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Denim Therapy X PRPS

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Denim Therapy X PRPS

Denim Therapy X PRPS japanese denim calendar by Donwan Harrell

Happy 2016 everyone! Denim Therapy is officially a decade old. Since 2006 our founder, Francine Rabinovich, has turned a labor of love into a business known internationally, recognized by Vogue, and recommended in the Wall Street Journal. Over the years we have had the honor of working with giants in the industry and our latest collaborator is no exception. In celebration of our 10 year anniversary we teamed up with fellow Garment District neighbor and longtime friend of the company Donwan Harell of PRPS. PRPS’s slogan is Bruised Never Broken and their designs illustrate Harell’s appreciation for the beauty of aged denim. We bonded over the stories distressed jeans carry with them. It should be no surprise that the Denim Therapy team believes with more repair comes more unique character, and the more unique character the better.

We have teamed up with PRPS to create a limited edition collectible 2016 wall calendar. The calendar is made of a 82 x 35 cm swath of 15 oz Kaihara raw denim. It has two brass eyelets for hanging, silkscreened design, selvedge side, and neatly hemmed bottom. Quantities are extremely limited as a run of only 200 were manufactured by PRPS. The calendars will be given to our friends and a select group of loyal customers in honor of our 10 year anniversary.

–Emily B. McIntosh


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DT Loves: ASOS Marketplace

After years of public school education the association between September and that back-to-school anticipation has been burnt onto our synapses. This antsy feeling often results in a strong compulsion to get prepared for the changes autumn brings, in other words, binge-shopping. The women on the Denim Therapy team always turn first to ASOS to satisfy this urge. The UK online retailer started in 2000 and launched ASOS Marketplace in 2010. This new expansion to their site serves as a platform for independent boutiques to sell their goods. We try to support our fellow small businesses whenever we can and ASOS Marketplace is a pretty good place to start if you like the styles the online giant sells. Check out our favorite denim pieces for fall sold on the Marketplace below.


ASOS denim crop tops

Left: Denim Crop Top by Mint Vintage, Right: Denim Crop Top by House of Jam


ASOS denim shirt denim jacket

Left: Reworked Denim Jacket by Avelinas Vintage, Right: Dark Denim BF Shirt by Cherry Cameto


ASOS denim jumper denim dress

Left: Buckle Pinafore Dress by Re:Dream, Right: Button Down Mini Dress by Vulgar


Emily B. McIntosh


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Denim Therapy Repairs A Waistband

We know what it’s like to walk around with a ripped up hem or a pocket hole, but some denim repairs are mandatory. The waistband tear may seem like a fork in life of your favorite jeans, but thanks to us, it doesn’t have to be. We recently repaired a pair of jeans with a gaping hole in the waistband. Check it out below.


Learn more about Denim Therapy’s expert repair services and send us your jeans for alteration, hole fixing, or hardware replacement. We do it all, so your favorite jeans never have to expire.

—DT Staff

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Customer Review: Nicci of A Different Face

Nicci is the brain behind the blog A Different Face. She works in the tech industry with a background in art, which arms her with the perfect combination of experiences for well-informed beauty reviews and tips. Nicci recently used Denim Therapy for a crotch repair on her favorite pair of J.Crew Matchsticks. She says, “Possibly my favorite jeans ever are an ancient pair of J.Crew Matchsticks. I found them in my local consignment shop and they fit perfectly. And when I say perfect, I mean that. […] The more important thing to me is that I don’t want similar jeans, I want my jeans.” Well put!

Check out Nicci’s full in-depth review of our crotch repair at A Different Face. All photos credited to

Post-op photo of Nicci’s jeans with crotch darning by Denim Therapy below.

denim repair

A peak at the thin gauze on the inside of the repair used for extra support and a soft feel.

denim repair

J Crew




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How To Wear Denim To The Office

It’s the age old question for professionals who love to wear denim on their off-hours: How to wear denim to the office without inching too close to breaking office dress code? Luckily we’ve uncovered this handy guide to wearing jeans to work by the style buffs at R29, who recommend sleek, dark wash denim in a variety of silhouettes, from denim skirts to flare leg jeans. Get the full story for more.


Images via Refinery29

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How To Use Destroyed Denim Into A Luxe Look

Have you ever imagined wearing a ripped up pair of destroyed denim jean cut-off shorts to the office? It’s completely possible to use something as rebel-inspired and edgy as cut-off shorts in a luxe look. It’s all about the way you style, as The Marcy Stop teaches us in a recent blog post. Pairing those shredded shorts with a white modern blazer, a gold necklace and a tucked-in tank takes the whole concept to  a new level. If this is against dress code, we don’t wanna be right.


Image via The Marcy Stop.

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Denim Therapy Featured in Glamour

Frayed hems and ultra-long wide-leg pants are back in vogue again, but what’s a girl to do when your hems get that grungy, unintentionally frayed look? The ladies at Glamour Magazine decided the best solution is to ask Denim Therapy! Our founder, Francine Rabinovich, explained, “For simple fraying around the hem, we can always clean that up by cutting away the excess strands or even rehemming.” Francine explains the process of hem reconstruction and more in the full article on Glamour Magazine’s site.

blonde salad
Photo via



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Denim Therapy Fixes A Big Hole In The Knee

Ouch! This customer either has some sharp knees or they took a tumble. Either way, we came to the rescue and they were thrilled with the results. Denim Therapy offers expert denim repair services for your favorite jeans. Check out these before & after shots.

denim-therapy-before-after-review-ripped-jeans (1)

denim-therapy-before-after-review-ripped-jeans (2)

denim-therapy-before-after-review-ripped-jeans (4)

denim-therapy-before-after-review-ripped-jeans (3)

Learn more about Denim Therapy’s expert repair services and send us your jeans for alteration, hole fixing, or hardware replacement. We do it all, so your favorite jeans never have to expire.

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Everything You Need To Know About Women’s Jeans

All the conflicting denim advice out there can really confuse a girl. Denim in the oven? Denim in the snow? Don’t wash, wash with vinegar, dry clean only? It’s a lot. Luckily, StyleCaster posted “12 Denim Tips Every Girl Should Know: How To Wash Jeans, Break Them In, and Fold Them Like a Pro“. Need we say more? Click through and get schooled from head to toe on women’s jeans.

everything you need to know about your jeans

Image via StyleCaster.

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A Moment Of Silence For This Denim Therapy Customer’s Crotch

We’re not gonna lie. We love our own before and after photos of our denim repair service. We try to capture as much of the interesting/fun/crazy wear-and-tear as possible before it gets handed over to our denim doctors, so we can show you guys what the team is working on. Once in a while though, a repair job comes along that’s intense enough to deserve a moment of silence.

This is one such repair job:

denim therapy crotch hole repair

So please, a moment of silence for this customer’s crotch.






Thank you.

And you’ll be happy to know this story has a happy ending.

denim therapy crotch hole repair

Learn more about Denim Therapy’s expert repair services and send us your jeans for alteration, hole fixing, or hardware replacement. We do it all, so your favorite jeans never have to expire.

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