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Fall into Spring and Summer With Diesel Black Gold

It seems that Diesel Black Gold may be forecasting a rather cold spring and summer season.  From leather blazers and pants, bomber jackets, bundled up scarves, and layered knits in a typically fall palette of cognacs, caramels, dusty tans and grays; the only thing really keeping this collection from screaming fall are the strappy leather sandals and thigh-high shorts. By the way, did I mention there was no swimwear in sight?

Diesel Black Gold S/S2011;

Photo: Yannis Vlamos/ via

Now, I have to admit that the collection as a whole is a breathe of fresh air for the brand, and it definitely is a more sophisticated route. However, creative director Sophia Kokosalaki might as well have gotten rid of the ‘Diesel’ in Diesel Black Gold.

From the time Diesel was founded in the late 70s, through its successful crossover into the high-end category in the 90s, to present day, the emphasis of the brand has always been denim based with great distressed detailing.  Flash-forward into S/S 2011 and shades of dark, dusty colors have displaced indigo blues, and the usual frayed edges and signature deconstructed look are subbed with fades and a more worn in look. As for men, the silhouette is slimmer than ever.

Diesel Black Gold S/S 2011;

Photo: Yannis Vlamos/ via

Of course fashion is always about looking forward and it’s ever-changing, and in fact since the beginning, Diesel turned their backs on the style-dictators and consumer forecasters of the fashion establishment and let their own tastes lead them. So, in reality such a radical departure–even though we love their denim–shouldn’t come as a shock.

So, even with fall just kicking off, are you ready to fall into spring and summer?

— Sandoval Gomez

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The Jeans Don’t Lie – Survey From Kellogg’s Special K Brand

Jeans Don't LieFrom a female perspective, it totally makes sense to use your jeans as a gauge for how much you have gained — or lost — before you slide into your favorite go-to skinny, straight leg or even wide leg denim jeans.  Do you have more of a muffin-top, or do the jeans sag in the back a bit?  According to a new — and might I say super cool — survey conducted by Kellogg’s Special K Brand cereals, “women often reward themselves with a new pair of jeans for hitting a dieting and weight goal. Women in Canada (85 percent), Korea (82 percent) and the U.S. (79 percent) are more likely than those in other countries to say they’d reward themselves with new jeans.

Here are some other key findings:

  • 65 percent of women say they would reward themselves with a new pair of jeans for hitting a dieting and weight goal.
  • Women in Canada (85 percent), Korea (82 percent) and the U.S. (79 percent) are more likely than those in other countries to say they’d reward themselves with new jeans.
  • More than 50 percent of women own a pair of jeans that doesn’t fit, and 20 percent own jeans that are too small.
  • Of those who own “too small” jeans, nearly 60 percent say they are holding on to them with the hope of again fitting into them.
  • One-third of women say they have tried to lose weight for the sole purpose of again fitting into smaller jeans.
  • The majority of women in the U.S. (62 percent) and Korea (72 percent) view dropping a jean size as a “significant accomplishment.”


— Kathy Ng Hassan

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From SHINE: 5 Tricks For Longer-Lasting Jeans

Our staff came across this post on some tips for denim care.  The article focuses on the before, during and after, surrounding how to wash, spot-clean and dry your jeans.  Also included is a tip on how to choose the right denim weight for durability.

What do you think of the soak method mentioned below?  Do you have a concoction of your own?

— Kathy Ng Hassan

From Shine by Yahoo!:

5 Tricks for Longer Lasting Denim

If your jeans have been sitting in a drawer all summer long, they could probably use a wash…in November. Denims should only be thrown in the washing machine every six months, according to Carl Chiara, Director of Brand Concepts at Levi Strauss & Co, who shared his tricks for jeans care with The Wall Street Journal. The reasoning behind this isn’t laziness. In fact, Chiara’s cleaning methods are far more meticulous than a standard wash-and-fold routine.

Read more…

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How Well Does Your Denim Travel?

The incredible thing about a good pair of denim is how, the more you wear them, the more they become a part of you. Everyone has the pair. The pair that you’ve had for years, and years that sneaks back into your wardrobe season after season, even if it’s just to wear around the house. But what is it about them exactly? Is it the style? Perhaps the certain shade of blue? Or is it the fact that the fit, the fades, wears, and tears are so perfectly based on your body, that they’ve become an impression of your life and your journey?

Japanese filmmaker Takayuki Akachi has made a short film titled “Traveling Denim” that artistically exhibits so perfectly this process that gives our “go-to” pair their personalized essence. Filmed entirely in a stop motion fashion, shots of the denim are intermixed with images of the different cultures and surroundings encountered along the two-year 50-country expedition. We see the denim fade and age from deep indigos into shades of blue that can only be achieved by constant lived wear.

“Traveling Denim” Recording color fade for two years from Takayuki Akachi on Vimeo.

— Sandoval Gomez

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Betty Confidential Shows Our Blog Some Love

We love you, too, Betty Confidential!

We love you, too, Betty Confidential!

We are so stoked to be placed on the top 5 list from Betty Confidential‘s “5 Fave Denim Blogs” report, let alone list us in the number 2 spot.  We are humbled and honored!

In case you’re new to Betty Confidential, it’s a leading online women’s magazine which specializes in up?to-the?minute celebrity news, style and beauty tips, relationship advice, and healthy living and family life.  It has been selected by as one of the “Top 100 Websites for Women”.  Be sure to check out their Mean Betty section for snarky fun reads on celebrities in the headlines.

Read the full article here…

— Kathy Ng Hassan


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Bespoke Denim Dye Therapy


So you got inspired by Erica Domesek of P.S.- I Made This, and think you will successfully reincarnate your trusty old broken-in and perfect-fitting pair of jeans into a new work of art via some home-brewed tie dyeing.  Having never done this before, do you really want to experiment on your beloved denim?  Trust me.  Having attempted this myself at home with some Rit Dye and a large bucket — and failed miserably — make sure those jeans you are about to ruin are your least favorite.

Let Denim Therapy’s denim dye experts transform your trusty old jeans into a modern masterpiece.  With over 30 years of experience, our head Denim Dye Therapist leads a team of artisans who provide a bespoke, one-on-one dye treatment, so your denim will be back on the scene once again in no time flat.

Need a Re-Dye?  A Tie-Dye?  A Stone Wash?  A complete overhaul?  See what our experts can do!


— Kathy Ng Hassan

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Balmain Homme: Militant Rock ‘N’ Roll Prepster


At the risk of being excommunicated and possibly stoned to death by the fashion gods, I have to admit that I had no clue Balmain even did menswear.  I know, shocking, right?

Well past my initial moment of realization, which included excitement and a hint of confusion, I took a moment to gander through and sure enough I was not disappointed.  Though much of what he has to offer isn’t the most innovative and perhaps has been seen before, I will say this: it looks really good, and any man wearing his styles is sure to get noticed!

But let’s talk about what’s in his collections.  Much like his women’s RTW there is one prominent motif: military!


However, for his men’s Spring/Summer 2011 designer Christophe Decarinin takes the militia concept one step further by adding in a dash of school boy charm and a whole lot of rock n’ roll.  He shows us a wide selection of jackets, including embellished blazers, trench coats, peacoats, varsity and leather jackets paired with simple graphic tees, plaid shirts, and of course denim!  From motorcycle jeans (a staple to the Balmain brand), some cargos, a couple of faded black jeans, and even a pair of silver jeans.  Decarinin shows that denim is not going anywhere anytime soon and that it is truly wearable each season.

Every piece of this collection is impeccably tailored and is sure to transcend seasons.  I’m just glad I’m in the know now!

PS: Don’t forget your combat boots!

— Sandoval Gomez


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TUNE IN: Watch The G-Star Raw New York Fashion Week Runway Show (Tonight 7PM EDT)


If you are still coming down from the high of Fashion’s Night Out and New York Fashion Week shows, and need a little more to step down slowly, stay tuned to watch G-Star Raw’s NY RAW: Special Edition.  Airing tonight at 7PM EDT, G-Star Raw will be streaming their recent fashion show from NYFW in all its glory and splendor.  Grab your popcorn!


— Kathy Ng Hassan


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G-Star: Sporty Goes Chic

While scrolling through the G-Star Web site, I was pleasantly surprised to find a collection of lady-like influences mixed with a modern, big-city style creating a perfect combination of toughness and decorous sensuality.  Who knew that this brand — known for their heavy denim looks focused on a more industrial and urban sensibility — could produce such chic looks?


For Fall/Winter 2010, the emphasis — aside from their always present militant influences — is on denim-complementary textures, from luxurious shirts and tops in silk and sateen finishes to chunky cardigan knits and long coats.  The main denim style is based around the distinctive low-crotch, tapered-leg silhouette — also known as the harem pants — executed in soft, feminine fabrics, with colors ranging from fresh blue to a shiny, leatheresque black.  Now, roll them up ever so slightly to expose a graphic color blocked shoe and throw on a pair of half gloves and you’re good to go!


I know that not everyone is partial to this trend (personally I like it in the form of sweats, which G-Star also does) but chances are that it’s not going anywhere any time soon. However, perhaps after seeing how stylish this marriage of sporty and chic can actually be, you might take the risk!  Besides, what’s fashion without a little adventure, right?

— Sandoval Gomez

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Denim Deals: 7 For All Mankind Warehouse Sale | Win VIP Passes!


Here’s a hot scoop!  If you really want to get a good deal on 7 for All Mankind jeans, then reserve your spot to attend The 7 for All Mankind Official 2010 Warehouse Sale, professionally managed by The Warehouse Sale (TWS).  This is The Sale, with prices marked down, lower than other deals you may have seen throughout the year.  Look for shorts, skirts, shirts, tees and outwear, with jeans starting at $65.

October 1 – 3 (Los Angeles) –  RSVP & Info.
October 8-9 (San Francisco) – RSVP & Info.
October 15-17 (New York City) – RSVP & Info.
October 22-24 (Chicago) – RSVP & Info.

Get on the Denim Therapy VIP list!*

Get first dibs!  A special Invite Only preview day is available on Thursday, September 30 (Los Angeles) and Thursday, October 14 (New York City).  The first 5 readers (for each of these two cities) to:

1) tell us which Denim Therapy service you would like to try,

2) FAN us on Facebook and

3) FOLLOW us on Twitter

will get on the Denim Therapy VIP guest list, and you can bring a friend!

Please specify which Invite Only event you want to attend.  There is a maximum of 10 VIP guests for Los Angeles and a maximum of 10 VIP guests for New York City.  If there are extra spots available, we will offer them to the next commenter.

Bonus: rumor has it you’ll likely rub shoulders with some celebrities who may drop in on the Invite Only events!

*Please note that by participating in this giveaway you are agreeing to receive email newsletters from Denim Therapy.

Enter Your Comment Below For Your Chance to Win!

— Kathy Ng Hassan


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