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Gentlemen’s Club: Our Favorite Men’s Denim Picks

All right guys, you’re up! The denim selection for men on the market is even more diverse than the ladies’ picks this season, with designer denim neck-wear, a wide range of pant fits (from nostalgic grunge to flamboyant skinny), patch-work with panels, and simple classic jackets. Check out a few of our favorite looks for the guys.

1. Sometimes classic looks win out over the bells and whistles when it comes to a cool pair of jeans. These Diesel bootcut’s are a versatile and fresh route. DIESEL Zatiny bootcut jeans ($260) – buy it at DIESEL.

2. Who said denim can’t be VIP? A pair of dark jeans, a white collar shirt, and this quirky accessory creates the happy medium between the triad of casual, cool, and red carpet-ready. The price is rather appealing as well. Naked and Famous Denim Bow tie ($25) – buy it at Barneys New York.

3. It’s getting chilly out there—time to ditch the windbreaker and opt for some heavy woven outerwear with a warm collar and an on-point style statement. TOPMAN Navy Borg Collar Denim Jacket ($120) – buy it at TOPMAN.

4. Let’s get a little less serious. Patchwork isn’t just for quilting anymore—this jacket is a bit on the pricey side, but it’s bursting at the seams (many seams) with character. Levi’s for Opening Ceremony Sherpa Jacket ($300) – buy it at Opening Ceremony.

5. A newly released, all-star pair of jeans from the colorful, in-your-face line Mishka NY. You can throw these on with a polo, a blazer, or any of their crazy logo tee’s. Mishka NY Boris Skinny-Leg Denim in Black ($101) – buy it at Mishka NY.

6. Again with the neck-wear (such novelty, we can’t get over it!), this tie is just casual-Friday enough to justify a tiny embroidered Gucci logo. Gucci Denim Blue Micro Check Wool-silk ‘Nieve’ tie ($144) – buy it at BlueFly.

7. Harem and drop-crotch pants have been all the rage for a few seasons–this is the perfect example of a refined, evolved version of the trend. ASOS Unconditional Side Zip Drop Crotch pants ($244) – buy it at ASOS.

8. American Apparel may be more notoriously known for spandex and sex scandals, but once in a while they supply the public with a great wardrobe addition that’s unisex (and therefor can be shared with your girlfriend).  American Apparel Denim Jacket ($79) – buy it at American Apparel.

9. Remember the Sailor Moon hero, Tuxedo Mask? If he were a modern-day lady killer with a penchant for awesome slacks, he’d most likely be wearing these. 7 For All Mankind Tuxedo Rhigby pants ($325) – buy it at 7 For All Mankind.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Envitation Only


We all love fashion! We all want to be on top of the trends and have the latest, greatest, hottest pair of jeans!

We all know that the combination can be very costly and who doesn’t love a bargain these days?


New York based was formed by a group of international fashion executives (Oooooooh La La). Envite is a unique members-only shopping experience for exclusive high-end fashion, offering 55 to 80 percent off typical retail pricing. I’m talking about collections from Notify and Replay. Fashion items will be available for sale on time based events lasting 24 to 48 hours and are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. With on-hand merchandise and key strategic partners, will be able to ship merchandise within 24 hours. Another  great feature of is that they have trailers for each sale as well as lookbook previews!

Its time to get envited… Once you do then you can refer your friends and you will get a $25 credit when they make their first purchase!

Men are welcome too.

— Jackie Racer

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Street Style In Denim: L.A. Fashion Week 2010

One thing that’s been made evident during my outings on my adventure that was L.A.  Fashion Week,  is that even though it’s still on its way in gaining some real pull in the fight for Fashion Week credibility, there is no doubt that if there is onething that is present and fully credible its the street style that is found all over in the city.  From dressed-to-kill formal looks, to urban, the Cali hipster of course,  and even gothy-punk ones, L.A.  definitely has it all.  With that said, here are some of the street style highlights that I came across throughout the last couple of days–in denim of course!


Top Left: Lauren Hanawalt (L) in Siwy Denim shorts; Brynn Jones (R) in her high-waisted cut-off Wranglersat the Siwy Denim S/S 2011 presentation.

Bottom Right: Manufacturing Editor for ApparelNews.netErin Barajas pairs her denim with a cropped safari-style jacket and layered over-sized plaid shirt at L.A. FASHION WEEKEND at Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood.


How do you wear your denim?  Share with us! And  be sure to stay tuned for more Street Style in Denim!


Sandoval Gomez

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Denim Insider: The World of RESIN DENIM’s Chantel Valentene, Part 1


From Resin Denim's FW 2010 Lookbook.

We love everything about the look, feel and process which makes up a pair of great premium denim jeans.  But, we rarely get a good snapshot of the person at the helm of today’s hottest denim brands.  Who is Chantel Valentene, the Creative Director (and sometimes company bartender) of Resin Denim?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Chantel Valentene, RESIN Denim Creative Director.

Chantel Valentene, RESIN Denim Creative Director.

What is your favorite stylish city?
Anywhere in Italy because the style isn’t only in the clothing; it radiates through the architecture, the people and the pace at which they enjoy life.  St. Michael, Barbados, is on the list because my family is there and the culture of living happy, easy and laid back has been ingrained in me and manifests itself in my approach to fashion.

How do you relax?
Friends, Haagen Daz rum raisin, and Jameson.  It works in any order and can be done separately or together. Hanging out in Williamsburg or the LES with my friends is how I decompress most often.

What’s your forecast on winter wardrobe essentials?
Anything voluminous and knit, like big scarves and chunky coats worn with great jeans in updated washes. Love the idea of our new black garnet and mechanic jeans paired with shearling buckled booties. Always invest in great boots for fall and wear jewelry that is personal to you.

Resin Denim inside Barney's Co-Op at The Grove L.A.

Resin Denim inside Barney's Co-Op at The Grove L.A.

Resin Denim's design team burning the midnight oil.

Resin Denim's design team, Ibrahim and Kev, burning the midnight oil.

What jeans styles will be hot this winter?
For both men and women our Black Garnet wash, which is deep burgundy with overlaid blacks, is a great buy for fall. It’s a new easy way to wear color. Also waxed jeans like our Spectre wash is hot for fall.


RESIN DENIM Catalyst in Black Garnet (Shopbop) and Aslan Skinny in Spectre (OakNYC).

What’s next for RESIN?

I’m knee deep in designing Fall 11, which is an amazing step for us because we are finding our footing; and, with every jean making a better product for the customer. There is something special in the works that should be coming out at the beginning of next year.

Next Week: The World of Resin Denim’s Chantel Valentene, Part 2.

— Kathy Ng Hassan

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Pray For Mother Nature


“Pray for Mother Nature” is the brain child of Chip Foster, the other half of the Chip and Pepper denim duo (so let me tell you that he really knows what he is doing when it comes to denim), and his  wife, Nicole Foster.

During a trip to Japan they were amazed at how much the Japanese respect the environment. And thus, the idea of having an eco-friendly jeans line made of the softest, lightweight denim was born and naming the label “Pray for Mother Nature” was a natural step to take (a portion of their proceeds will be donated to charity). Although, the idea for the brand came from abroad the line is strictly made in the USA.

There are nine styles for jeans that range from skinny cargo leggings to a straight leg. They all have very amusing names such as “Slick Rick” or Nomi Malones”- now who wouldn’t want to wear that?

For the Spring 2011 collection, the brand debuted three new denim fabrications developed especially for the line along with their unique to the brand washes, ranging from indigo, lighter blue vintage washes, charcoal to olive. The collection not only showed jeans but a variety of pieces all in denim fabric such as a pastel green blazer, tank tops, wide-leg tuxedo pants, ruffled skirts, plaid denim, denim cardigans. But the piece de resistance was a jacket made from nearly-50-year-old vintage Levi’s denim selvage. Only 300 of the jackets will be made and each will be numbered.

Get on line, however make sure you are willing to shell out the bucks.

Price points are from $162 to $198

While you pray for mother nature she surely will be returning the favor!

— Jackie Racer

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Red Light, Green Light, GO!


Are you sick of your old blue jeans? If so, maybe it’s time to brighten them up; How does any or all shades of red sound to you?

Let’s experiment (all natural ingredients that can be found in your backyard possibly or perhaps in your kitchen pantry)-

Red leaves will give a reddish brown color

Sumac (fruit) (light red)

Dandelion (root)

Beets (deep red)

– Crab Apple – (bark) – red/yellow

Rose (hips)



Hibiscus Flowers (dried)


– Canadian Hemlock – (bark) reddish brown

– Japanese Yew – (heartwood) – brown dye

Wild ripe Blackberries

– Brazilwood

– St. John’s Wort – (whole plant) soaked in alcohol – red

Getting the Fabric ready for the Dye Bath
You will have to soak the fabric in a color fixative before the dye process. This will make the color set in the fabric.

Color Fixatives
Salt Fixative (for berry dyes) 1/2 cup salt to 8 cups cold water
Plant Fixatives (for plant dyes) 4 parts cold water to 1 part vinegar
Add fabric to the fixative and simmer for an hour. Rinse the material and squeeze out excess. Rinse in cool water until water runs clear.

To Make the Dye Solution
Chop plant material into small pieces and place in a pot. Double the amount of water to plant material. Bring to a boil, then simmer for about an hour. Strain, Now you can add your fabric to be dyed. For a stronger shade, allow material to soak in the dye overnight.

Dye Bath
Place wet fabric in dye bath. Simmer together until desired color is obtained. The color of the fabric will be lighter when its dry. Also note that all dyed fabric should be laundered in cold water and separately.

Then again if you are not the creative type ( because things are always easier said than done) or just don’t like getting DIRTTYYYY, it might be a better idea to have Denim Therapy take care of the messy work… Check out their latest and greatest new service!

Voila, a new love affair has begun.

— Jackie Racer

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American Classic


With so much denim on offer it can be difficult to know where to start. So let me tell you- Ralph Lauren has got it all: Jeans, Jeggings, denim skirts, shirts, shorts, jackets and much more.

I have been watching the construction of the huge, brand-new Beaux Arts building that sits across the street from the Rhinelander Mansion on Madison Avenue and 72nd street in New York City for months on end. After patiently waiting, the all womens collection store has finally opened and it certainly is a masterpiece. If the sheer size of the marble staircase spanning all four floors isn’t enough to make you want to slide down the banisters tossing hundred dollar bills in the air, the endless racks of Lauren’s Collection, Black Label, Blue Label, and RLX might inspire you. Or maybe the expansive plush dressing rooms and an army of salespeople to flick the tiniest speck of lint off of your bespoke shirt collar will. Other highlights include a room devoted entirely to Ralph Lauren’s watch and new fine jewelry collection, sectioned off by themes like “equestrian,” “romantic,” and “chunky chains,” as well as zebra-skin benches to park at while you try on shoes or for the men waiting while you shop.

The native New Yorker who is now the first fashion fashion designer to receive a key to NYC,  got his start as a tie designer and then a wholesaler selling his menswear line to retailers including Bloomingdales in the late 1960’s before opening his first store. Well that’s definitely a long way from then. Ralph Lauren is the epitome of the American dream and what better way to dress for the occasion but with the ultimate American fashion- DENIM!

— Jackie Racer

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Denim Insider: Maise Denim

maise_denim_ss11_1bAmongst the long list of successful design-based denim collections to come out of Australia is Maise Denim. Brainchild of ex Top Shop Designer Claire Greaves, the brand radiates an effortlessly sexy sensibility that any woman would want to exude.  This certainly separates it from from the multitude of denim brands out there, which often either border along safe and boring  or are way too over the top. Maise Denim has the perfect mix of intrigue and simplicity.

Though the brand has recieved international recognition and has caught the eye of many editors, including those of In-Style Magazine  and Women’s Wear Daily in which it has been featured, the brand hasn’t been able to gain a large following outside of it’s native Australia.

But what exactly sets Maise Denim apart from all the other brands in the highly saturated denim market?  Well if the aesthetic isn’t enough for you then perhaps the comfortable cuts and quirky details that make each pair individual will suffice. In addition it’s a complete collection of denim pieces. I mean we all love jeans, but how amazing is it to have options on how to wear our denim? Either way here’s to hoping for a U.S. debut!

And just to tease you here are some more images from the Spring Summer 2010/2011 collection. maise_denim_ss11_3a4


For more information on Maise Denim Check out

—Sandoval Gomez

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Cool Blue: Our Favorite Denim To Wear Now

Across the deliciously broad spectrum of potential jean wear-ables available right now, a few pieces stand out as gems the denim-hungry shopper should pause to ponder. Some have just hit the shelves and some are recycled looks from spring (which, with the right styling, carry over seamlessly), but the common thread is evident: Intense style with a dash of playful intrigue. Mix and match our picks below with your filmy tees, cable knit sweaters, and brown leather boots for fall.


1. Double-pocket denim collar shirts are the most happening item on the market right now, appearing in variations at every price point! This versatile top will work into any ensemble. Pixie Market Denim Top ($93) – buy it at Pixie Market.

2. It’s no secret that we love Siwy–their chic, incredible fit comes with a complimentary dose of street-smart sex appeal. Try these poly-elastic blend bottoms with a high-rise back. Siwy Jeans Rose Velour in Linger ($195) – buy it at REVOLVEclothing.

3. Princess seams add attractive contour to this denim pencil skirt, while an edgy wash and zip-front are good for class all day and the dance floor afterward. MY LOVELY JEAN Denim skirt ($168) – buy it at YOOX.

4. Here’s an adorable soft-pleated skirt that won’t be a major investment. The big roomy pockets and flouncy bow-tie in the front are too sweet to pass up. Life In Progress Denim Swing Skirt ($23) – buy it at Forever21.

5. This cut-out argyle top has plenty of negative space opportunity for layers with pop colors or lace blouses. Pieced Argyle Boatneck ($170) – buy it at Opening Ceremony.

6. Still a favorite on the scene, the boyfriend jean looks super-cute paired with heels, Keds, and lace-up wedges alike. Mix up boyish appeal with your lady charms! DEBI Boyfriend Jeans ($180) – buy it at DIESEL.

7.  Some of us may be window shopping on this one, but it’s no sin to be inspired by the higher end options out there! This gorgeous utilitarian denim jacket is a classic in essence, and you’ll look as fierce as an aviator without having to lift a finger.  Alexander McQueen Strong-shouldered denim jacket ($1,785) – buy it at Net-A-Porter.

8. Art school darlings, Jackson Pollock fans, and any who wish to turn heads, there’s no better way to do it than a pair of high contrast jeans with an intense print like this. Proenza Schouler High Waist Painted Jeans ($550) – buy it at Opening Ceremony.

9. No sense stopping with basic woven silhouettes—this unexpectedly sexy denim brassiere is structured, stylish, and just one click away. We love the contrast black band around the hem, too. Dungaree Denim Bra ($44) – buy it at TOPSHOP.

Gents… stay tuned for the mens’ edition!

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Jack Frost-Proof Jeans

As the pre-frost October air gets a bit more audacious, late-fall fashion with layers and texture becomes the uniform for urban dwellers. We may have to drop our humid-weather dressing habits, but denim sticks around all twelve months of the year. Those of who can’t part with our summer cut-offs stretch a pair of wool tights over their legs. Flawless skinny jean fits are paired with dramatic fur coats. Sharp, tailored military jackets turn average Joe’s into blue-jean heroes… You get the idea. Below are some of our favorite cold weather denim trends.


1. Fur coats and skinny jeans take the stage in “Easy Riders”, an editorial from ELLE US November 2010. Source:  The Fashion Spot

2. Summer’s staple cut-off shorts carry you right into fall with a nice pair of tights (and once the snow starts to fall, a pair of leg warmers for extra warmth). Source:

3. Cuffed jeans, visible socks, and brown buckle shoes add a fun dose of prep and are a surprisingly chic combination for fall. Source: The Sartorialist

4. Chanel’s textured grey-wash denim on the runway this fall may be intended for next spring, but the autumn wardrobe inspiration is too easy to pass up. Source: NY Mag

5. Denim as accessories when you least expect it! You might not do a turban with rear-end pockets, but shredded denim accessories puts a twist on a classic textile.  Source: Capital City Pretty

6. Boys become gentlemen in dark denim jeans and a corresponding gold-buttoned jacket. Source: Facehunter

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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