denim.


Genius.  I saw these men’s dark denim jeans from an H&M store recently.  The stitching creates extra room around the knees so the man can more easily bend down and clean up spilled milk, thrown spaghetti, toys and the baby, of course.  Available at H&M stores.

Picture_18_2 Loomstate Mission Jean. Available online at greenloop.

And since we’re on the topic of spilled milk, don’t cry if this Loomstate Mission Jean gets dirty.  The jeans come in Channel, a dark, “dirty,” striated wash that’s stylish and rugged enough to take on baby’s messy mishaps.

Picture_20 Loomstate Prophecy Organic Cotton Jeans.

For the daddy who is conscientious about the environment and what can potentially touch his child’s sensitive skin, Loomstate Prophecy Organic Cotton Jeans is soft and slightly stretchy for comfort — they also keep daddy looking rock ‘n’ roll for an evening out.

Mommy will be impressed with daddy’s ability to juggle looking hot in these daddy-friendly jeans as he blocks the Cheerios being lobbed at him by the future Major Leaguer.

Kathy Ng Hassan

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Posted Jun 11 2008 in Denim Fashion » How to Wear It

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