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The Best Time To Buy Raw Jeans

The best time to buy raw denim is in the fall/winter so that you’ll be wearing them during the colder months without washing. By the time summer rolls around, your jeans are perfectly worn in and ready to take on the heat (and be soaked/washed).
Image via the Raw Denim Project.
—Gordon Sims

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Julia Saner Heats Up The Armani Jeans Fall 2012 Campaign

If the Armani Jeans Fall/Winter 2011-12 catalogue is any indicator to what the upcoming season is going to be like, then don’t worry about the cold weather—it is still going to be a hot one! Julie Saner shows how great denim can make you look (topless or not!), as well as all the other options they have of knits, outerwear, tees, and blouses. The catalogue displays an aura of sophistication that is perfect for the workplace, a day out in the city, or the hustle of an ivy-league campus. Armani Jeans makes sure you have plenty of options to match with your favorite denim piece—we’re dying to get our hands on thatdenim skirt and fur/leather jacket combo ourselves!


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Images via Fashion Gone Rogue.

Elyssa Linden

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PROJECT New York Style Roundup, Part 2

Hark! The second roundup of our favorite street style at PROJECT NY has arrived! Colored denim, cuffed menswear button-up tops, wide-brimmed hats, light washes, and bright white sneakers all make appearances in this palette of stylish attire. Appearances include Refinery29‘s New York editor, Kristian Laliberte, curator of the BLOGGER PROJECT Marcus Troy,  and PROJECT President Andrew Pollard. What’s your favorite look? Also, if you haven’t seen our first street style roundup, it’s worth a look for some early afternoon wardrobe inspiration…

street style denim therapy project show new york2

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Images by Raffael Flores Contreras and Michelle Christina Larsen.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Behind the Scenes at BLK DNM’s NYC Opening

Were you at the BLK DNM grand opening early last month? For those of us who weren’t, here is behind-the-scenes footage, shot by Marius Crowne, of the store opening, from set-up to flowing vodka. Keep your eyes peeled, because Johan Lindeberg is seen in several shots chatting up his guests.

BLK DNM opens its <strong>Pop 1</strong> store at 237 Lafayette, New York.

While you’re there, the ladies might want to check out Jeans 6 for women, which is a high rise jean, and Jeans 15 for men, which is a slight drop-crotch for men, with fuller thigh openings which narrow at the ankle. Hurry: this is reportedly a temporary store, which might be open for another week or two more. BLK DNM’s New York City store is located at 237 Lafayette Street, New York City.  For more information, go to BLK DNM online.

—Kathy Ng Hassan

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Raven Denim at Project Global Trade Show

On day 2 of our PROJECT Global Trade Show coverage we got to chat with Helen Soulmiotis, senior account executive of Raven Denim. Loved by many-a-celebrity (the aptly named bootylicious Megan Fox short is a clear indiction of how much she loves the brand), the LA-based Raven is definitely one to watch. As a complement to their already popular women’s line, the brand is launching a men’s line. We absolutely fell in love with the Max trouser (most popular piece in their men’s line), which adds a relaxed twist to the classic trouser. All of the denim is imported from Italy and Japan and comes in washes that compliment any wardrobe. From high waisted that don’t make you look like a mom, to indigo rinsed trousers that elongate the leg, Raven denim is definitely something we’re raving about (yes, pun intended).

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Images via Raffael Flores Contreras.

Ashlee Mellowes

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First Look: Mother Denim Holiday 2011

Denim Therapy had the chance to visit Mother Denim‘s PR office yesterday, to check out their Holiday 2011 collection.  Entitled “Party” we get the big hint that the entire denim collection is meant for parties from chips and dips to champagne and caviar.  From fall plums to crimsons and their metallic “Golden Nuggets of Lust” jean, there isn’t one piece of denim we don’t want!  Some of their supple jeans—great for Thanksgiving dinner de-compression—is stretchy around the areas that count, while so luxurious in feel—we thought some jeans were made with a denim hybrid—that you really could party all day in them.  Mother’s buttery and creamy sateen pants, skirts and shorts will really be the hit of the fall season as well.  Mother Denim’s Party Collection is sure to fly off the shelves of your favorite boutiques!

Mother Denim "Party" 2011 Collection is their new holiday denim and sateen collection.

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[nggallery id=426]

For more information, go to Mother Denim online.

—Kathy Ng Hassan

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Denim on Denim: Jeffrey Campbell Jean Platforms and Cut off shorts

Nothing makes tumbleweed and cattle suddenly look sexy than a pair of cut-off shorts and denim Jeffrey Campbell platform shoes. We spotted this stylish gal perusing her prairie on Nasty Gal and knew you’d wanna see her. We love everything about this photo shoot, from the scenic desert locale to the black wide-brimmed hat. But those denim shorts, with their perfect cut, distressing, and scandalous fit, were the star of the show. And those Jeffrey Campbell’s? Well, you already know we’re obsessed with those. Her early ’90s style fringe-cut t-shirt is a throwback to when most of us were in elementary school (if that’s coming back, we’re on the band wagon), and the attitude of her stance (maybe her killer legs too), pull the whole thing together. This is one lookbook that has desert hot written all over it.

[nggallery id=419]


Images via Nasty Gal’s Blog.

Ashlee Mellowes

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Resin Denim Sunday Fun at The Brooklyn Flea!

Hey party people!  Resin Denim is setting up camp at the Brooklyn Flea on Sunday, July 24 and July 31!  There will be plenty of good times while you shop their edgy jeans, sip on some frosty lemonade and listen to some cool tunes.  A little birdy tells us there might be some cool DIY therapy taking place as well, so bring your camera and get ready to immortalize yourself in some Resin Denim.  What’s more, come dressed in your favorite jeans, because who knows where our Denim Therapy paparazzi might be hiding!  While you’re at it, pick yourself up a Denim Therapy tote bag and postcards (while supplies last).

Resin Denim sets up camp at the Brooklyn Flea on Sunday, July 24 and July 31.

Stop by Resin Denim at the Brooklyn Flea between 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on July 24 and July 31 for good times!  For more information, go to Resin Denim online.

—Kathy Ng Hassan


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Casual Denim Separates And Killer Prints In The Perfect Summer Road Trip Editorial

You know, one thing still on our summer to-do list is going on a spur of the moment road trip—windows down, tunes on blast, and looking casual-cool in our favorite denim get ups (obviously). This editorial out of the pages of H&M Magazine’s  Summer 2011 issue shot by Daniel Jackson has definitely got our inspiration going with its perfect bold print-on-print and denim combos. Florals and animal print topped with a denim vest? Uh, yes please! All that’s left is a pair of oversized sunnies, a killer swim suit, and a pair of denim overalls (for easy wardrobe changes) and we’re set. Alright, who’s coming?

Image from the editorial "On The Road" from H&M Magazine Summer 2011

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Images via Fashion Gone Rogue.

Sandoval Gomez

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Tech Buzz: Denim Apps for your iphone4, Android and Blackberry Smartphone

Our phone, is usually the first thing we reach for in the morning before we wipe the crust out of eyes (gross! yes we know) and grab a cup of coffee. And who can blame us? When we’ve become so sidetracked with endless emails, text messages, instant messages and an overwhelmingly full vociemail inbox that we sometimes forget the simplest things like where we left our keys. Which is where the almighty smart phone comes into play, with it’s  convenient,  handy and ever so clever apps, our daily routine has just been made simpler with the touch of a screen. We took the liberty to share with you some of our favorite apps, denim included, (an updated list from the last one we posted.) So go ahead take a look, promise it isn’t as bad as the morning crust/bad breath we all deal with daily.

[nggallery id=422]
Images via itunes and androidzoom
Ashlee Mellowes

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