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Jeans Review: Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny Legging in Paige Blue

As you may recall, Paige Denim has a new look and they’ve launched so many great styles for Spring 2012, including their trademark Paige Blue hue.   Our writer Kathy, isn’t used to wearing a lot of bright colors, but her favorite color happens to be blue, so she gave the Verdugo Ultra Skinny Legging in Paige Blue a shot.  See her review of the style below.

Kathy reviews the Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny Legging in Paige Blue.


What was your first thought when you tried them on?

They fit really well on me and surprisingly, for a denim legging, I loved that it sort of gives me a lift, if you know what I mean.

Where/when would you wear these?

They’re very comfortable and I see so many possibilities with them.  You can wear them with a bright top for a daytime street style look, or you can go rocker with a black leather jacket and boots for an evening out in Hollywood.  I’m excited to see more jeans styles made in Paige Blue!

How’s the fit?

I love the fact that the jeans didn’t choke my knees, and the inseam (at 30″) is perfect for flats or ankle boots.  The jeans feel really soft and there’s just enough stretch for mobility; and, it recovers to keep everything in its place.

Love these jeans? Grab your pair of The Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny Legging jean in Paige Blue ($179) at Paige online or similar colors at REVOLVE Clothing.   Jeans courtesy of Paige.


—DT Staff

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MC Reviews The MiH Jeans Flare-Leg Marrakesh In Reed

Our editor Michelle Christina branched out into new territory recently: flare leg jeans revival. Reluctant at first to try the re-born trend out (middle school memories are not exactly incentive, you see), she had a change of heart upon seeing the gorgeous MiH Jeans Marrakesh mid-rise kick flare in Reed wash. See her review of the style below.



What was your first thought when you tried them on?

It took a minute to get used to the flare legs after so many years of being a devout skinny jean fan, but as soon as I put heels on I felt better about them. Immediately I loved the high waist and the luxe, soft, amazing fabrication. MiH is really known for incredible, comfortable fabrics and this is no exception.

Where/when would you wear these?

These are probably going to be my summer go-to jeans for the beach, BBQ’s, and more casual outings. I like how they look with heels but I used Denim Therapy’s hemming service to shorten them to the perfect length (so they work heels or with my moccasins). I can imagine wearing them with big loose-knit sweaters or even just a bikini top.

How’s the fit?

Incredible. They’re one of the best fitting pairs of jeans I’ve ever tried on. Super flattering, stretch where it counts, the right amount of snugness in the hips. I loved that they didn’t stretch out during the course of the day. Now that I know how amazing the Marrakesh fits me personally, I think I’ll be investing in a few more washes.


Love these jeans? Grab your pair of MiH Jeans Marrakesh mid-rise kick flares!

Photos by Raffael Flores-Contreras.

—DT Staff

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Raffa Reviews OPENMARKET Men’s Straight Leg Green Jeans

Last week we showed you Eric’s take on his red straight-leg OPENMARKET jeans, and this week it’s Raffael’s turn. Self-proclaimed denimist, this are his first pair of men’s colored jeans.  He opted for a pair in “dirty mint” wash (which is more on the pastel side of olive green). His reactions are below.



What was your first thought when you tried them on?

Smooth denim and nice fit! I also like the pocket shape and clean finishing. The pocket is actually double (an inset pocket with a patch pocket sewn on top, but it’s not bulky). The top stitching in red is a nice touch.

Where/when would you wear these?

Since spring is around the corner, I’m thinking I’ll be wearing these all the time! To picnics, the beach, the park, around Brooklyn. They’re comfortable, I could wear them pretty much anywhere.

How’s the fit?

I like the way fits me on the waist and the legs. I’ll use our tailoring service to taper them a bit, so the cuff looks more clean (I always cuff my jeans). Speaking of which, the white merrow stitch on the green denim that’s exposed when I cuff them is cool too.


Love these jeans? Check out OPENMARKET!

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Eric Reviews OPENMARKET Men’s Straight Leg Red Jeans

DT’s Eric recently pulled on his first pair of OPENMARKET jeans (the K1 tailored straight leg jean in red), and he’s here to tell you all about it. OPENMARKET is an LA-based men’s denim and knit basics brand—we showed you their rugged lookbook last week. Eric had been searching for a pair of red jeans for a while, and now that he has himself a pair, he’ll tell you what he thinks.



What was your first thought when you tried them on?

They seriously kick ass. These are my first pair of jeans that aren’t black, blue or gray… so I was extremely excited to get them.

Within an hour of wearing them, I received compliments from customers who demanded to know where I got these awesome jeans. I’ll never forget the day I got them- it was a Friday. On the way to the bar, after work, people couldn’t help but stare at them as I passed by on the sidewalk. It didn’t stop there. Everyone at the bar was asking about my awesome new pair of red jeans.

Where/when would you wear these?

I will probably wear these all the time. They are surprisingly versatile forsuch a bold color and they go really well with my favorite blue sweater. I wore themto the bar, the beer garden and some non-alcoholic venues like work. They are sharp looking for a night out and comfortable enough to just wear around the house.

How’s the fit?

I’m 6’6 and pretty tough to please when it comes to size and fit, but these jeans look and feel amazing. They are a slim fit, but they don’t feel tight. I really don’t think I’ve ever had a pair of jeans that fit so ideally on my stature.

One of the best things about the jeans are the back pockets: the intricate detail in the stitching catches the eye and let’s you know that these are quality. I now know the joy of having red jeans, and look forward to adding more color to my wardrobe!

Stay tuned for Raffa’s review of his OPENMARKET jeans in dirty mint.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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$20 Denim = Too Good To Be True? MC Reviews H&M Colored Skinny Jeans

If you’ve walked into H&M recently you’ve seen campaigns for $20 colored skinny jeans in saturated hues of pink, blue, and green. The stacks of jeans have been ravaged by customers determined to find out whether they can forgo the $100+ price tag of denim’s most prominent trend for spring by way of fast-fashion shortcut. Equally curious, we grabbed a pair of primary blue and hot pink jeans from the pile and took them home. Here’s how they stacked up:



Primary Blue H&M Skinny Jeans

mc-colored-skinny-jeans-blue-hm (1)

What was your first thought when you tried them on? “The sizes run big”, was my first thought. I buy a lot of denim shorts form H&M, not usually jeans. These felt a full size bigger than their tag indicated. Second thought: they’re kind of crispy. I don’t like how the fabrication feels at all.

Where/when would you wear these? Blue is probably the more versatile of the two colors to style. I wore them running errands for half the day with a red tank top and my favorite Levi’s orange tab denim jacket. Of the two styles, I would designate this one as a daytime jean.

How’s the fit? The high-waist is a plus, but by the time I had worn them for about four hours, they were stretched to almost two sizes too big (not cool).


Hot Pink H&M Skinny Jeans

mc-colored-skinny-jeans-pink-hm (1)


What was your first thought when you tried them on? For whatever reason, the pink jeans (bought in the numeric size—and I had to double check that they were indeed the same), fit so much more true-to-size than the blue. The fit was about 70% more immediately satisfying.

Where/when would you wear these? Pink is a great hue for the colder months leading up to spring. Big sweaters, layered knits, and neutral hues come to mind. I wore them with my stand-by Levi’s red tab denim jacket (thumb holes convenient but unintentional—this one’s pretty old). I would taper the ankles before wearing them with heels, but that’s another option.

How’s the fit? High waist = once again a major plus. And the pink fit far better than the blue, despite being the same size. They’re a little too wide at the ankles (which is a quick fix if you want to send yours in to Denim Therapy—you can bet I will).


The verdict: if you’re looking for a pair of jeans that will last you more than one season and will fit you more or less the same in the evening as they did in the morning, invest in a good pair of jeans from a brand like Joe’s Jeans, Current/Elliott, Genetic Denim, or any of our other top shelf fav’s.

But if you’re not sure you’ll be digging the colored skinny jean trend in a couple months and you just want to test the waters, these are a fun pair of jeans to style and experiment with. I recommend buying them one size small.


Photos by Raffael Flores-Contreras.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Check Out All These Colors In The Dylan George Spring Women’s Line!

There are no shortage of places to source colored denim these days, but who’s complaining? Dylan George sent us these shots of their intense spectrum of beautiful, saturated denim cut-off shorts and the first thing we thought was “Omg, taste the rainbow… errr, wear the rainbow”! They’re cuffed once to highlight the frayed edge and feature clean, no-flap back pockets. You can style these to turn out a look that’s popstar-playful, evening-sleek, or rock’n'roll. We’ll show you our favorite colors and how we’re planning to style them soon.

Dylan George Colored Denim Women's Shorts Spring 2012

Dylan George Colored Denim Women's Shorts Spring 2012

Keep up with Dylan George premium denim online!

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Minor Details: WGACA Men’s Chambray Workshirts #projectshow

While known for sourcing some of NYC’s downtown crowd’s most coveted vintage denim, What Goes Around Comes Around is also responsible for a core collection of handsome basics that pay homage to Americana style. The latest in their menswear collection revealed soft chambray button-down workshirts with subtle details like pin stripes, nautical anchors, and polka-dots. We can see these looking great under roomy wool sweaters or tailored vests.


Like what you see? You can shop WGACA’s collection online while you’re waiting for these staples to hit the market.

Photos by Raffael Flores-Contreras.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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d.brand Releases A Mustard Yellow Skinny Jean For Fall 2012 #projectshow

There’s been a lot of yellow denim dying lately, with new buttery-hued styles from Rag & Bone, Textile, and more. d.brand is taking a different route with a rich mustard yellow skinny jean, faded slightly on the  thigh and featuring a button-up fly front. We love the subtle distressing that sets this pair of jeans apart from its more evenly colored cousins, giving them an earthy tumeric yellow look. Perfect for styling with high-contrast cobalt blue, black, or a more subtle light-wash denim workshirt, they’re a perfect statement making skinny for your fall 2012 wardrobe. We can’t wait to get our hands on a pair.

d.brand yellow skinny jeans

d.brand sweden ny yellow skinny jeans

Visit d.brand online.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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BLK DNM Perfume 11 Review #projectshow

Johan Lindeberg’s BLK DNM scent, Perfume 11, is described as a unisex scent embodying “black amber, birch tar, and soft musks (base notes) blend with incense, fir balsam (mid notes) and finally cardamom (top notes) to create a peppery blend.” These scents, say Lindeberg, are based on various memories (women) from his past. But what does it really smell like? The Denim Therapy team tried it out. Three out of three present team members agreed, it reminds one immediately of juniper trees. And we like it.

Johan Lindeberg blk dnm  perfume

Get your bottle at BLK DNM.

—DT Staff

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MC Reviews d.brand Acid Wash Skinny Jeans

New Year, New Jeans! That’s what we thought while we were browsing our closets this morning, wondering what we should wear on the first official work day of 2012. Our blog editor MC chose a pair of d.brand acid wash skinny jeans—her favorite pair of the moment. Below, she reveals a more detailed explanation of why she wants to wear them all week.


What was your first thought when you tried them on? My first thought was, these look awesome with everything in my closet, and I am probably going to wear them all week.

Where/when would you wear these? I wore them to the d.brand x DT party we had before Xmas, and got so many compliments on pairing them with this navy sheer lace top. Today I’m going to wear them to run errands and they’re comfortable enough to hang out doing work in. They’re definitely not pajamas though—they’re stiffer than a spandex-blend jean.

How’s the fit? I wouldn’t mind a slightly higher waist, but nothing is hanging out, so we’re good to go. I think they make my legs look thinner despite the light wash.


Check out d.brand on facebook for the latest on where to buy. Photos by Raffael Flores-Contreras.

—DT Staff

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