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Halloween Jeans

Are you in the Halloween spirit yet?  If you’re like me, you’re still scrambling to put together that last minute — but awesome — Halloween costume that involves nothing more than some zombie makeup (white face paint, eyeliner and purple eye shadow), teased hair and ripped up clothes.  Living in Los Angeles, it sometimes feels like Halloween year-round, but on Sunday, we’ll really commit to that creepy look!

And, of course, you’ve got to throw in the distressed and mangled jeans for cool appeal.  There are still lots of ripped up, shredded, destroyed and frayed jeans featured online for your DIY inspirations.  In my search for varying degrees of ripped jeans, I must say, Blank Denim really picked up where Current/Elliott left off on the destroyed jeans factor.  They really owned their ripped jeans this summer.  Cheap Monday also has some super frayed jeans that give everyone a run for their money!


L to R:
Blank Denim Offset Ripped Skinny, available at 6PM.
J Brand 912 Pencil in Zombie Wash, available at Singer22.
Cheap Monday Narrow Low Waist Skinny, available at Shopbop.

And with a little help from our experts at, well, Expert Village, you too can X-Acto those jeans into your own personal holey masterpiece.

— Kathy Ng Hassan

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Abbey Lee Kershaw Gets Saucy for Moussy

Of-the-moment model Abbey Lee Kershaw gets super-saucy for Moussy‘s Fall 2010 campaign. Moussy is a Japanese streetwear brand with a heavy emphasis on sex appeal and denim. The ads won’t run in glossies here, but the shots you’ll find at Fashion Gone Rogue create a similarly fulfilling experience between seductive ad and consumer.

Shot by Yasutomo Ebisu, this set makes head-to-toe denim basics look as magnificent as eveningwear. The extreme perm adds a playful touch, and darling Abbey even makes a spelling error in her black-marker love letter. A bit of naivety mixed with sex appeal creates something playful and notoriously Japanese—a perfect playing field for versatile denim looks.




See the full campaign here.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Denim Insider: The World of RESIN DENIM’s Chantel Valentene, Part 2


Last week, we were introduced to Chantel Valentene.  We learned she likes to burn the candle at both ends as the Creative Director at RESIN DENIM.  Resin Denim’s mix between edgy, workwear grunge and clean, classy lines, incorporating T-400 Kurabo denim, known for its excellent stretch recovery, is another incentive to check them out.

The design schedule must be crazy! How do you keep from burning out?
[My friends and I] try and do small things to take our minds off of work since we are all artists of some sort and keep similar schedules. We recently rented a cabin in Rhineback, NY for a weekend. Swimming, cooking, laughing and a vicious game of charades made for a time.

You have beautiful skin! How do you stay so radiant through your rigorous schedule?
Wow, thanks. I hope it’s not disappointing but MAC StudioFix in NW45 is the secret. My sister is a MAC Makeup Artist and recommended it for me since I don’t like spending more than a couple minutes on make-up. I should have said drinking lots of water J…

Azzedine Alaia SS 2011. Via NowFashion.

Azzedine Alaia SS 2011. Via NowFashion.

What are you currently obsessed with?
Givenchy’s last couture collection still has me dreaming that Riccardo Tisci will gift me one of those insane pieces. Truly breathtaking. My constant and everlasting obsession would have to be anything by Azzedine Alaia.

Seems that next year, we may see some more corduroy and hybrid-denim type jeans. What do you think of that?
The market seems to be moving in that direction, and I’m for things that push us and allow for modern and new ideas. At the moment I’m really feeling classic denim. I want the type of jeans that are familiar but treated and washed specially.

RESIN DENIM Catalyst Signature Skinny in Mechanic. Available at REVOLVEClothing.

Workwear inspiration! RESIN DENIM Catalyst Signature Skinny in Mechanic. Available at REVOLVEClothing.

RESIN DENIM Lariat Super Skinny in Ikat. Available at REVOLVEClothing.

Work this for winter! RESIN DENIM Lariat Super Skinny in Ikat. Available at REVOLVEClothing.

View RESIN DENIM’s LookBook for more of their latest looks.

— Kathy Ng Hassan


Posted Oct 29 2010 in Denim Fashion

Joyrich S/S 2011 Runway Show Highlights

By now you’ve seen our look at the Joyrich S/S 2011 lookbook, and now it’s time to turn our attention to my favorite part, the runway. I got the chance to view the Joyrich Spring Summer 2011 collection during L.A. Fashion Weekend at Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood. I have to say that out of all the collections I got to see throughout all the Fashion Week events it was by far the most fun and playful. Unapologetic and full of attitude, the line had it all–literally–from floral patters, animal prints, leather, studs, bleached-out denim, the American flag, and everything else in between.


My favorite standout pieces? The quirky, light pink floral pattern jeans for men (top left), and the amazing bright yellow studded motor cycle jacket for women (bottom center), but I have to say I’m loving the over-sized bleached-out denim vest over that multi-print jumpsuit!

Loving Joyrich? Shop the current collection at

Sandoval Gomez

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Posted Oct 29 2010 in Denim News

So SLY! Japanese Denim Brand

You might default to Uniqlo, the East Asian H&M-esque favorite of stateside shoppers, when you hear the term “Japanese denim”. But today we’re branching out a bit further to a brand that hasn’t reached the US yet. It’s worth noting for its exciting campaigns, awesome fit, and exponential recent growth (which means it may not be long before we get to wear them all the time!). Ladies and gents, I introduce: SLY.


SLY is a division of Baroque Japan, which houses many popular labels that outfit teens and young adults. The trendy marketing campaigns and rampant representation in the most sought-after magazines have established them as a leader in mass market fashion. Their denim line averages at about $170 per pair of jeans, and according to their loyal customers, it’s worth every penny (or 100 yen coin).

Head designer Mizuki Ueda, who keeps record of her label’s events in an ultra-stylish blog, has created quite a kingdom since the days where she began as an entry-level SLY employee. One look at that blog, and her success is easily imagined—she’s a walking, talking SLY doll, and her company’s designs seem to come organically, from the roots of her own lifestyle.


Above: Mizuki Ueda

We had the chance to ask a few questions of a loyal SLY customer and American transplant Samantha Landau. In her time as a resident of Tokyo has become something of a whiz at shopping (and has had a run-in with Mizuki as well!).

DT: When did you get your first pair of SLY jeans? Can you describe the experience/the fit?

S: In November 2007 I pulled on an old pair of jeans that were ill-fitting, and realized I needed a new pair. Up to that point I hadn’t had a pair of jeans I’d really “loved” since middle school, so I didn’t know where to start with finding a new favorite. I was out shopping with a friend when she name-dropped SLY. I’d been to the SLY shop before for knits and dresses, but I hadn’t tried the jeans. Sure enough, when I tried on a pair, it was bliss. Everything fit! I fell in love with a pair of SLY’s then signature low-rise stretch jeans in an indigo wash with gold stiching– they hugged all the right places.

DT: Can you comment on SLY’s marketing? What’s so appealing about it?

There is an element of theater about it, while still focused on the wear-ability of the items. It emphasizes stylish femininity while using themes to encourage women to break out of their everyday lives with creative, bold, and colorful outfits. The blog helps to market the line too, with Mizuki’s own style representing the brand.


Above: Several years worth of SLY marketing campaigns & products.

DT:  How many SLY items do you own? How many of those are denim?

S: About twenty-two. A little over half of them are denim (shorts, skirts, and jeans). Their separates are all exciting, but their denim is especially worth the investment.

DT: SLY has seen exponential growth in the past few years, and certainly since you became a loyal customer. Do you foresee SLY coming to the states anytime soon?

S: SLY has shops in both Taiwan and Hong Kong, so it’s possible that they would try to open a shop in either NYC or LA in the near future. It depends on the world economy, of course, but I think the brand would do well here.

DT: Lastly, just for fun, you got to meet Mizuki in person during a random late night karaoke marathon in Tokyo–what was that like?

My impression of Mizuki was that although she’s extremely stylish and famous, she’s a very relaxed and kind person. She introduced herself by her first name, shook my hand and smiled. She sang two songs by the Japanese band Judy and Mary—in exactly the same voice as the singer! I was really impressed.

You can check out more of the line at their e-store, and follow Mizuki’s SLY adventures on her blog. We’ll see where this audacious, colorful brand goes in the future (and if it comes a little closer to the states!).

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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First Look: Joyrich S/S 2011 Lookbook

If you loved PlayMe Jeans then it’s no surprise that you’ll adore Joyrich, if you don’t already do. After all, one of the founders of the edgy jean-based line is also the brain behind this more RTW based collection. One thing definitely stays consistent though; a sense of whimsy playfulness and a love for all things eighties and nineties. Here’s a first look at the Joyrich S/S 2011 lookbook:



We’re loving the bounce between animal prints, biker-bar leathers, Irish plaids, and of course the great use of denim. As a matter of fact, you’d be surprised how many of the pieces in this collection actually are denim as they come in prints and washes that make them seem otherwise. Amazing!

Check back for more images from the lookbook, and be sure to stay tuned for coverage of the Joyrich S/S 2011 runway show during L.A. Fashion Weekend!

Sandoval Gomez

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Denim Design Lab’s Latest

Cali-based company Denim Design Lab serves up vintage-flavored looks for both men and women, and they’re inviting you to oogle their new expanded core collection before it’s available in the e-store. From the rich-to-worn washes to the contrast top stitching (we love the saturated red stitching on the Silicon Rinse skinny’s, pictured below), you’ll find something you love… and then you just have to wait.


Click here to check out the collection, and like them on facebook to keep up!

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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Secret Happenings from the Denim Therapy Lab

At Denim Therapy, we’re constantly looking for new ways to help you love your denim. From our newly launched denim dye service (check out sample pics on, to our promotion with The Laundress on a love-your-jeans denim wash–we’re always experimenting.

Our latest venture? A resizing service. Check out the jeans before:


And after:


Can you believe this is the same pair of jeans? Our denim expert managed to turn size 29 straight legs into size 27 skinnys. Amazing!

We’ve still got more testing to do, but be sure to look out for this service in the near future.

-Renee Sykes

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Posted Oct 26 2010 in Denim Therapy

Stop, Rewind, PlayMe Jeans

By now I’ve made it quite evident that I fancy the nineties. So, when I came across an image of  PlayMe Jeans during the Joyrich S/S 2011 show  during L.A. Fashion Weekend at Sunset Gower Studios that exuded nothing but the nineties I definitely had to look into it, and all I have to say is the following: sometimes less is more, but with PlayMe Jeans more is definitely more.


Where you expecting grunge? We’re leaving that look for the guys this time. As for the ladies, let’s not forget that the nineties also had a bit of posh and sex appeal—think more Madonna during her Jean Paul Gaultier days and incorporate the slightest bit of grunge. From body-conscious leather corset tops (minus the pointed conical cups), some slightly higher-waisted silhouettes, sheer tops with contrasting bras showing through, and splashes of the iconic Gaultier gold, it is all there. Finish it off with combat boots and touches of ditsy florals,  and in true “classics with a twist” fashion we get a modernized nineties look.




Loving  PlayMe Jeans? Shop them on!

Are you fancying the nineties just as much as I am? Then stay tuned, you wont want to miss my look into Joyrich S/S 2011 during L.A. Fashion Weekend 2010!

—Sandoval Gomez

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Add Contour: Paneled Denim

Sick of consistent surface denim and a lack of zig-zagging contours? Never fear—paneled and and patchwork denim is rampant! Featured as one of Refinery29’s recent top Fall denim trends, you won’t have to walk (or click) far to find a pair that you love.

The trend seemingly snowballed via recent deliveries of panel-crazy cocktail dresses, worn tight as seran wrap to accentuate the torso as much as possible. Antonio Berardi and Versace are too obvious culprits–and more recently designers like Jen Kao have joined the geometric seams game. In jeans, the star players are designers like Helmut Lang, Rick Owens, Marc Jacobs, and Acne. Check out a few of our favorites below:


1. Helmut Lang Denim Smoke Wash Grey Combo Jeans ($230) – buy it at Shopbop.

2. TOPSHOP Chain Seamed Skinny Jeans in Grey ($100) – buy it at TOPSHOP.

3. Acne Black Paneled Skinny Jean ($313) – buy it at My Wardrobe.

4. SUPERFINE Leather SWIRL Jeans ($460) – buy it at Ssense.

5. Selected Femme Paneled Denim Skinny Jeans ($118) – buy it at ASOS.

6. Woodford & Co Denim Jodhpurs ($278) – buy it at Shopbop.

The trend expands to jackets, especially in patchwork (check out the Opening Ceremony jacket we featured the other day), and will likely spread steadily to other fits and fibers.

—Michelle Christina Larsen

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