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How Habitual Jeans Makes Their Glory Pocket

Do you ever wonder what’s the story behind the design of your favorite jeans? Habitual, for example, is known for their Glory pocket—named for one of the eight points of courage for which the Maltese Knights follow.  Their Glory pocket, inspired by the Maltese cross, which is shaped in the form of a Cross Patt?e, is both rock ‘n’ roll (but not too much) and booty-enhancing for the ladies.   Habitual just produced a behind-the-scenes video to show denim lovers how they sew their back pocket together, and it certainly doesn’t look easy.

Habitual Denim is known for their Glory Pocket emblem, which is shaped in the form of a Cross Pattee.

Shop the “Geena” Glory Pocket bootcut jeans, featured above ($195) at Nordstrom. Go to The Habit Blog online for more neat info. on Habitual Denim.

—Kathy Ng Hassan


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PROJECT New York Style Roundup, Part 1

It goes without saying that a meeting of creative, stylish minds such as PROJECT would result in excellent scouting grounds for killer ensembles. We were hunting for denim, but PROJECT-goers (exhibitors and guests alike) all packed some punch in the dressing department. From full length dresses to dapper suits and Hamptons-bound pastels, we captured some of our favorite looks for a post-show round up. Expect to see some covetable denim as well.   Stay tuned for part 2!

street style denim therapy project show new york

[nggallery id=421]


Photos by Raffael Flores Contreras.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Versace Responds To Activists, Banning Future Use Of Sandblasting

Remember a few weeks ago when activists dive-bombed the Versace facebook page demanding they stop the sandblasting process of their jeans, and they responded ever-so-gracefully by closing down their facebook wall? Well, it looks like the people have won.



“Italian fashion house bans sandblasting, a dangerous practice used to give jeans a ‘worn’ look, after 1,200 people called for action on The Italian fashion house Gianni Versace has committed to ban the dangerous practice of sandblasting jeans, a technique used to give jeans a used look which is highly dangerous to workers.

The news follows a two-month international campaign by the Clean Clothes Campaign on, the world’s fastest-growing social action platform. More than 1,200 people from all over the world joined the campaign.

Sandblasting is a process by which workers fire sand under high pressure at jeans. It has been known to kill workers in garment producing countries like Turkey and Bangladesh, where jean sandblasting is done manually. The large amounts of silica dust generated during sandblasting can cause silicosis, a potentially lethal pulmonary disease, as workers inhale tiny particles of silica.

Following pressure from over 1,200 activists, Versace conducted a review of its clothing suppliers and announced that, effective immediately, suppliers would be banned from using sandblasting.

“Following more recent CCC’s comments on Versace’s practices, the company decided to study the issue in depth again and concluded, in agreement with CCC, that it is appropriate to take a proactive stance, and stand against the practice of sandblasting,” said Versace’s Tomaso Galli in a letter to “Versace has specifically asked every supplier (and will ask any new supplier as a condition to work with Versace) to certify that they are not using sandblasting.”

Galli said that any supplier found to be employing sandblasting as a production technique “will be considered in breach of contract and dismissed accordingly.”

“What has happened here is incredible,” said Meredith Slater, an organizer with “Versace customers called on the company to ban a practice that endangered workers, and the company responded by saying that it would not only ban the practice, but stand up for the elimination of sandblasting throughout the industry.”

Versace joins Gucci, H&M and C&A in taking a stance against sandblasting and encouraging other jean producers to do the same.  The Clean Clothes Campaign has now set its sights on the high-end brands Dolce & Gabbana and Armani, both of which still refuse to engage in dialogue about their brands’ sandblasting practices.”

In a word, awesome.

—DT Staff

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Cheap Monday Fall 2011 Lookbook

With their sights always on the distant future and their feet planted just ahead of the present Cheap Monday comes back with a collection that has definitely got our attention. Taking cue from last season (okay, so it doesn’t go with the whole future motif, but you have to admit it was pretty amazing) creator ?rjan Andersson strikes a pose once again this time alongside model Hannelore Knuts for the fall 2011 lookbook. The two layer up in heavy knits, sheer and crinkled separates, and a whole lot of nylon from long trenches, coats, even a jumpsuit, smart aleck tees, and some killer denim that look as if they survived a heck of a radioactive waste treatment—think post apocalyptic denim.  We gotta say, it’s definitely good to know that one of our favorite denim brands has got our back on the future of our wardrobes, don’t you think?

Hannelore Knuts and ?rjan Andersson for Cheap Monday Fall 2011 Lookbook

[nggallery id=420]

Images via The Fashionisto.

Sandoval Gomez

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Roberto Cavalli, John Galliano, And Levi’s: Denim Sneaker Round-Up

Ok so let us break this new trend down for you: we love denim because it provides us with practical everyday fashion right? And we love sneakers because they can be comfortable and stylish right? And there you have it: the explanation why denim sneakers are taking over men’s footwear this year. After seeing the addition of accents like zippers, leather, suede, and paint (yes, we said paint) at PROJECT NY, this trend has completely won us over. Let us know which pair below (or pairs) you’ll be wearing this season.

We have to admit, this pair of John Galliano sneakers are the only time we will wish our feet were bigger.



Roberto Cavalli experiments with texture and color making sure his sneakers will be the main attraction of any outfit.





Levi’s stays true to its denim heritage with these pair, which are All-American made.



Photos by Raffael Flores Contreras

Elyssa Linden

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Summer Love: Wear Pastels With Denim

Blogger and fashionista Sietske L, shows off her love for simple denim and pastels, In a recent Lookbook entry that caught our eye. Sietske poses for the camera, in a soft canary yellow tank top by H&M and a off-white blazer paired with light washed denim shorts, both by the likes of Zara. We love the entire color scheme of the outfit—it really brightens up the day! The denim shorts give the outfit a casual feel while the blazer dresses it up a bit more. Sietske offsets the outfit with a chic arm cuff, neon nail polish, and simple oxfords. The lesson here? Sometimes less is more.

Images via Sietske L’s Profile on

Ashlee Mellowes

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Trend Alert: Big Star Gold-Coated Denim Jeans

At PROJECT NY we saw just how Big Star has been able to remain a prominent player in the denim world since 1974. They stay right on top of all the current trends, stay true to their heritage, and put out the best of the best, like these gold-coated denim jeans. We’ve been fans of the coated denim trend for quite some time now (example A & example B), and we know that this pair from Big Star gives us the quality and style that we can trust, just as we’ve been doing for almost 40 years now.




Photos by Raffael Flores Contreras.

Elyssa Linden


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Daily Denim Tip: How To Care For The Leather Patches On Your Jeans

If your jeans’ leather patches are tarnished or have absorbed excessive oil, causing discoloration (which is inevitable, by the way), you can follow a few easy steps to keep them looking good. This guide comes courtesy of the Fifth Requisite blog, and you can find the entire process with easy-to follow-photos there.

You’ll rub Steklean or another leather cleanser on the surface of the patch. Wipe it around until thoroughly coated. Then, wipe the patch with a damp cloth to remove the cleaner. After it’s dried completely, apply your favorite leather-protecting solution to the surface. The result will be a clean, gorgeous leather patch that looks good as new.

Image via Baldwin.

—DT Staff

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Our Top 10 Favorite PROJECT Show Moments

After three days of non-stop meeting brands & bloggers, exchanging cards, seeing awesome product, and live blogging the heck out of PROJECT New York this year, we’re still buzzing from the high (or maybe from one too many cocktails). We’ve rounded up our top 10 favorite moments in the show with visual aid so you can catch up! Check them out below.

10. This littly doggy (and, we admit, these gold sparkling platform shoes).

project denim therapy top 10 new york trade show moments

09. The blogger photo shoot (though we got jealous of the pineapple another blog used in their props).

denim therapy project new york top 10

08. Free (really strong) margaritas at the surf bar!

project denim therapy top 10 new york trade show moments

07. Denim Therapy getting listed at the top of the blog wall!

project denim therapy top 10 new york trade show moments

06. Doctrine Denim‘s awesome denim aprons (they even gifted us a few)!

project denim therapy top 10 new york trade show moments

05. Homemade baked goods from Stitch’s Jeans (adorable & delicious).

project denim therapy top 10 new york trade show moments

04. SP?NGLISH (?) taco truck after party! See more photos here.

project denim therapy top 10 new york trade show moments spenglish

03. Finally meeting & hanging out with The Denim Guy!

project denim therapy top 10 new york trade show moments

02. Sporadic dance party, feat. Josh from Toyplane & the girls of NMRKT.

dance party project denim therapy top 10 new york trade show moments

01. The Hartford Denim Company‘s incredible live denim workshop. Stay tuned for a closer look at this!

project denim therapy top 10 new york trade show moments

Photos by Raffael Flores Contreras, Michelle Christina Larsen, and SP?NGLISH (?).

—Michelle Christina Larsen



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Announcing Our H.A-67 Denim Giveaway Winners!

Forgive the delay, denim-heads! We’re back to announce the winners of our Denim Therapy x H.A-67 denim cargo skinny giveaway for men & women! We loved your comments, from the ladies who crave the cut o f the guys’ jeans to how you’d make these transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. After putting all of your rule-abiding comments in a hat, we’ve randomly chosen two winners. Now, two of you are about to spend the rest of summer/beginning of fall in vintage-inspired denim bliss. Did you make the cut? Find out below!

And the winners are…

Mister Rick & Vittoria!

Vittoria will be taking home…

“Angelina” Skinny Cargo in 5 years wash. Regular rise, 98% cotton 2% spandex.

Mister Rick will be taking home…

“Brad” Cargo Skinny in 5 Years wash, Low Rise, 100% Cotton


We’ll contact our winners shortly with instructions on redeeming their prizes.

Thanks to all who entered! Didn’t win this time? No worries! Denim Therapy has more chances on the way for you to own a pair of coveted jeans for your stylish summer excursions. Stay tuned!

—DT Staff & H.A-67 jeans

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