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The DT Raw Denim Project Week 8

For 6 months, Gordon and Renee from Denim Therapy are wearing raw denim jeans everyday, and documenting their experience on Tumblr. Every Friday you can follow their progress here on the DT blog (see last weeks article here). Happy week 8!

Renee (jeans above): My Jean Shop jeans are getting a little dirty. I’m torn–should I soak them? Or hold out for as long as I can? My jeans were sanforized (new term for me!), which means they were treated to prevent shrinkage. Some raw denim comesunsanforized, and will therefore shrink about 10% after their first wash or soak. I think I’ll try putting them in my tiny little freezer, like Gordon did last week. Wonder if that works? If you ever heard about the guy that wore his jeans for 15 months without washing them and then tested their bacteria levels (and found them to be surprisingly low), then know that he also froze his jeans. Here’s an in-depth article about why it works.

Gordon (jeans above):  I’ve been battling over whether or not to starch my Nudies this week.  My jeans are starting to get soft, especially in the knees, thighs and bum area.  This is great for comfort, but I’d like for them to stay a bit stiffer to maintain the creases.  I’m probably going to go without the starch.  My only starch experience is starched button-ups from the cleaners, and I absolutely hate the way they feel.

Wanna see how we’ve been wearing our jeans? You can follow us everyday on our Tumblr. We’ll see you back here for week 9.

— Renee Sykes and Gordon Sims

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One Teaspoon, Eight Denim Styles

Fashion blog Studded Hearts posted a lookbook of summery styles by Australian fashion label One Teaspoon.  We were instantly smitten by the frayed and destroyed denim shorts that look like they were created in a heat of passion (note the sideways shreds).   Featured below are eight ways to rock your denim, plus more gallery images to browse for ideas.  The entire collection is available now at ASOS, so acquiring One Teaspoon’s edgy denim cut offs and the tamer—but just as yummy—pink Boyfriend jeans and Rocker-Boho-inspired separates are just a mouse click away.

One Teaspoon Florence Halter Top With Lace Underlay ($170.34) – buy it at ASOS.


One Teaspoon Vintage Wash Denim Shorts ($50.69) – buy it at ASOS.


One Teaspoon Mickey Cropped Chambray shirt ($134.48) – buy it at ASOS.


One Teaspoon Leather Trim Denim Playsuit ($170.34) – buy it at ASOS.


One Teaspoon Leopard Print Denim Shorts ($134.48) – buy it at ASOS.


One Teaspoon Vintage Wash Distressed Denim Skirt ($80.69) – buy it at ASOS.


One Teaspoon Ripped Boyfriend Jeans (on sale for $57.38) – buy it at ASOS.


One Teaspoon Lace Print Denim Cut Off Skirt (on sale for $52) – buy it at ASOS.

[nggallery id=140]

To shop or view the rest of the One Teaspoon collection, go to ASOS.


—Kathy Ng Hassan


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A Quick Denim History Through Vintage Jeans Ads

It’s time for a history lesson! We’ve been hearing a lot about the origins of denim fabric lately, with the recent discovery of 17th century paintings of Italian peasants wearing denim. The denim jeans that we know and love today however, began with the invention of rivets by a German immigrant named Levi Strauss, and were first seen as mining garb in the late 1800s. In the early 1900s cowboys began wearing denim jeans, and the rest, friends, is history.

Below, we’ll take a look at the evolution of denim jeans through ads over the last century. Be sure to check out the amazing 3-piece denim tuxedo on the Ken-like model from the 70s!

The above ad is from the 1940s. Mainly seen as workers uniforms in previous years, suburban America began transitioning into jeans with the wild popularity of Western movies.

The best propaganda is always the type coming from the taller, more handsome guy in the letterman’s jacket! In the 1950s, those cowboy loving little boys grew into young adults, and jeans become an icon of cool. The jeans were stiff (raw denim’s equivalent today) and needed to be worn in (think cuffed jeans from The Little Rascals and Sandlot, and Marlon Brando’s Rebel Without a Cause).

In the 1960’s, stretch is introduced with the addition of 2% lycra, and the super tight jean is born. Women begin to have to lay on their beds and use pliers to zip up their jeans.


An already crazy time for fashion; new distressing processes, embellishments, fits, and styles were experimented with in the 70s. Check out this guy’s 3 piece denim flared suit!

In the 1980’s, denim goes high fashion. Big name designers begin coming out with their own styles, like in this Versace ad featuring Nadia Auermann and Claudia Schiffer.  And acid wash was popularized. We mustn’t forget about acid wash.

We had fun looking up old ads this week. Stay tuned for some bizarre denim commercials in the future!

—Renee Sykes

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Levi’s Debuts Their Newest Concept Store

Levi’s latest concept store has us feeling as though we’re shopping through high-end vintage boutique as opposed to a typical clothing store.  The concept cleverly dubbed “Made Here” not only sells the Levi’s brand but also hosts a number of other U.S. based brands that focus on hand-made goods produced in the same fashion that Mr. Strauss himself did, keeping in line the Levi’s tradition.

[nggallery id=139]

Images via Denim Blog.

Sandoval Gomez

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Pledge Allegiance To The American Flag Fashion Craze

We couldn’t help but to notice a rather peculiar trend while clicking and scrolling through our favorite sites for our daily fashion fix—a slew of garments covered in a stars and stripes in a variety of styles.  From cool and hip worn tees and tanks to even denim, the American flag is on everything!  We ain’t gonna lie—at first we weren’t sure what to make out of this bold statement, however we have to admit that we kind of dig it.  Not sure on how to wear it? Don’t fret, we’ve gathered some of favorite street style looks for some food for thought.  We’re especially loving the oversized sheer top by U.N.I.F styled with a pair of ultra distressed black denim short shorts. Feeling patriotic yet?

—Sandoval Gomez

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See by Chloe Summer of Feminine Jeans

With summer going official in just mere weeks, we welcome See by Chloe‘s Summer 2011 Lookbook of feminine and frilly separates.  From patchwork denim Boyfriend silhouettes to cuffed denim shorts which remind us of flirty bloomers; it’s not a far cry to think this collection—with splashes of primary color blocking—is hugely inspired by little girl’s clothes.  Make that little girl’s clothes with a grown-up’s sophistication.  We suspect Alexa Chung, the poster It Girl for “little girl chic,” is already so on board with that.  Equally girlie bib-front, puff-sleeved and bow-tied tops incorporating floral graphics add a joie de vivre sensibility to your summer wardrobe.  Are you getting inspired yet?

View the gallery for the full lookbook:

[nggallery id=138]

Model: Dorothea Barth Jorgensen.  Images via Fashion Gone Rogue.


—Kathy Ng Hassan

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Guess Fall 2011 Delivers Modern Wide Leg Styles

There’s no doubt that wide leg jeans are generating a lot of attention right now, especially when you see celebrities styling their flared denim with trendy tops and arm candy.  Guess Jeans is giving us ladies some ideas on how to style our flared jeans for Fall 2011, but really, we could rock those looks right now (sans the fur vests, of course).  And, if you’re still on the fence about wearing loose-fit jeans, like the fab palazzo jeans (scroll to the bottom) featured in this lookbook, there are plenty of skinny jeans with cropped hems, perfect for showing off your latest shoe acquisition!  Guess continues to embrace color denim, and we’re so okay with that.




[nggallery id=135]


To stay updated on when the Fall 2011 collection is available, go to Guess.

—Kathy Ng Hassan


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American Apparel Denim Carry-All Bag

Going away for a weekend? Travel in “Denimized” style with  American Apparel’s large denim duffle bag. The latest edition to AA’s accessory collection, features a large weekender constructed with double shoulder straps for a durability  and cognac leather accents that we oh so love. The light baby color, cleverly labeled, “martini blue” already has us in the mood for a cocktail and beach getaway.

Images via American Apparel.

Ashlee Mellowes

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Nudie Jeans Press Preview

Yesterday we stopped into the Nudie Jeans Co. showroom in New York for the press preview to see what they’ve been brewing for upcoming seasons. If you’re following the Raw Denim Project, you know that Gordon’s jeans are Nudie and everyone at DT is a huge fan of the brand. We were met with piece after piece of gorgeous eco-friendly denim in exciting new washes, sensible and soft knit separates, Japanese fabrics, brilliant color stories in plaid workshirts, and plenty more. Here’s a summary of what we discovered…

The Nudie fw’11 collection was divided on three racks: Khaki, Indigo, and Black. This is the first season Nudie is using a dedicated design team for the collection (separate from the core denim line).

The results? A vibrant, cohesive story that backs up the Nudie brand seamlessly.

Indigo being the integral denim component, it featured jackets and jeans with accompanying knit T’s and indigo-check workshirts. Eco-washes were abound. The process by which the denim is treated, distressed, dyed and washed is completely kind to the environment. No chemicals are used. We were especially enamored with the colors in the Japanese plaid button-ups and verticle pleats in the denim jackets. The lab jackets (hand distressed and up there on the price scale, with good reason) looked like they’d been worn (with love, affection, and adventure) for years.

The Khaki collection is full of great transitional separates based on preexisting fits, with industrial peasant-esque knit tops and innovative outerwear. Think jackets that come apart at the lining so they can  be worn on the coldest winter day or for an evening at a New England beach. Subtle details like leather patches gave it an exclusive feel.

The Black collection really got us going. A classic Nudie offering, denim coated with dry black paint in both jeans and jackets, is a canvas for the customer to de-construct according to their own lifestyle. Fibers already peering through the paint in the knee area, you could almost imagine how glorious these would look after six months of wearing them (maybe we should give Gordon another half-year assignment?).

The denim collection is, as always, based on the key concepts of eco-consciousness, and a garment that grows, ages, and molds with its wearer. Nudie jeans are purchased with a guarantee that the wear and natural distress caused by enjoying a pair of jeans will create additional character and stories on the surface and in the fit. The signature orange thread has been adapted to different locations (such as on the inside collar and at the hem, sometimes the back pocket), with other indigo threads appearing as well. A sophisticated step, detail-wise.

The backbone collection, which we introduced you to upon launch, was soft enough to sleep in and promising in its versatility. The 100% organic collection (produced via 100% organic methods) is comprised of 11 basics that cover ever base.  We couldn’t help but ruminate over styling a photo shoot in these luxe basics, male and female models alike.

Check out more photos of the line below, and stay tuned for more Nudie fall 2011 coverage.

[nggallery id=134]


Want to get your hands on some Nudie? Shop online!

—Michelle Christina Larsen & Jackie Racer. Photos by Raffael Flores-Contreras (

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Summer Denim Styling: Add Feathers For Instant Boho-Chic

If you’re looking to add a little bohemian edge to your look today, pull on a pair of denim cut-offs and accessories your purse or carry-on bag with this dream catcher, feather, fur comb0. You’ll add a hint of mystique and get right in touch with your inner fashion nomad. You can DIY one of these accessories or score one from Spell Designs.

Images via Spell.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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