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Marc Ecko Launches Home Decor, Features Denim Bedding

Fashion designer Marc Ecko has launched his new home decor collection under the Unltd by Marc Ecko brand.  We couldn’t help but point out that there will be a denim bedding, with comforters from $129.99, standard sham and toss pillows at $29.99 each.  What does this mean for us?  Denim will be by our side, day and night.  The bedding collection is available at Bed Bath & Beyond online. While you’re there, you can also find recycled denim shower curtains ($29.99), in case you were so inclined…

UNLTD. by Marc Ecko is Marc Ecko's new home decor collection, which features a denim bedding set.

—Kathy Ng Hassan


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Posted Jun 28 2011 in Denim News

Behind The Scenes: Renee’s Candy-Colored Buffalo David Bitton Jean Shorts

Here are some behind-the-scenes shots of our super fun Buffalo David Bitton jeans photo shoot, where we took our fav Buffalo styles and ran around Brooklyn in them! Renee favored two pairs of candy-colored denim shorts (one style pink, one style blue), and we styled them up to take some snaps! You’ll notice her shorts are also the perfect length to flash her gorgeous crown tattoo. Now that’s fashion-meets-function! Check out our favorite behind-the-scenes shots below.

renee buffalo denim pink shorts

renee buffalo denim pink shorts


[nggallery id=330]


Below, Renee rocks her pair of bright pastel blue Buffalo David Bitton shorts, with a candy-pink top (anyone else craving a pastry with all of the sweet colors flying around?). She paired the cute summer look with a vintage beaded turquoise bracelet emblazoned with the mysterious letter “A”…

renee denim therapy buffalo david bitton pink shorts blue shorts summer style

renee denim therapy buffalo david bitton pink shorts blue shorts summer style

[nggallery id=331]


And that settles it! Our love is true. Stay tuned for more Buffalo David Bitton denim action as summer progresses!

renee denim therapy buffalo david bitton pink shorts blue shorts summer style

—DT Staff

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FULLCOUNT Denim SS2011 Is a Home Run

FULLCOUNT Denim is a Japanese brand which features shuttle-loomed denim in a moderately sturdy 13.5oz weight. Named for a baseball term when you have three balls and two strikes, we’d like to say this vintage-inspired collection brings a bit of Americana into the brand while maintaining a sense of Japanese aesthetics and fanatical attention to detail. You see that in the simple back pocket style and in the usage of oriental loop fasteners for the season’s featured denim jacket.  Besides the brand’s focus on the revival of vintage jeans inspired by the ’50s and ’90s, we are especially fond of FULLCOUNT’s high-contrast whiskering, helped no doubt by the use of Zimbabwe cotton. This particular cotton is hand-harvested and known for its durability and vertical fading qualities. If you don’t want to spend six months creating your own natural fades, then you might give this brand a shot.

FullCount Denim is a Japanese brand featuring vintage revival jeans styles and high-contrast faded jeans.
[nggallery id=328]

Also check out the brand’s Yusaku Denim “real used wash” jeans, and an accompaniment of women’s denim.  View more images at FULLCOUNT online or shop the jeans at Blue in Green Soho or Rakuten.

—Kathy Ng Hassan

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Men’s Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 Roundup Part 2

For any of those who had a doubt in their mind whether or not denim was going to be sticking around for yet another season we hate to say it, but we totally told you so. From denim jackets and blazers to jeans the big blue makes a mark on most every single note-worthy collection, though not always in its signature color. Print is a huge trend for the spring summer 2012 season and designer Paul Smith totally rocks it out modernizing the classic Levi’s denim jacket with abstract prints in electric jewel tones. As for Viktor & Rolf, multi-stripe denim separates add some dimension to the overall muted color palette of the 70s inspired collection. Likewise, denim jackets made a mark in a retro 70s vibe in Burberry Prorsum‘s ethic print-heavy lineup.

Men's Fashion Week S/S 2012

[nggallery id=327]

Images via GQ, Dazed Digital, and The Fashionisto.

Though it’s definitely not the driving force that it has been in past seasons, denim is still a strong force on the runways lending itself as a grounding element to most collections including Acne,  who we have to say  had some killer denim accessories.  Definitely not going anywhere!

Had enough? Didn’t think so. Stay tuned for more menswear highlights from Paris Fashion Week!

Sandoval Gomez

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Quote of the Day: Naomi Campbell Compares Jeans To Pasta

Jeans are like pasta … you can interpret them differently each time and play with the accessories … wear them with flip-flops if you want comfort, or heels if you want to look sexy. For the collection I thought about what would enhance women [and] about what I liked.”

Naomi Campbell, who is about to launch a line of jeans for Fiorucci.

Naomi Campbell jeans are like pasta

Quote via Global Grind.

—DT Staff

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Flashback! Colored Denim In The ’90s

’90s trends are back in action, from later version of the hammer-pant to acid-wash and pastel hair dye. Flipping through old magazines from the ’90s is both a bizarre and exciting experience (unless you were just being born in 1996, and weren’t a tween in the age of some of TV’s best programs ever…). As sentimental as we wish we could get, one look at what fashion editorials in the ’90s were actually passing off as fashionable is enough to hit your gag reflex. Check out this mustard-yellow denim-on-eyelet-cotton ensemble, for instance. It means well, with its spring hues and the model’s confusing pose (laughing, itching—what is she doing?), but the end product looks more like a kid’s TV show host than street-savvy.

90s denim yellow colored jeans retro style

But then again, that more or less sums up the ’90s, doesn’t it? Stay tuned for more days-gone-by denim coverage! We’re more or less addicted to it.

Image via Ugly 90s Clothes.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

Image via

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An Exclusive Interview with David Kahn Jeans (Plus Their Fall lookbook!)

David Kahn is a name well-known to denim lovers. The designer jeans company was originally launched in 1999 to cater to a market that was flooded with tops, yet shy of bottoms for women. It quickly grew a following but it wasn’t until it’s re-launch in the Spring 2011 under designer Bryan Boone that the collection embarked on it’s journey into the contemporary premium denim market. He then added rich textures and colors, luxurious premium fabrics, new silhouettes and fashion forward elements—the fantastic fit remains. Read on for an exclusive interview!

david kahn fall/winter red chameleon denim

Denim Therapy: Lets start from the beginning.  How did you know you wanted to be a designer?

David Kahn Jeans: Denim has been such a great tool for me to show my creativity. I’ve been drawing and painting since I was young but now I just do all my ideas straight on to the jeans. The David Kahn brand has such a cult following that wanted newness and excitement. That’s what I’m providing them with my collection.

DT: Do you have any pre-designing rituals?

DKJ: The inspiration for my collection has been brought on by great female bands and vocalists. So for the past seasons, it’s me getting into a new muse’s music.

DT: Describe the person who represents your ideal target customer—the customer you have in mind when you’re planning a collection.

DKJ: The David Kahn woman is always on point with trends and knows her body and what works and what doesn’t work for her.

DT: Can you give us hint about what’s next?

DKJ: It’s going to very earthy and happy!

DT: What are the most popular washes/fits in the line? What are your favorites, and how would you style them?

DKJ: My current favorite is our Brenda Skinny. Brenda is our new contemporary fit. My friend Jessica is super tall and typical “skinnies” only reach above her ankle. I wanted to do a true skinny. So we made it with a 34” inseam. Its super long!  But its great for shorter girls too because they can wear a higher heel. Because it’s on Japanese power stretch fabrication it contours to the body perfectly and adds a cool bunchiness look in the bottom. Some girls might like it cleaner so they can always get it hemmed.

DT: Do you have any favorite/least favorite denim trends right now?

DKJ: Drop crotch denim silhouettes don’t really appeal to me.

DT: Street style and style blogs are huge in the industry right now as a source of inspiration, influencing the high end labels rather than vice versa. How much does street style influence your designing?

DKJ: Street style is definitely an important part of my inspiration. Seeing how individuals dress and outfit themselves sparks new ideas and it just grows from there.

DT: How many pairs of denim do YOU own?

DKJ: Less now. Probably 10-15.

DT: Favorite celeb wearing your brand?

DKJ: Definitely Fergie. She really knocked it out of the ball park with her Nikki Goldrush Wash, especially exciting since it was the brands first celeb spotting.

You can visit their website for a greater insight into the brand and “Like” them on Facebook as much as we do.


[nggallery id=284]

—Jackie Racer

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5 Good Reasons (& Ways) To Have Denim Therapy Fix Your Jeans

It happens to the best of us. We trip, we fall, we have kids, we gain and lose weight, we don’t always shop for the best-fitting jeans because we’re blinded by a brand on sale, etc… shopping for denim and building a relationship with your favorite pair of jeans is no low-maintenance task. There are a myriad of things that can go wrong along the way, but rather than giving up on them, why not let us bring them back to life?


It requires lots of love (and sometimes therapy) to keep your favorite jeans in good shape, but if you commit, they’ll be with you through the years. Scroll down our top 5 list of reasons you might need a little Denim Therapy of your own.

denim therapy repair your jeans

It’s true. You’re too hot to handle! If your jeans are ripped and torn in the crotch, knees, or anywhere else you might experience an intense amount of friction throughout the day, you can trust us to restore them as closely as possible to their former glory.

Denim Therapy uses the MatchPerfect™ cotton thread selection process to create the best looking repair possible. The goal of every repair is excellence in appearance and function. Selection of the finest materials makes it possible. Learn More About MatchPerfect™.

Ready to have your old best friend back? Repair your jeans!

denim therapy repair your jeans

You don’t want to be caught looking silly when you’re on a hot date, do you? Don’t trip! Make sure your jeans are the right length to wear with your favorite shoes (whether they’re stilettos or sneakers). We’ll assist you in figuring out the perfect length, and then we’ll do all the work!

We can repair an existing denim hem or adjust to make a new one. A hem can wear thin and create a tear or hole. We can repair that, no problem.

Step lively, denim-addicts. Hem your jeans now!

denim therapy repair your jeans

While you may be jumping for joy at the thought of a new tot on the way, your jeans are struggling to keep up with your maternity waistline. Instead of ditching your favorite denim for 9 months and buying maternity clothing, why not let us adjust your jeans so you can keep wearing them?

Here’s how it works: You pick your own favorite figure enhancing jeans. Denim Therapy will work their magic by inserting expandable side seams to move and grow with you! Once you’ve brought yourself back to your pre-maternity figure, Denim Therapy will restore your jeans back..

Ready to be a Haute-Mama? Get adjusted!

denim therapy repair your jeans

’80s and ’90s style is are totally hot again (Saved By The Bell, we never thought street style would return to your wardrobe stylists’ hands), and that means tie-dye and bleach-job denim is all the rage. Jump on a bandwagon we very much approve of with a look that will say “I’m a fashion-conscious denim-lover who knows how to work vintage trends in the NOW”!

Ready to bring back the best of the past? Check out our bleach & dye denim services now.

denim therapy repair your jeans

Whether you jumped the gun and bought a pair of jeans that are too big, or just can’t seem to find denim that fits your butt AND your waist, you’re in luck. We’ll take in wherever needed to be sure you look stellar and have a go-to pair of jeans that will never let you down.

While the fit process is very specific, we’ve developed a system for you to use so you can mark your jeans and mail them in to be adjusted without ever having to see one of our staff for a fitting.

Ready to look awesome? Get your jeans re-fitted!

Those are just five ways we can help your favorite jeans stay up to speed with the demands of your life, aesthetically and beyond. Don’t forget to check out the other denim services we offer, and watch our Denim Therapy video for a one-two-three of how we work!

—DT Staff

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Daily Denim Tip: How To Wear Colored Denim (Whether You’re Feeling Bold Or Not)

“Colored denim is such a fun trend happening right now, and there are options for everyone, whether you’re a risk taker or just testing the water! If you’re not sure which color works best, or you’re nervous about rocking a bright red pair of denim, keep it subtle and choose something you can wear every day without feeling self conscious.

I love Rag & Bone’s Dusty Blue Skinny – it’s an easy way to wear colored denim and it will easily blend with most items currently in your closet. For those who are a little more daring, the Skinny in Kelly Green, Bell in Cobalt or Capri in Crimson add the perfect pop of color to any outfit! Just remember to keep your top & accessories subtle since the focus should be on the jeans—and you don’t want your outfit to look like a spin art project gone wrong!”


Marisa Grimshaw, Senior Account Manager, Bollare Communications.

Marisa has worked with some of the best names in the business including Blank, Citizens of Humanity, David Kahn & Seven for all Mankind.  As Bollare’s resident denim guru, Marisa has her pulse with the top designers, editors and stylists about the latest and greatest in the world of denim.

Stay tuned for more tips from Marisa!


—DT Staff


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Street Style: Pastel Jeans & Purple Heels

We’re in love with this romantic outfit by blogger Karolina from Poland. Her palette includes a pair of heather-blue cool gray skinny jeans, cuffed at the hem and a powdery pink knit top. The camel-leather belt is a nice neutral (trendy) touch, but the real kick is her completely unexpected purple heels! Here’s an outfit that makes you wanna get to know a girl.


See more of this outfit at Karolina’s blog, Cajmel.

—DT Staff

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