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Green Jeans: Profile on LOVE IS Organic Denim

Photo courtesy of LOVE.

Little fashionistas and stud muffins can now get some LOVE for their closets. Greenwich, Connecticut-based LOVE children’s boutique just released their new LOVE IS Organic Denim, especially made for the youth of today! The folks at LOVE should be proud of their new children’s denim line. Their attention to details, such as no itchy tags or bothersome grommets, and its softness and natural ingredients used in the processing, shows their dedication to their young, upscale clientele with discerning tastes. First opened in 2006, founders Katie Stein and Kristin Fine went through the trouble of making sure they weren’t churning out just any organic denim line. LOVE is also “a lifestyle store created by two moms [Stein and Fine] — with seven children between them — who love great design.”

Besides jeans, the boutique carries an exclusive collection of clothing and tightly-edited stock of art work, unusual and special toys, accessories, Ducduc furniture and bedding. Check out their Robshaw bedding and Tamar Bird Cages. They believe children can appreciate good design, and it doesn’t have to come from Disney. Co-founder Kristin Fine carved out some time from her busy schedule to share a bit about her store.

“Jeans are the perfect kid clothing.”

The LOVE IS Organic Denim was born to honor what kids do best: play, create, imagine, run jump, grow. “Our jeans incorporate four essential elements: real kid comfort, genuinely wholesome organic ingredients, cuts kids will love and denim patches to extend the life of the jeans.” [Guess what, Denim Therapy can help preserve kids’ jeans, too!]

Your stylish little ones will feel special in these eco-jeans, made especially for them. “Jeans are the perfect kid clothing. The problem was in what was available as a retailer. Almost all the jean lines were shrunken down adult styles and brands, with absolutely no respect or tailoring for kids! The more we looked the more frustrated we got — the fit was terrible, the fabric was scratchy and filled with toxins — and kids couldnaˆ™t be kids!”

LOVE’s Core Denim Line
(All of them are 100% organic denim and available all year.)

  • Rock – the boys jean.
  • Acorn – the baby jean.
  • Whistle – a mini skirt.
  • Gumdrop – a standard fit with a kick at the bottom of the leg.
  • Pencil – a long very lean girls jean.

Just how organic are their jeans? The LOVE IS Organic Denim are made in India from a Certified Fair Trade Factory, and impressively, the 100% certified organic cotton, after weaving and dyeing, are again certified organic. The jeans are washed in starch and enzymes, because they are “eco-friendly as well as energy saving and totally biodegradable.” Parents know how important natural ingredients are, when it comes to anything touching their children’s delicate skin. “One of the biggest issues in the organic world right now is educating the consumer on the difference between organic cotton which is then dyed and bleached and manufactured with toxins, and 100% organic denim which is processed with only organic enzymes, processes and dyes,” says Fine.

Beyond their retail environment, LOVE conducts workshops to connect with their community. Earlier this year, they held a workshop with The Kitchen Cabinet folks, “which was about ways to improve the quality of eating with our children.”

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. Photos courtesy of LOVE.

LOVE Boutique Forecast: Fall 2008

  • Trunk Shows – beginning with Cacharel.
  • A bi-coastal jeans event.
  • Two great jacket lines for fall: 66 North is the coolest functional old school Icelandic company and ADD coats are chic and warm all at the same time.
  • Priti non-toxic nailpolishes and soy-based removers which are safe even for kids and pregnant women!
  • Klean Kanteen – stainless steel water bottles (eco-friendly!) that work with Avent nipples or sippy cup attachments.
  • Bright colors in the works.

[Side note: Is this my pseudo Gilmore Girls shopping in Stars Hollow fantasy coming to life, even though the fictional town was a suburb of Hartford?]

LOVE Boutique Forecast: Spring 2009

  • Sparkle – a white denim Capri.
  • Button – a chambray dress.
  • Butterfly – a straight jean with glitter butterflies.
  • Dirt – a loose, worn-in jean for boys with a spider below the back pocket.
  • Pebble – a pull-on light chambray for boys or girls.

If you have the chance, drop by their charming boutique! They just put up the new organic denim line out on their storefront window (pictured).

The organic denim market is not about to shrivel back into obscurity: the LOVE boutique is busy getting their orders out. If you’re nowhere near Greenwich, Connecticut, fret not. You can now get your kids some LOVE online here.

Denim Therapy readers:

Enter coupon code THERAPY08 in the shopping cart to receive a 15% discount on LOVE IS Organic Denim products! Offer ends August 27, 2008.

Kathy Ng Hassan

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