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Siwy Denim S/S 2011 LookBook


I know Fall is just getting underway, but who is ready for some fun in the sun already?  Trust me, by the end of all these L.A. Fashion Week events I’ve attended I certainly am!  And no designer has enticed me to fly to some part of the world where it’s technically currently summer more than Michelle Siwy. During the presentation of her new collection last week I received a copy of the new S/S 2011 LookBook and–well, I’ll just let the images speak for themselves, but, trust me,  you’ll wish it was summer too!




Photographer: Emir Erlap; Hair: Conrad Dornan; Make Up: Tracy Alfajora; Models: J.P. and Zen, IMG Models

Enticing,  right? One things for sure, your summer will not be complete without a pair of Siwy denim cut-off shorts. And can we talk about those amazing wide-leg jeans? I know I’ve said it before, but if there’s one thing that is a must-have for Spring and Summer its a pair of wide-leg jeans–you might as well just make them a pair of Siwys!

Are you loving Siwy Denim?  Want to know more?  Stay tuned for an inside look into the mind behind the brand, Michelle Siwy herself! And if you missed it, be sure to take a look at my coverage of the Siwy Denim S/S 2011 launch party!


Sandoval Gomez

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The Men Who Love 7 For All Mankind

Oh, it would’ve been such a different blog if I named it “The Men of 7 for All Mankind,” wouldn’t it?  However, there’s still plenty of beefcake love here, because the world needs just one more blog about hot male celebrities in their 7 for All Mankind jeans.   Oh, yes!  There is so much coverage about all the ladies, but not enough about our leading men!  Check out these pics of actors — from big screen to small screen — doing what they do best, in their Sevens!

Matthew Morrison's public display of affection in his 7 For All Mankind "A" pocket jeans.

Kiss me you fool! Matthew Morrison (TV's "Glee") in his 7 For All Mankind "A" pocket jeans. Via Sean Borg Goes L.A.

Playing it cool.  Jake Gyllenhaal in 7 For All Mankind.

Playing it cool. Jake Gyllenhaal in his 7 For All Mankind Bootcut. Via Celebrity Style Guide.

Adrian Grenier sans "Entourage" in his 7 For All Mankind jeans.

Adrian Grenier sans "Entourage" in his Slimmy 7 For All Mankind jeans. Via Coolspotters.

Who's your daddy?  Ben Affleck in his 7 for All Mankind.

Who's your daddy? Ben Affleck in his 7 for All Mankind Austyn. Via Fame Watcher.

— Kathy Ng Hassan


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A Trip Down Memory Lane: My First Pair of Jeans

A pair of vintage Sergio Valente jeans. Mine weren't striped.

A pair of vintage Sergio Valente jeans. Mine weren't striped.

I haven’t thought of my first pair of jeans in a long time.  I actually can remember them.  They were a pair of Sergio Valente dark wash, rigid, girl’s jeans with its signature embroidery in the back pockets.  The price tag was a hefty $30 for little girl’s designer jeans.  It was during the height of the first wave of the designer jeans craze, with Calvin Klein, Jordache,  Sassoon and Gloria Vanderbilt jeans in the mix.  I fell in love with the Valente’s rich, dark indigo color.  I think that was the beginning of my affair with denim.

— Kathy Ng Hassan


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Siwy Denim S/S 2011 Launch Party

I had the extreme pleasure of attending the Spring/Summer 2011 launch of Siwy Denim.  Among it all I got to meet and chat with the beautiful and talented designer Michelle Siwy herself. To say the least,  it was amazing!  There is so much I  want to share, but for now here are some visual highlights from the launch party. Enjoy!


Michelle Siwy (right)


some of the many stylish people in attendance (Siwy Denim shorts on left)

Siwy Denim Associate Designer, Sophia Huynh (Left)

Siwy Denim Associate Designer, Sophia Huynh (Left)

Michelle Siwy and Taylor Jacobson (right)

Michelle Siwy and Taylor Jacobson (right)

Sandoval Gomez

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It’s your chance-7 for all mankind Warehouse sale


The 7 for all mankind warehouse sale is coming to town this weekend… Putting the words sale and seven jeans in one sentence is just too good to be true but wait it gets even better- Tonight is your last chance to get on the exclusive “INVITE ONLY” guest list and beat the crowds to the sale a whole day early, Thursday October 14th (and you fashionistas know that in order to snag the latest and hottest find at these amazing prices it’ll make all difference).

Did you get that?

Are you liking what you hear?

If so Denim Therapy would like for you to hurry up and start commenting on this post below to be one out of ten very lucky shoppers!


7FAM Warehouse Sale

Metropolitan Pavillion

123 West 18th Street

New York City

Open to the public

October 15-17

— Jackie Racer

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Channeling Chanel


Karl Lagerfeld didn’t disappoint the fierce young crowd when he showed Chanels spring 2011 collection. The once classic brand of tweed jackets and pants has been reconfigured as a swingy A-line jacket with three quarter sleeves and shorts as often as skirts. Almost everything had a unfinished feel. Lagerfeld distressed them with selvedge, ragged edges, and a lattice of perforations.

But you would have never imagined that he has taken Chanel  to an even younger audience as well as client- Lagerfeld presented baby clothes. They were modeled by longtime Lagerfeld muse, male model Brad Kroenig and his son.

Since its never too early to be fashion conscious then I guess it’s never too early to start the kids on Chanel?

–Jackie Racer



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Miharayasuhiro: Street Style With Elegance

From tattered and pulled to cut-up and patched the Spring/Summer 2011 collection from designer Mihara Yasuhiro gives us the perfect look for the guy who wants high-end urban tailoring infused with some serious street style. Essentially, the best of both worlds.

Though not really showing anything radically different, the eponymous label definitely did not disappoint.  Staying true to its well-known aesthetic of classic but worn-out suiting mixed with outdoorsy gear the one thing that stood out  more than anything (aside from fatigues in a camouflage pattern made up  of flowers) was the increased use of denim. Though never shy to use it–all of his collections incorporate it in one way or another–this has definitely been his most denim driven collection to date, which of course we love.

Photos courtesy of Vogue;

Photos courtesy of Vogue;

Keeping with the idea of never looking too well put together Yasuhiro wisely added a variety of denim pieces ranging from jackets, shirts, and cut-off jeans to juxtapose the more prim tuxedo blazers and preppy staples like varsity style cardigans and sweatshirts. Sound like a lot going on? I didn’t even begin to mention the hints of desert living!  Overall, the collection carried something that only Mihara Yasuhiro could achieve: an undeniable air of street elegance.

Photos courtesy of Vogue;

Photos courtesy of Vogue;

To see more looks from the runway show plus more visit


Sandoval Gomez

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Seventies Babies Love Stella


If you were born in the 70s (early or late) then you are the perfect age demographic to be wearing Stella McCartney because she too was a seventies baby- And McCartney happens to be one those designers that designs as the client herself. That is why it’s no wonder that her collection screams everyday comfort without losing the fashionable sense.

Slit-paneled skirts, or the A-line ones and a whole denim section of tunics and shorts in boxy shapes. But as ever, McCartney had a lot of strong tailoring, slightly softened this season in a palette of faded pastels like rose, pistachio, and light blue.

No need to show us your ID- Stella knows your age already and your style.

— Jackie Racer


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Pepe Jeans Fall/Winter 2010 Campaign

I typically like to focus on what’s up-and-coming in world of fashion, but when I came across the Fall/Winter 2010 campaign for Pepe Jeans I simply  had to redirect my attention to the present. But let me tell you, they didn’t make it too difficult for me to do so.  I’m talking moody, black and white images, great styling, and one of our favorite denim muses, Alexa Chung.



This marks Chungs second campaign for Pepe Jeans.  The brand was brilliant to  sign up the British it-girl last season for their Spring/Summer advertising campaign, and are wise to bring her back for another one. Though her time with MTV is done and over with this model turned presenter turned model again is definitely still on the radar of many, many fashion enthusiast making her a bonafied fashion commodity.

Pepe Jeans FW2011


Giving the campaign a little masculine touch are Spanish it-boy Jon Kortajarena–who is my personal favorite male denim muse–and up-and-coming French fresh face, Gaspard Menier. The two add that little bit of that rugged beauty which further compliment Chungs gorgeous yet street chic appeal. You can see more of the 20 black-and-white images on the Pepe Jeans website.

Also, be sure to take a look at some of the behind the scenes footage of the making of the campaign on the Pepe Jeans Facebook page.


Sandoval Gomez

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Mind the GAP


Do you feel like doing some spring cleaning in the fall? Now is your chance to actually have a place to get rid of your old jeans and make a difference (in the world and for your closet)… Gap Recycle your blues event gives you the opportunity to donate old denim that will then be given a “new life” by being converted into UltraTouch natural cotton fiber insulation and donated to communities in need.  While you stay warm so will they!

This is how it works for the next  two weeks (through October 20th) customers who donate denim will receive 30 percent off new 1969 denim purchases from Gap. And, my understanding is it can be any denim that you donate, not just denim purchased from the Gap.

Don’t be late for a very important date.

— Jackie Racer

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