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An Exclusive Q&A with Superfine Denim

As one of the leading pioneers for the skinny jean silhouette (as you’ve seen in their Fall 2011 Lookbook reviewSuperfine has made it’s mark on denim history. The Superfine woman is modern and styled (and a little bit rock’n’roll). The collection covers a range of sexy, dark washes: think black, grays, and deep purple. Accelerating Superfine’s chic turn towards a full ready-to-wear collection is a focus on jerseys and silks as well as tons of wool that builds on the strong jeans section. They’re basically covering all of the bases. We had the chance to talk jeans with Superfine’s designer, Lucy Pinter


Denim Therapy: Lets start from the beginning.  How did you know you wanted to be a designer?

Superfine: I was styling and used denim all the time. I desperately wanted a clean rock’n’roll skinny jean for my work but no one made them. I was taping bootlegs and trying to retouch out the distressing. I decided to try to make some myself.

DT: Are there other denim brands you consider your immediate competition? How do you differentiate yourself from the hundreds of popular denim brands afloat right now?

Superfine: Not really. I think we are different. Superfine is what I would call a “fashion denim based line”. Not just jeans but a full ready to wear collection with the focus on denim and fashion pieces in the jeans section. Our image is very different to any other jeans lines I see. Maybe Balmain compares but price point is completely different and the rest of their line is not like ours (glitzy dresses etc). They do a great jean though. Acne could compare but i think the fashion jeans we do are really only available from us. I like Acne a lot actually but it’s a different brand.

DT: Do you have any pre-designing rituals?

Superfine: Not really. I begin research alone and only work with one guy on the sketches. If I’m honest, research usually begins in my pijamas on the computer in bed. Once the idea is clear, I send my product manager in Italy and the designer I work with on sketches all images for a mood board, after this, we work between my studio and the factory in Italy on fabric allocation and design. It’s a small team of only 3 including design and production management.

DT: Describe the person who represents your ideal target customer—the customer you have in mind when you’re planning a collection.

Superfine: The girl is little bit fashion, a little bit rock”roll, a little bit chic. The boy is the guy that likes this kind of girl. The Boy is not “too” fashion but likes to look cool.  Someone who understands clothes and appreciates details. But now it can be anyone. I get excited seeing anyone in my clothes regardless of how they wear it if I’m honest.

DT: Can you give us hint about what’s?

Superfine: In SS (in stores now) you have softer colors in strong ideas. A hippy girl with attitude. For AW, its much more tough. Lots of black, grey, dark purple. It’s a “gypsy punk” collection with more wool than ever before and a strong selection of pants and jeans.

DT: What would be your dream collaboration? Any plans of that in the future?

Superfine: Right now I would love to collaborate with Isabel Marant. All round dream collaboration would be Rick Owens. I’ve pretty much only worn Superfine and Rick Owens for years and years…no plans right now but I do love collaborating so watch this space.

DT: What are the most popular washes/fits in the line? What are your favorites, and how would you style them?

Supefine: The “adventure” jean has been our number one selling jean for three seasons now. It has a slightly low crotch, twisted seam and elastic insert. I personally like it with jersey tops with volume but a fitted jacket to nip in waist. It gives a great silhouette. It’s also great rolled up in summer with a heel to give a slightly fashion chino feel. Our fashion pieces with leather have also sold well – mostly in skinny styles. Worn best with boots, cool oversized distressed jersey tees and tailored or biker style jackets.

DT: Do you have any favorite/least favorite denim trends right now?

Superfine: I don’t think I ever really think too much about trends. A skinny jean will always be good regardless of trends. I must confess to being a little “over” the legging though. Bring back denim I say!

DT: Street style and style blogs are huge in the industry right now as a source of inspiration, influencing the high end labels rather than vice versa. How much does street style influence your designing?

Superfine: Maybe subconsciously more than I know. I think now I am living in Paris, while the vibe of the label is really London, it is probably more chic now than it was before.

DT: How many pairs of denim do YOU own?

Superfine: I would be afraid to count!

DT: Favorite celeb wearing your brand?

Superfine: Kate Moss

You can learn more about Superfine London Jeans by visiting their website.

Superfine, Indeed!

—Jackie Racer

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« Studies Show Half Of Women Are More Psyched About Cheap Jeans Than Sex       New York Denim Sample Sale: Cheap Monday, R13 and More »
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