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Denim Dose: News & Links

Welcome to your morning dose of denim news, links, sales, and inside info! Catch up on what’s happening and browse our personal picks for the most interesting what-not that turns up during our morning web crawl. Got a tip you think we should include, a sale you want to share, or a style you just saw and can’t live without? Email us!


1. A behind-the-scenes style video of James Franco‘s 7 For All Mankind ad campaign (more info here) shows him chasing west-coast frivolity across a dreamlike landscape, camera poised. Beach parties, girls kissing, balloons, sparklers, and jeans are the subject matter, and while that sounds like a peter pan syndrome-style birthday party, but the results are actually very enticing. Check it out here.

2. Hudson‘s Nico is now available in a psychedelic galactic-geometric oil spill print dubbed “Neb Nebula“. We’re obsessed (and we’ll show you how to wear it, so stay tuned).

3. Paige Denim is the latest to roll out the floral print denim for spring, introducing floral styles in cropped ankle skinny jeans, a skirt, and cut-off shorts.

4. Levi’s launched their first dedicated Made & Crafted shop in their San Francisco flagship, featuring knotted rugs made with old Levi’s jeans and a merchandised evolution of the 501 jean, from the 1800s moving forward. Sounds like a denim-head’s dream.

Levi’s Store
300 Post Street
(between Stockton St & Powell St)
San Francisco, CA 94108

5. Diesel Black Gold is opening a retail location of its own in Soho, to showcase the edgy line in an environment that resembles a chic soho loft. Natural light and hardwood floors are key elements int he atmosphere. The official opening is tomorrow, and you can find it at 68 Greene Street (near the Apple store).

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Dempsey Stewart Poses In Denim For Stonefox Magazine (NSFW)

Model Dempsey Stewart causes a little wardrobe scandal in an editorial shot by Christopher Ferguson for Stonefox Magazine. Denim featured includes a pair of acid-wash skinnies by Mavi and several pieces by Wrangler, including a denim jumpsuit, destroyed denim workshirt, and shredded cut-off shorts that turn the sex appeal up to dangerous levels. Check out the full editorial below (NSFW).



Images via Fashion Gone Rogue.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Denim Dose: News & Links

Welcome to your morning dose of denim news, links, sales, and inside info! Catch up on what’s happening and browse our personal picks for the most interesting what-not that turns up during our morning web crawl. Got a tip you think we should include, a sale you want to share, or a style you just saw and can’t live without? Email us!

1. INDi Custom is running a Valentine’s day sweepstakes on facebook, where they’ll be handing out 100 gift cards valued between $25 and $100. Winners announced on V-day!

2. Sooo, we get it. Sex sells. But what do the jeans even look like in the new Replay Denim campaign? Irina Shayk is doing her sultry thing but there isn’t a single image in the campaign where you see a full length shot of the jeans.

3. Slooooowly but surely, more images of the Rihanna x Armani Jeans campaign surface.

4. Exciting news in the denim accessory world: The Earnest Sewn Co. and accessories company Tumi are teaming up to create a waxed-cotton and selvage denim bag that will launch in April. Mark your calendars.

5. Kate Bosworth is working on a denim collection with her stylist, Cher Coulter. We guess she’s inspired by JewelMint‘s success, but we wonder if we can expect anything but a spandex-blend colored denim rehash of every popular women’s jean right now. Surprise us, Kate!

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Denim Therapy’s Eric Reviews His New d.brand Raw Denim

Denim Therapy‘s newest (and funniest) team member recently discovered the joys of a crisp, new pair of raw denim thanks to the cool, Swedish, DT favorite: d. brand.  Check out Eric’s review below, and see how a six-foot-six guy goes from wearing nothing but GAP jeans to being a raw denim luvr 4 lyfe!



—Sarah Greene & Eric Schmidt

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Pippa Middleton’s Ass: New Denim Icon

We all know the awesomely daring new sister of the British monarchy gets a lot of attention for her carefree antics, crazy hats, and cool fashion sense.  But, who would have guessed that Pippa‘s most popular body part would beat out Pippa herself for the title of Denim Icon of 2011: her royal rump.  One look at these photos (and these… and these… and these), with Pip’s posterior sporting denim brands like 7 For All Mankind, Goldsign, Met, and J. Brand, and we’ve decided that we couldn’t agree more.  Now go off and spend the next hour googling all of the websites out there about Ms. Middleton and her famous fanny. You know you want to.

pippa middleton denim jean butt


—Sarah Greene

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Street Style: Blogger Jane Aldridge In Rich & Skinny Metallic Legacy Jeans

Jane Aldridge of fashion blog Sea Of Shoes has managed to keep a consistent level of great style and exciting product flowing in her blog since her rise to blogger stardom, and while her obsessions seem to be vintage clothing and (obviously) shoes, she has a keen eye for amazing jeans. Here she pairs Rich & Skinny‘s coated metallic Legacy Jean ($187—grab a pair here) with a Nordic sweater and hooded faux-fur trimmed jacket. Her Proenza boots sort of put the cherry on top of this outfit, but those on a budget, we love these black bootie heels as a substitute.

See the full look below:

jane sea of shoes metallic skinny jeans

Images via Sea Of Shoes.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Surface To Air SS’12 Women’s Features Patchwork, Colored Denim & Smart Separates

Surface To Air‘s spring 2012 collection is overflowing with great denim looks, from a cute fitted pair of dark wash patchwork jean (under a light wash oversized workshirt) to vibrant teal skinnies. Saturated medium-wash denim shorts are paired with patchwork jean jackets, and adorable centerpiece garments like a pleated denim dress and the overall lightwash one piece with black buttons keep the whole set playful and fresh. There are plenty of tailored and semi-sheer separates mixed in to tie the looks together, too. We’re digging it for spring fashion that we can wear to work, or hanging out on the weekends.



Shop Surface To Air online; Images via We Are Selecters.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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The 7 “Icons” of Wrangler Denim

When it comes to finding your perfect pair of jeans, the devil’s in the details. Little things, like the weight of the stitching and the number of belt loops, totally matter–you’re not being picky! Wrangler has paid close attention to the small touches, priding itself on seven unique “icons” that can be found on every pair of their jeans, so you can ride out and rock hard, just as the original rough-riding Western denim brand intended from the start.

1. Flat rivets
Won’t scratch your saddle
Using rivets to secure denim jeans at key points of strain helps to keep them in one piece. But the method has always caused trouble, scratching furniture, car seats and motorbike saddles. Wrangler’s smooth flat copper rivets “won’t scratch” – just as early adverts promised. They give jeans a refined aspect: more comfortable for you and whatever your rub up against.

2. Watch pocket
Keeps your coins trapped
In its earliest days, Wrangler commissioned expert tailor Ben Lichtenstein to create a range of shirts, jeans and jackets. One of “Rodeo Ben’s” initiatives was the deeper watch pocket with its curved, ergonomic shape. The pocket’s high opening along the waistband is sealed naturally by a belt. So anything you keep in there – key, coins, gum – is securely shut away.

3. Felled seams
For a more comfortable ride
Folded ridges of fabric at the seams are characteristic of jeanswear, but Wrangler makes this feature functional. By creating a downward-facing lip in the yoke above high backpockets, your wallet is held firmly inside – vital if your free-time leans to the extreme. Fully felled outseams are a signature of most Wrangler jeans. Because the seam sits flat against your inside leg, they’re more comfortable when riding. You’ll appreciate this next time you straddle your modern-day horse: a motorcycle.

4. Belt loops
Hold jeans to the waist
The 11 MW, the first Wrangler jeans, debuted in 1947 with seven belt loops. If you’ve ever worn jeans with five loops, you’ll know that the waist band slips free. Six improves things a little. But thread a Wrangler premium grade leather belt through seven belt loops and those jeans are locked to your body.

5. “W” stitching
Back pockets reinforced
Introduced in 1947, the “W” stitch is cattle-branding for jeans. Wrangler’s carry two “W’s”, embroidered onto each back pocket: initials that read “Western Wear”. Back pockets also have a tone-on-tone horizontal stitch for a second layer of fabric, reinforcing pockets from the inside. Wrangler jeans: strength throughout.

6. The patch
A unique symbol of quality
The right back pocket of Wrangler jeans has carried a patch since 1947. Initially this read “Blue Bell’s Wrangler Authentic Western Jeans”. Today, the name Wrangler stands alone, single-handedly representing tough, top-quality, authentic denim garments.

7. Rope logo
Tough outdoor denim since 1947
Wrangler’s “rope” signature is one of the ultimate icons of jeanswear. The rope was a sign of action: Wrangler jeans are designed for the outdoors, for freedom of movement, for surviving on your wits. The rope says, Wrangler is the original American outdoor denim brand.


—Brie Hiramine

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Bleulab Reversible Denim Is Releasing Metallic Snakeskin Shorts (And We Want ‘Em Bad)

When it comes to wow-factor, Bleulab Reversible Denim is on the top of everyone’s list, from the ladies in our office to celebs and downtown socialites whose style we adore. They come out with intense combos, like acid wash lace print on one side, and coated pink waxy finish on the other (think splash of Pepto-Bismol on a lacy dress, except you’re wearing it, and it’s gorgeous). When we caught a glimpse of what they’ve got in store for next season, we had cartoon-hearts in our eyes. After covering basic trends like animal prints and faux-skins in the fall line, they went all-out superstar with metallic silver, cracker leather, and electric red. But it’s not all novelty: they’re offering a perfect dark-wash flare leg jean.

For spring, the palette goes saturated and light with electric candy colors like violet and lime. Shorts are printed in florals and oversized houndstooth. Snakeskin reappears in a lighter, cropped style. Light wash jeans and acid wash are rampant (and look amazing). And don’t forget—every jean has a totally different interior for flipping inside-out and wearing all over again. Two amazing pairs of jeans for the price of one. Our absolute favorite? This shimmering line of metallic teal and violet snakeskin shorts. We are literally clawing at our laptop screens.

bleulab reversible denim metallic coated jeans fall spring

bleulab reversible denim metallic coated jeans fall spring

Check out more of the Bleulab collection below!


—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Is This The Ugliest Denim Bag Ever?

We love Diesel. Don’t get us wrong. And we usually jump all over Diesel jeans, their denim dresses, and their super cool urban accessories. But the latest release in the realm of totes & carry-ons from Diesel Island is iffy. And by iffy, we mean… ugly. Maybe it’s the shape of the bag against the akward contour, the handle bases being too close together, the awkward DIY-esque placement of the studs, or the feeling that too many ideas were crammed into one design. In any case, we won’t be buying this one. The line they belong to, dubbed “The Divina”, are available in three styles and fabrications, and $350—$440.

diesel ugly denim bag fall 2011

Sorry Diesel! We still love you!

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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