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Buttless Jeans: The Next Denim Craze?


Can you imagine wearing designer jeans with holes cut out around the butt cheek area?  Well, the 1981 movie, So Fine, starring Ryan O’Neal, poked fun at the designer jeans industry, when hot denim labels like Calvin Klein jeans, Gloria Vanderbilt and Sergio Valente were flying off the shelves.  One of my favorite comedies of all time, I never forgot how ridiculous buttless jeans seemed to be; but now, I’m starting to wonder if the denim designers of the world might go that route, should they actually run out of ideas.

The video is hard to find, and I’m not even sure a DVD even exists yet.  You can read the original New York Times review on the film.  I think denim design houses should run So Fine in a continuous loop on their in-house flatscreen TVs.

Kathy Ng Hassan

Posted Jul 07 2008 in Denim Fashion

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