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Denim Fashion: Hell’s Angels Biker Chicks

With all the craze surrounding the return to ’70s fashions, flared jeans and vintage denim, we thought we’d revisit an iconic look, made notorious by the Hell’s Angels biker bang from the 1960s, and solidified into pop culture thanks to a slew of biker genre movies such as Wild Angels (1966) and Easy Rider (1969).  We’ve seen plenty of how the Hell’s Angels gang members dressed back then, but little is known on how the ladies dressed.  To fit in, many ladies dressed the same as the men: black jeans, double denim looks with sleeves sometimes ripped off.  The notion of a biker chick has changed over the years and there are more style options: moto jeggings, Alexander McQueen skull jewelry, etc.  How would you rock your moto style?

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Images via LIFE online and IMDB online.

—Kathy Ng Hassan


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Posted Oct 28 2011 in Denim Fashion

Artisan De Luxe Spring/Summer 2012 Women’s Collection: All The Leather, Denim, & Detailing You Need

First off, we just have to say that we LOVE the Artisan de Luxe Women’s Spring/Summer 2012 Collection. This line has everything that we love about denim, like how easy it is to have it be the clothing that lets you really express who you are. There is no skinny jean in sight for this collection, and we don’t have a problem with that at all (we mean it, they are EVERYWHERE!). Instead they have boot cut and flared styles that are extra special thanks to simple whisker detailing and distressing. Our real favorites though have to be the high-waisted denim shorts with the leather fringe pocket and jewel applications around the waist. Coming in at a very close second though are the cut-off denim shorts that have a peace sign print down one leg–so cute and trendy without being over the top. Keep an eye out at the Artisan de Luxe Online Shop for when this amazing collection becomes available in the next coming months.




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Images via Denimology.

Elyssa Linden

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Announcing The Winner Of The Denim Therapy x Atrium Denim Design Lab Denim Kit!

And now, moment you’ve all been waiting for… where we announce the winner of the Denim Design Lab Denim Kit from Atrium! The Denim Design Lab Denim Kit is the tool that, once in your grasp, transforms you into a denim designer. It lets you set up shop right in your apartment to create your next favorite pair of jeans. How rad is that? Encased in denim comes an inventory of items you can utilize for drilling, sanding, and distressing to your liking. To enter, you participated in an ongoing short story (which was very humorous), and we chose a winner at random. Scroll down to see if it’s you!

And the winner is…


Aiden Tyler Grossheider!


Aiden will receive:

The Denim Design Lab Denim Kit

About the kit: Denim Design Lab gives you the power to become a denim designer with their Denim Design Lab Denim Kit.  Use a variety of tools and materials to create your next favorite pair of jeans.

The kit comes in a denim tool case and includes: one power drill, six drill replacements, four types of sandpaper, water pump and a denim finishing form.

Congratulations to our winner (we’ll email you shortly), and thanks to all who entered!

Didn’t win this time? No worries! Denim Therapy has more chances on the way for you to own amazing denim products for your stylish fall excursions.

Stay tuned…

—DT Staff & Atrium

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Standards & Practices Spring 2012 Has High-Waisted Flares For A ’70s Inspired Look

Standards & Practices boosts to be denim with “an emphasis on fit, fashion and finish”. Their Spring 2012 lookbook was exactly that.  With looks ranging from super skinny denim to a high-waist ultra flare jean, this ‘70s inspired spread still managed to incorporate a modern feel with styles for a ranging audience. Although winter is upon us I can hardly wait to get into a pair of their super sassy short shorts, paired with a chunky high heel .  Possibly the best part about this collection is the price tag that comes along with it. This line is super affordable and Standards and Practices even states  they design their jeans with details that are normally found in “uber-expensive jeans”.

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—Lindsay Ross

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Street Style: Double Denim, Plaid, + Fair Isle Prints For A Cool Layered Fall Look

If you’re like us you love a healthy dose of double denim year-round! And with the season getting a bit cooler it’s the perfect time to throw on your best denim duds and layer things up with fall friendly separates. We’re totally digging this look by Mohcine Aoki of Morocco. He pairs an ace light wash denim jacket with killer distressed dark wash skinny jeans (you gotta love a good mix of opposing washes) with a cool blue plaid shirt, boots, and a funky fair isle print beanie. Want to cozy things up even more? A cool heather grey hoodie will not only keep you warm but will add to the cool factor.

1. April 77 Joey Overdrive II Carnage jeans ($155)–buy it at April 77.

2. Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply western plaid flannel shirt ($70)–buy it at Ralph Lauren.

3. H by Hudson swathmore calf leather boot ($268)–buy it at 80’s Purple.

4. Topman black wash denim western jacket ($90)–buy it at Topman.

5. Oliver Spencer fair isle wool beanie ($80)–buy it at Mr. Porter.

Denim Menswear Street Style

Check out more of Mohcine’s looks on his page!

Sandoval Gomez

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How Much Did Steve Jobs Love His Levi’s Jeans?

Steve Jobs was an innovator and creative genius to many who now are likely reading this blog face down into the iPhone or iPad. He liked his devices clean and simple, just like his wardrobe. Black turtle neck, New Balance sneakers and Levi’s jeans were his trademark workwear. But, just how much did he love his jeans? PR Daily reported Jobs owned over 100 pairs of Levi’s blue jeans. Now that’s a denim lover.

—Kathy Ng Hassan

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The 7 “Icons” of Wrangler Denim

When it comes to finding your perfect pair of jeans, the devil’s in the details. Little things, like the weight of the stitching and the number of belt loops, totally matter–you’re not being picky! Wrangler has paid close attention to the small touches, priding itself on seven unique “icons” that can be found on every pair of their jeans, so you can ride out and rock hard, just as the original rough-riding Western denim brand intended from the start.

1. Flat rivets
Won’t scratch your saddle
Using rivets to secure denim jeans at key points of strain helps to keep them in one piece. But the method has always caused trouble, scratching furniture, car seats and motorbike saddles. Wrangler’s smooth flat copper rivets “won’t scratch” – just as early adverts promised. They give jeans a refined aspect: more comfortable for you and whatever your rub up against.

2. Watch pocket
Keeps your coins trapped
In its earliest days, Wrangler commissioned expert tailor Ben Lichtenstein to create a range of shirts, jeans and jackets. One of “Rodeo Ben’s” initiatives was the deeper watch pocket with its curved, ergonomic shape. The pocket’s high opening along the waistband is sealed naturally by a belt. So anything you keep in there – key, coins, gum – is securely shut away.

3. Felled seams
For a more comfortable ride
Folded ridges of fabric at the seams are characteristic of jeanswear, but Wrangler makes this feature functional. By creating a downward-facing lip in the yoke above high backpockets, your wallet is held firmly inside – vital if your free-time leans to the extreme. Fully felled outseams are a signature of most Wrangler jeans. Because the seam sits flat against your inside leg, they’re more comfortable when riding. You’ll appreciate this next time you straddle your modern-day horse: a motorcycle.

4. Belt loops
Hold jeans to the waist
The 11 MW, the first Wrangler jeans, debuted in 1947 with seven belt loops. If you’ve ever worn jeans with five loops, you’ll know that the waist band slips free. Six improves things a little. But thread a Wrangler premium grade leather belt through seven belt loops and those jeans are locked to your body.

5. “W” stitching
Back pockets reinforced
Introduced in 1947, the “W” stitch is cattle-branding for jeans. Wrangler’s carry two “W’s”, embroidered onto each back pocket: initials that read “Western Wear”. Back pockets also have a tone-on-tone horizontal stitch for a second layer of fabric, reinforcing pockets from the inside. Wrangler jeans: strength throughout.

6. The patch
A unique symbol of quality
The right back pocket of Wrangler jeans has carried a patch since 1947. Initially this read “Blue Bell’s Wrangler Authentic Western Jeans”. Today, the name Wrangler stands alone, single-handedly representing tough, top-quality, authentic denim garments.

7. Rope logo
Tough outdoor denim since 1947
Wrangler’s “rope” signature is one of the ultimate icons of jeanswear. The rope was a sign of action: Wrangler jeans are designed for the outdoors, for freedom of movement, for surviving on your wits. The rope says, Wrangler is the original American outdoor denim brand.

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—Brie Hiramine

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Ksubi Launches “The End of the Moon” Store

Eternal denim fave Ksubi kicked off its new flagship store on Chapel Street South Yarra in Melbourne, Australia with an anything-but-ordinary celebration. Guests partied between the grungy, exposed brick walls while slurping up snow cones and drinking from plastic bags filled with vibrantly-hued drinks lit up by glowsticks (great idea, right?). The store’s aesthetic oozes the sort of chill surfer attitude that matches their clothing and, with a name like “The End of the Moon,” it’s only fitting that the centerpiece of the space is an American flag planted firmly into our most famous natural satellite. Blazing new horizons, indeed.

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Images via DenimBlog

—Brie Hiramine

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Matias Denim Spring 2012 Lookbook Has A Laid Back Attitude That Is Pure West Coast

Matias Denim is anything short of California cool in its latest  lookbook. The brand keeps things totally LA for spring with poolside fun, American flag bandannas (and shoes), and a wide selection of casual denim separates perfect for the Cali heat! We love the mix of distressed stone wash jeans in blues and greys with laid back 70s influences like oversized stripes, wide-brimmed hats, and fringe. Definitely perfect for weekend getaways, festivals, and soaking up the West Coast heat. Don’t worry everyone, spring will be here before you know it!

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Images via Denimology.

Sandoval Gomez

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Ellus Spring Summer 2012 Goes Rock Glam

Ellus is reportedly the first premium denim brand founded in Brazil. Since the first time Denim Therapy introduced Ellus in 2008, this denim-driven label has garnered more attention outside of Brazil (as have many of Brazil’s fashion labels) than ever before.  More euro-centric than brands like Colcci, Ellus’ strong history of appeal to the upscale streetwear set (with the right mix of glam) is spot-on for followers of fashion both north and south of the equator.

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Images via Denimology.

—Kathy Ng Hassan

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