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Acid Wash, Studs & Ombre: Kill City Jeans Spring 2012 #projectshow

Studs, fringe, ombre, stars & stripes… list these elements in a row and you might imagine the ultimate overkill, but Kill City Jeans has mastered the art of quintessential rock’n’roll. Their denim, 80% of which is manufactured domestically, is shredded, studded, dyed, and treated to appeal to your inner badass. Both sexes are treated to plenty of color and texture (with the colors desaturated and the texture well-played), and more basic washes for days where you don’t feel like dressing for a music video.

The men’s line comes in three basic fits and features wax coats, reverse mineral wash, and distressed yarn-dyed styles. The women’s line is a bit more playful, including (our favorite) purple ombre cut-off shorts, ready to be DIY’d (they even come with a bag of studs). Best sellers like the navajo print and stars & stripes jeans continue to lead the collection, but this is a good place to start if you’re looking to expand way beyond the generic blue jean for spring this year.

[nggallery id=958]


Photos by Raffael Flores-Contreras.

Check out Kill City Jeans online.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Denim Therapy’s Eric Reviews His New d.brand Raw Denim

Denim Therapy‘s newest (and funniest) team member recently discovered the joys of a crisp, new pair of raw denim thanks to the cool, Swedish, DT favorite: d. brand.  Check out Eric’s review below, and see how a six-foot-six guy goes from wearing nothing but GAP jeans to being a raw denim luvr 4 lyfe!



—Sarah Greene & Eric Schmidt

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David Kahn’s Spring 2012 Lookbook Is All About Color & Texture

The new lookbook for David Kahn Jeans has two notable themes: color and texture. The brands serves up California-friendly styles that style-hungry New York women won’t be able to resist, from floral print cut-off shorts to patch work jeans and a range of colored skinny jeans (available in both pastel and vibrant, saturated hues). While they’re riding the alternative-denim wave, there are also plenty of more modest, classic options like dark wash skinnies, medium-wash cropped jeans, and un-intrusive flare legs.

See more below.

[nggallery id=949]


—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow: Bella Dahl Spring 2012 Preview

Colored denim isn’t going anywhere this spring. The opposite is true. Brands are releasing colored denim in so many choices, it’s becoming almost impossible to pick. One brand that’s not helping to quell this denim-collecting desire is Bella Dahl. But it’s not just the colors that have us craving their jeans. They pride themselves on soft-touch fabrications, meaning you can spend all day in their spectrum of brights and you’ll have both your style and your comfort down. Aside from brightly colored denim shorts, they’re also offering a few wishlist-worthy chambray pieces, like a strapless dress and chambray lounge pants with a braided denim belt. We snuck a peak at their spring 2012 collection and posted some of our favorite styles below.

bella dahl spring 2012 preview colored denim

bella dahl spring 2012 preview colored denim 2

bella dahl spring 2012 preview colored denim 3

bella dahl spring 2012 preview colored denim 4

[nggallery id=946]


Check Bella Dahl out on facebook!

—Michelle Christina Larsen


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Mother Denim Spring 2012 Showroom Preview

Set apart by their subtle “M” back pocket embroidery and a range of super clean designs, Mother Denim is the product of designer Tim Kaeding‘s thought process over the years (his great ideas, he explained to DT, that didn’t get through the “big brand muck”). When we dropped by their showroom to preview the spring 2012 line, we were met with racks of classic medium-to-dark wash styles in skinny, boyfriend, and bell-bottom alongside rich colors and contour waist bands. These jeans don’t take many risks—they’ll be a perfect fit for what already exists in your closet. Check out some of our favorite styles below.


mother-denim-spring-2012-preview (19)

mother-denim-spring-2012-preview (11)

[nggallery id=938]


—Michelle Christina Larsen

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We Preview The Holiday & Spring 2012 Collections At Siwy Denim

We had a visit at the Siwy Denim showroom last week to browse the holiday and spring lines. As usual, Siwy is doing something different than the rest, with head-turning sequins, exciting textures, pop-colors, and lace-applique. They’re our go-to line forcut-off shorts (remember the shorts we’re psyched about wearing this spring?) and the minty/fruity hues that are set to hit stores in the spring have us wanting to turn the clock forward. Check out our favorite picks from the holiday & spring lines below.

[nggallery id=932]


Photos by Raffael Flores-Contreras.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Wrangler’s 7 Icons: Easy Ways To Recognize Great Denim

When it comes to classic denim, look no further than Wrangler. The brand started in 1904 with the  Hudson Overall Company, a denim manufacturer. Over time and after many name changes, Wrangler came to be in the 1940s. And when you’re a brand as legendary as Wrangler, you want your denim to be known for what it is–that’s why these 7 icons make it so easy to spot these great quality jeans:


1. Flat Rivets: Rivets make sure that your denim stays together through the daily wear and tear you put it through, but ones that aren’t flat can be really uncomfortable! Wrangler solves that problem with a flat style so this won’t ever be an issue again.

2. Watch Pocket: Originally designed by expert tailor Ben Lichtenstein, this watch pocket was deeper than others and makes sure that no matter what you put in it is staying right where you want it.

3. Felled Seams: While the comfort that was originally sought from the seam sitting flat against your leg came from the popularity of horseback riding, nowadays it is just as important. After all, who knows what kind of situation  you will get yourself into, especially when wearing jeans as great as these.

4. Belt Loops: Unlike other brands, Wrangler jeans have seven belt loops opposed to common five. These two extra belt loops ensure your jeans stay in place, all the time.

5. “W” Stitching”: On the back of every pair of Wrangler jeans, you can find two “w”s stitched on the pockets for “Western Wear”. There is also a second layer of fabric stitched into the back pocket, so you know these jeans are made to last.

6.The Patch: When these jeans were first being made, you could find a patch that says “Blue Bell’s Wrangler Authentic Western Jeans” on the back right pocket, but today just the name Wrangler will be found. Simple, but powerful.

7. Rope logo: The rope logo signifies everything that Wrangler is–tough, lasting denim that is up for anything. Denim for the adventurer, no matter what the situation.

See them in order, below:

[nggallery id=924]


These seven icons can still be found on Wrangler jeans today, and we like to think that when it comes to something that has stayed the same for this long…well why fix something that isn’t broken.


Images via Denim Blog.

Elyssa Linden

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Renee Reviews Williamsburg Garment Co. Skinny Jeans

We introduced you to Williamsburg Garment Co. this fall—the brand that’s committed to the highest possible quality at the lower possible price in a unique business model discussed in our Q&A with founder and designer Maurice Malone (check out the Q&A if you missed it). Renee tried on a few pairs of WGC skinny jeans to give you the inside review on what to expect from this Brooklyn-born denim brand.

What was your first thought when you tried them on? The three pairs of jeans come with refreshingly different details. The light pair have interesting details around the leg, giving them a motorcycle feel. The medium pair are my first pair of ankle jeans, which are very in right now. The darkest pair are a nice, solid wash that give a great sheen.

Where/when would you wear these? The three different washes and styles allow for a lot of wardrobe versatility. I’d wear the lighter pair during the day (summer or winter, accessories can carry these throughout the year), and the darker could pass for nightlife wear. 

How’s the fit? A little on the tight side, but the stretch allows for that. At 5’8″, I’m not short, but I wish these came cut slightly longer! Overall, great jeans for the near-factory-direct price the brand aims for.

Renee in Williamsburg Garment Co. Light wash Twist Jeans “Chrissy” ($106)

Light wash Twist Jeans

Renee in Williamsburg Garment Co. Super Skinny Jeans in Blue Wash ($98)

Renee in Williamsburg Garment Co. Skinny Jeans in Dark Dip ($98)

Exclusively available at…

OPENING CEREMONY (New York & Los Angeles)

TG-170 ( New York)

BROOKLYN DENIM CO (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

SUGARCUBE® (Philadelphia, PA)

Online Store:

—Michelle Christina Larsen & Renee Sykes

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Skulls, Color, & Classics Up Next For Blank NYC Denim

From what we saw while previewing the Blank NYC spring 2012 line, the brand intends to keep it rock’n’roll with destroyed denim (we loved their super-short white shredded cut-offs) and even some whimsical, skull-shaped studs. They showed us a pair of black jeans with destroyed back pockets and ghastly little faces partially lining the contour (the missing studs are intentional and create the look of worn-in-beat-up).  The cut-offs were adorned with boho belts, and in a more preppy turn of aesthetics, pastel denim was abound. Two picks we adored were the pastel denim pencil skirts. They also showed classics like basic washes in your standard styles and a covetable denim workshirt.

blank nyc denim preview spring 2012

blank nyc denim preview spring 2012

blank nyc denim preview spring 2012

[nggallery id=890]


—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Stitch’s Jeans Bring Color Full Spectrum For Spring 2012

Stitch’s Jeans opted for jewel tone colored denim for spring in bright, saturated hues that are ideal for bright summer styling. With a decidedly West Coast feel, the line features playful overalls, above-the-knee cut-off shorts, cuffed/cropped jeans that mimic chinos, and of course, super short-shorts with super-frayed hems. Aside from this array of whimsical colors, Stitch’s Jeans offers neutral basics and darker washes in your standard styles. You can shop their collection online to get a head start on your spring wardrobe.

stitch's jeans denim spring 2012 colored

Stitch's Jeans colored denim spring 2012

Stitch's Jeans colored denim spring 2012

Stitch's Jeans colored denim spring 2012

[nggallery id=878]


—Michelle Christina Larsen

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