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07.15.08: Kathy’s Jeans

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Welcome to Kathy’s denim boudoir.  Can I say my closet is a mess?  I cleaned it up a bit for this photo shoot, but it’s just so jammed with clothes, shoes, handbags, etc.  My other shoes, jackets, and handbags are scattered in three other closets in the house.  I am such a pack rat.  Time for another Salvation Army run.  Honestly, I have several pairs of jeans that I haven’t worn in years because they’re out of style or don’t fit me anymore.  Those, I usually fold up and bury deep in the closet or put away in my bottom dresser drawer.  I stopped wearing half of my jeans because they started to sag in the butt area, ever since I lost a few pounds.  Mamma needs some new jeans!  Any suggestions?

Introducing Kathy’s Denim:

  • 1 Gap Slim fit jeans in white
  • 1 Gap denim shorts in white
  • 1 Hudson Jeans Signature Bootcut with back flap pockets
  • 1 J Brand 205 Mary Richards Straight leg in Midnight (high-waisted)
  • 1 J Crew bootcut in blue/gray rinse
  • 1 J Crew Matchstick jeans
  • 3 J Crew Japanese Ringspun low-rise, chainstitched (2 in petite inseam)
  • 1 J Crew Japanese Ringspun, low-rise, chainstitched (with flap pockets)
  • 1 J Crew 5-pocket Boyfriend Jeans, circa 2001
  • 1 J Crew slim fit, sanded medium wash, no back pockets
  • 1 Joe’s Jeans Provocateur
  • 1 Levi’s 501 (circa 1994)
  • 1 Old Navy Dark Denim skirt with front slit, circa 2000
  • 1 Old Navy Maternity Jean
  • 1 Old Navy Maternity Jean, slim stretch with belly band (not pictured)
  • 1 Paper Denim & Cloth Jayne wide leg, in Nautical Red
  • 1 Paper Denim & Cloth Straight leg, in Salmon (I forgot what the real name is)
  • 1 Siwy Jeans Hannah Crop, in Gray
  • 1 William Rast Sadie, in Ramblin’ Man
  • 1 J Crew denim jacket, circa 2003.

As you may notice, I have a bounty of J Crew jeans.  I started shopping at J Crew in college, and their jeans have been my go-to jeans for years.  A couple of them already exhibit roping effects at the hem, thanks to the chainstitching.  I still like J Crew’s jeans, but I’m ready to venture out more.

And the Denim Therapy questions we always ask…

Which jeans can’t you live without?
Right now, my Hudson Signature Bootcut with the back pocket flap, my J Brand straight leg, Gap straight leg jeans in white, and Paper Denim & Cloth Jayne wide legs.  All of these jeans fit really well and make my butt look awesome.  Most of my jeans have sleek, clean silhouettes, with no back pocket design.  The Gap white jeans, which I’ve had for at least five years now, temporarily takes care of my jones for white denim.  And, I love my J Brand high-waisted jeans; in these, I never have to worry about flashing a whale tail or the plumber’s crack.

If you had to sacrifice one pair to the denim gods, which pair would it be?  What if you had to sacrifice two pairs?
Ooh.  That’s a tough one.  I’ve already tossed my raggedy "car wash" Levi’s shorts from 1989 (before I knew vintage Levi’s were such a commodity).  Probably my Ann Taylor (circa 2000) black jeans.  They’re still in good shape, but the fading makes it look too acid washy for my taste.  The second pair would probably be the J Crew jeans in the loose-fitting, faded blue/gray rinse.  I wore that pair a few times, but I just don’t dig them anymore.  I do have a third pair in mind, my J Crew Japanese ringspun with the unraveling abrasions by the back pocket, but I would likely send them to Denim Therapy for repair before even considering putting it on the bonfire.

What pair of jeans do you want to add to your collection?
Definitely the hard-to-find Del Forte Denim’s Willow in white.  I love how the legs bell out gradually, and I’m totally ready for the high waisted jeans, since I have a long-ish torso.  I also have my eyes on a pair of Paige Premium Blue Heights Skinny in Supernatural, which would look great in a pair of taupe pumps; a pair of Fidelity Denim (of Canada) Scoop in Viper Rinse; and a pair of APC Standards.  I’m in experimental mode, so I really like some of the heavy, raw selvedge denims out there with bright stitching.  I also love jeans with design innovations or special treatment, like Siwy Jeans‘ shorter back leg hem (to minimize grazing of the pavement), or 7 for All Mankind’s Indianapolis wash jeans.  Furthermore, I’m seriously lacking in some decent summer-friendly, gammy denim shorts and skirts.  It’s an L.A. travesty to not be able to tan the legs!

Kathy Ng Hassan

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Posted Jul 16 2008 in Denim Fashion

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