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The sun sets earlier. The leaves and their bright hues fade and eventually fall. The warm summer nights of poolside lounging and lemonade-sipping are traded for hot cocoa-drinking aside the fireplace.Like it or not, the seasons are a-changing. Summer will soon be a distant memory we longingly grasp for during the frozen haze of the colder months.

While the transition from summer to autumn brings about a definitive change in nature, there is also another thing that must change along with it: your wardrobe and, more specifically, your denim.

Take a cue from the leaves: if they’re changing colors, then the denim you wear should be of different colors as well. Your torn, light-washed summer jeans should be put into storage until a few months later when the warmth comes back to greet us. Until then, follow these simple guidelines to ensure that your denim transitions effortlessly along with you as you welcome the new seasons.








Rock Revival Jen 03 Rhinestones Straight Leg Denim (left) and William Rast Stella Boot Cut Denim (right)

Leave the faded, acid-washed jeans in your closet and instead opt for some darker-hued denim. Choose dark washes, like ink blue, black and grays. William Rast’s Ben 457 Straight Leg Denim, or the Rock Revival Paul 14 Straight Leg denim are both good options for men that will be easy to incorporate into your wardrobe and will look like a sensible color during the colder months. Ladies, turn to the William Rast Stella Boot Cut Denim or the Rock Revival Jen 03 Rhinestones Straight Leg Denim for great fits and dark colors.










William Rast’s Ben 457 Straight Leg Denim (left) and Rock Revival Paul 14 Straight Leg Denim (right)

Can’t bear to let go of your favorite pair of shorts? Just pair them with a pair of dark tights and your best boots for a look that’s autumn-appropriate, but will allow you reminisce about summer!










William Rast Scarlet 754 Denim Short (left) and Rock Revival Celine Sr Denim Short (right)

Making sure that you successfully transition from the summer to the autumn months is easy. Close up the pool, get back to school, grab a scarf and rake the leaves. However, it’s equally important to make sure that you clothes make the transition along with you! Don’t neglect your denim!

Visit LUELLO to shop for premium denim brands like Rock Revival and William Rast, among many others!

— Alessia F. For LUELLO

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Street Style: The Sartorialist Snaps Denim Jacket Look

Florence: The Sartorialist snaps a dapper dude in a denim jacket. Photo via The Sartorialist.

Florence: The Sartorialist snaps a ruggedly dapper dude in a denim jacket. Photo via The Sartorialist.

Looks effortless, no?  This could be Al Pacino for all we care (who, by the way, has great skin up close) and he could rock this denim jacket look, complete with a faux floral boutonniere and pocket square.  I must admit, the denim jacket is a tricky piece, especially if tried by a novice Fashionisto.

The denim on this jacket works because the grain and the slight vertical abrasions give it a wool suiting appearance.  It isn’t completely Dandy, but you do get the sense that this man knows how to dress summer-casual-elegant.  The Sartorialist really gets around, to our delight, snapping this morsel from Florence, Italy.


— Kathy Ng Hassan

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The FIAT 500C by DIESEL. Photo via

The FIAT 500C by DIESEL. Via

Yep, you read it right.  Two Italian powerhouses, FIAT Group SpA and Diesel SpA have teamed up to produce a special edition 500C, souped up in denim upholstery (with yellow stitching), Diesel branded rims and a coat of paint reminiscent of stone washed jeans.  The car debuts in South Africa in late 2010 or early 2011.  The 500C will come in other paint and upholstery options, if denim doesn’t float your boat. Oh boo.  I bet you this cute little bugger of a car would be a hit here in the States.

Read the full story at MOTORING.COM.

— Kathy Ng Hassan

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Stylefinder: Inspirations From A Mexican Stylist Living in Amsterdam


I think I have a new style muse.  Her name is Andy T., a Fashion Stylist living in Amsterdam, and she blends luxury with throwaway fashion and vintage.  Of course it takes someone like a fashion stylist who can open up her mind and focus on the design, color palette and textures of apparel and accessories to complete a look that is both vibrant and homogeneous.  She knows how to make certain potentially blah pieces pop, and vintage items look fresh.  Do I sense a little Balmain in those jackets?  And, how she can carry off wearing all her clunky-chic, avant garde platforms!  Featured below are some of her more denimy looks.  Ripped jeans, Boyfriend shorts, cut offs and skinny jeans that are rolled into thin cuffs — oh my!  And, I must get my hands on those square framed wayfarers of hers!


H&M blouse, ZARA blazer, vintage ripped jeans, Rolex watch and souvenir watch from Paris.


Queens Wardrobe Blazer, ASOS bag, vintage Boyfriend shorts.


Vintage Retro (London) blazer, dark wash skinny jeans.


ZARA blouse, denim cut offs, ASOS boots.



— Kathy Ng Hassan

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Levi’s x Filson – A Perfect Blend

levis-workwear-by-filson-shirtA Levi’s workwear from Filson shirt (Photo: Courtsey Photo)

Continuing on the hot trend of men’s workwear, Levi’s and Filson, an outdoor supplier, launched their co-branded range of men’s workwear and bags toady. It’s a perfect fusion using each others design and materials and the outcome are iconic pieces reinterpreted.  Some bold pieces in the collection include a Levi’s Trucker jacket fabricated with Filson’s signature oil-finish tin cloth or the Filson Cruiser jacket in Levi’s rigid denim. Bags include two tote styles and a small duffel. Prices in the collection range from $50 to $228.  The two brands are planning to collaborate again on a spring 2011 offering.

“The Levi’s and Filson workwear collaboration celebrates each brand’s hallmark qualities,” said Bill Kulczycki, chief executive officer of Filson, which is manufacturing the collection in its Seattle factory. (WWD)

The collection will be sold at Levi’s and Filson stores, as well as their respective e-commerce sites, beginning next week.   Gentlemen, get your wallets out!

–Nikki Cho Russo

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Denim To Dye For!

Have you grown a little — dare I say — bored of your favorite go-to jeans?  Denim Therapy is here to help.

Introducing Denim Therapy’s new Dye Service.  Denim Therapy’s newest therapist is a dye expert. He has over 30 years of experience servicing the biggest names in fashion. With him on our team, we have come up with a variety of denim dye processes. We treat every jean individually, ensuring your loved ones return a masterpiece, crafted from the finest of artisans.

Denim Therapy's new Dye Service.

Re-dye. Tie-dye. Stone Wash. Denim Therapy's new Dye Service.

Want a color change?  Need a complete re-dye or just a splash of color?  Denim Therapy can resurrect, refashion and rebuild your relationship with your trusty jeans.  In just two weeks time, you can rock your hot custom jeans that nobody else has.


— Kathy Ng Hassan

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The Dirty Denim Secrets at Outlets



Many of you savvy shoppers already know this, but, you can actually get ripped off at outlets.  I’m talking about some of your nearby discount stores that specialize in merchandise that supposedly couldn’t sell or are “overstock” items from top department stores.  If you suspected that certain items — whether they be apparel or footwear — have never seen the sights of your local department store or boutique, then your instincts are correct.

This is also true with denim.  Even in good economic times, some denim brands produce special editions of their designer jeans for discount outlets.  Although the jeans are still authentic, you may notice some slight “irregular” or textile differences.  The denim jeans may not be premium, but the jeans are still designer.  Sometimes, these differences may affect the fit of the style.  I know.  I’ve tried some of these jeans!

For the most part, you can still score a good denim deal at the outlets.  Not all premium denim brands produce these less-than-stellar jeans.  If you want to get premium denim at the best quality possible, all around, then try them on and purchase them at the regular retail stores, or shop online where the retailer is known for providing current styles at affordable prices.

Check out this article here for more dirty secrets…

— Kathy Ng Hassan

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