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Denim Accessory We Love: Jean Guitar Straps From Lone Wolf

Rockstars in-the-making, check out our newest denim accessory discovery! Lone Wolf Strap is an independent label producing guitar straps. Their designs feature various plaid & striped textures reminiscent of men’s shirting, and one awesome blue denim guitar strap (pictured below). You can make an order via email, and while stock is limited, they create additional product by-the-order. Whether you’re performing at festivals all summer or just starting lessons, this is one stylish accessory to your guitar that will keep the rock’n’roll spirit alive (hint: you can even add studs & a few bleach stains).


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Images via Lone Wolf Strap.

—DT Staff

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Posted Jul 05 2011 in Denim Buys » Reviews: Product
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    Denim jeans are also been use as the straps of the guitar
    where you can see that most of the straps of the guitar is already jeans. Lots
    of the people are enjoying the playing guitar and they spend most of their time
    in learning guitar.

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    While there are free tutorials and videos available online to teach you how to play the acoustic guitar, not everyone learns in the same way. Face-to-face guitar lessons give you the attention you need to build your skills. If you are researching which type of acoustic guitar lessons are for you, consider the benefits of live lessons.

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    The next step in beginner acoustic guitar lessons is to get a general feel for the guitar. Sound is created through vibrations from a guitar’s string, and every single note that you play is entirely dependent on your fingers “attack” the guitar. Use only your fingertips when playing tapping the notes on your fret board, as too much of your can mute or muffle the notes when the notes come out. The same goes for strumming. The general idea of music is to play the right notes at the right time. And that only happens when you can hit the strings at the right place and at the right time. For beginners, who do not yet have the technical ability to play advanced pieces, sound should be the main focus when playing a guitar. Try not to worry too much about your hands and fingers. Proficiency in those areas can only come from hours of practice.

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  • Peter Mason

    very rock and roll! I guess you could easily make your own too.

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