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Belt Loop Repair: Before & After

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A Dramatic Crotch Hole Repaired By Denim Therapy

This epic crotch hole came into our office recently, badly in need of some expert denim repair. If you’ve got a favorite pair of jeans, you know how quickly the crotch and inner thigh regions can wear thin. Luckily, we made the problem go away and reinforced the whitened, weak perimeter of the damage. Check out the before and after below:


Learn more about Denim Therapy’s expert repair services and send us your jeans for alteration, hole fixing, or hardware replacement. We do it all, so your favorite jeans never have to expire.

—DT Staff

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Posted Feb 17 2014 in Ask the Denim Therapist » Denim Therapy

A Feminine Way To Wear A Denim Jumpsuit

It’s no secret we’re daydreaming about spring, and warmer climate-centered blogs are an easy way to escape when the snow is falling outside our office window. Viva Luxury is one of our favorites, and we’re sort of obsessed with this denim jumpsuit look. The secret to wearing this tricky garment in a feminine way? A pair of huge colored gem earrings and a pair of heels.


Image via Viva Luxury.

Will you be rocking this look in the spring?

—DT Staff

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Posted Feb 12 2014 in Denim Therapy » Denim Tips

Personalize Your Jeans With This Denim DIY Project

Anthro Blog posted a cool way to personalize your denim this winter, using either thick thread hand stitching or fabric paint and stencil. We love the idea of adding a personal touch to our favorite baby blues. Check out the whole DIY.


Of course, if you want this effect without the work, you can send your jeans to use and use our awesome monogramming service!

—DT Staff

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Posted Jan 29 2014 in Denim DIY » Denim Therapy

How To Wear White Jeans In The Winter

Whether you call it snow day camouflage, winter whites, or the ski bunny uniform: wearing white in the winter is a chic statement for sure. But how to mix things up and add some edge? We love this styling tip: Layer some white deconstructed denim jeans over a pair of pop color or patterned leggings. Aside from keeping you warm, this will add some serious depth to your look.

FRAME Denim Le Color Rip Skinny Jeans + Topshop Dark Floral Velvet Leggings


Of course, if you don’t want holes in your jeans but inconveniently find them there, we can repair them for you.

Stay warm!

—DT Staff

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Posted Jan 27 2014 in Denim Therapy » Denim Tips

A Back Pocket Repair That Could Save Your Loose Change

iPhone burning a hole in your pocket? Yeah, we get the newest model every time one drops too. And we know one issue they haven’t solved: a phone that doesn’t destroy denim fibers after months of wear.

We see a lot of jeans come through our repair shop with holes in the pockets. Sometimes the pattern of wear is shaped like a wallet, sometimes a phone, sometimes a pair of keys. Whatever’s wrecking the denim on your backside, we’ll keep those holes from getting any bigger.

Check out this repair job we did for one happy customer, who won’t be losing any more change:

back-pocket-denim-rip (2)

back-pocket-denim-rip (1)

Learn more about Denim Therapy’s expert repair services and send us your jeans for alteration, hole fixing, or hardware replacement. We do it all, so your favorite jeans never have to expire.

—DT Staff

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Posted Jan 20 2014 in Ask the Denim Therapist » Denim Therapy

4 Amazing Things We Can Do For Your Jeans

Denim mishaps can put a serious damper in your day… especially if it’s a huge crotch hole in your favorite jeans in this kind of weather. Don’t let an emergency of this nature impact your winter style. Check out some of the amazing denim repair and alteration services we offer.

Step on your hems all day? Hems can wear thin and create a tear or hole. We can reconstruct them. We offer a variety of hemming techniques, including an original hem, a regular hem, and a chain stitched hem.  Click here to get your hems repaired now.


We can fix all of your holes and tears. Be it prolonged wear, an unfortunate snag, or a specific stress point, our denim doctors can repair it. Holes in your crotch? We’ll help keep you decent. The crotch area is the most common stress point on pants, and our most common repair. We also do reinforcing. Click here to get the holes in your jeans repaired now.


Buttons or rivets fall off? Break your zipper? We can help. We can replace buttons and rivets with durable generics. It is usually impossible to reuse your original buttons or rivets, as once they have been used, the internal mechanics prevent them from being able to be reused. We also repair zippers and convert one fly type to another. Click here to get your fly repaired now!


Pregnant? Let us introduce you to our new maternity service. Pick your own favorite figure enhancing jeans. Denim Therapy will work their magic by inserting expandable side inseams to move and grow with you. Once you’ve brought yourself back to your pre-baby figure, Denim Therapy will restore your jeans back to their pre-baby form. Click here to get your jeans maternity-ready!


See more of our services here.

—DT Staff


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Posted Jan 09 2014 in Ask the Denim Therapist » Denim Therapy

How Not To Freeze During Polar Vortex

Refinery29 has a fantastic outfit guide this morning, detailing a few ways you can look totally chic and not freeze to death. We showed you which jeans to wear, now take it a step further by copying some of these below zero-ready looks!

“We walked inside 20 minutes ago, and we still can’t feel our fingers and toes. Our hot coffees are now iced coffees. There are icicles hanging from our heads where there should be hair. We know you feel us — it’s effin’ COLD out there. Like, can’t-feel-your-face, walk-backwards-to-avoid-the-wind cold…” (Read more)


Image via Refinery29.

—DT Staff

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Posted Jan 08 2014 in Denim Therapy » Denim Tips

Happy Holidays From Denim Therapy!

The entire Denim Therapy team would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season! We’re so grateful for our loyal customers and readers, and we can’t wait to continue our relationship with you in 2014. Here’s to a healthy, happy holiday.

And remember, if the zipper breaks on your favorite jeans due to holiday dessert indulging, we’ll be here for you.

—DT Staff

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Posted Dec 23 2013 in Denim Therapy

A No-Stress Way To Remove Odor From Jeans

Need to remove the odor from a pair of jeans so you can rock them at all of your holiday gatherings this year? Yeah, that’s right, we know you’re going to wear your favorite pair to literally every social function you’re invited to. Don’t let the stank ruin your festive swagger! While you’re buzzing about doing last minute holiday tasks,dampen your jeans in water. Then, hang them out on the laundry line and let the fresh air penetrate them. Spritz them a few times with Febreeze, and bring them inside at the end of the day.

denim tip remove odor from jeans

Image source.

Don’t have a laundry line? Put them on a pant hanger (clipped, not folded) and find a trusty non-sappy tree branch to hang them from. Presto. Just be sure to check the weather first!

—DT Staff

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Posted Dec 19 2013 in Denim Therapy » Denim Tips

A Holiday Miracle? This Is One Epic Crotch Repair

Is it a holiday miracle, or just seasoned denim repair experts that made this repair job come together so seamlessly? We’ll go with the latter! We received this devastated pair of jeans recently that looked like they’d been in an unfortunate knife fight in the crotch region (yikes). But denim lovers know the crotch can wear and tear quicker than any other part of the jean. We were prepared to embark on a rescue mission that has, indeed, ended happily. Scroll to see the after.

denim-repair-before-after (1)

denim-repair-before-after (2)

Learn more about Denim Therapy’s expert repair services and send us your jeans for alteration, hole fixing, or hardware replacement. We do it all, so your favorite jeans never have to expire.

—DT Staff

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Posted Dec 05 2013 in Ask the Denim Therapist » Denim Therapy
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